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Grand Trianon Loft Bed Set

11 August: Added updated version of "Lower Loft" bed (increased energy and comfort ratings to match upper bed).

16 JULY: Updated the "Left and Right Desk Modules": Homework and Bills can be retrieved from the desk's surfaces.

15 JULY: Updated the "Poster Loft Bed - Lower Bed" (now it has the same stats for Energy then the other 3 beds)

14 JULY: Updated the "Poster Loft Bed" (upper) and the "Arched Bunk Bed" (upper and lower): fixed the problem of the texture flashing blue when the "Tuck In" interaction was performed. Adjusted the bed prices (lowered to 420-470 ยง)

13 JULY: Updated "Poster Loft Upper Bed": ("Foot Prints" modified) The Sims will now be able to enter the lower bed with any module combination in place.

12 JULY: Updated the Left Cabinet Module (the texture is now correct)

GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LowerBed.rar 80 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftbed_UpperBed_UPD-14July.rar - 208 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_ArchLowerBed_UPD-14July.rar - 80 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_ArchUpperBed_UPD-14July.rar - 190 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LeftCabinet_Module_UPD-12July.rar - (UNI Required) - 18 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LeftDesk_Module.rar - 76 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LeftMirror_Module.rar - 55 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_RightDesk_Module.rar - 72 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_RightMirror_Module.rar - 15 KB
GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_RightRotoDresser_Module.rar - (UNI Required) - 58 KB

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File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LeftMirror_Module.rar (55.3 KB, 50393 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_RightMirror_Module.rar (15.2 KB, 47645 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_RightRotoDresser_Module.rar (58.2 KB, 46848 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftbed_UpperBed_UPD-14July.rar (198.0 KB, 54472 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_ArchUpperBed_UPD-14July.rar (189.6 KB, 52472 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_ArchLowerBed_UPD-14July.rar (80.2 KB, 53074 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LeftCabinetModule_12July.rar (19.5 KB, 43747 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LeftDeskModule_16July.rar (76.6 KB, 44810 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_RightDeskModule_16July.rar (71.2 KB, 44478 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_PosterLoftBed_LowerBed_UPD-11August.rar (80.8 KB, 48908 downloads)