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Grand Trianon Bathroom Set

26 OCT 06 - UPDATED Toilet and Bidet
Now both objects are compatible with the PETS expansion, while keeping the compatibility with all the previous games (including base game).
Please NOTE that, for unknown reasons, you can train cats to use both the Suspended Toiled and the Bidet, and the interactions work perfectly. But then, when the cats need to pee, they will never use spontaneously these toilets.

14 JULY 05 - Updated the Shower Stall (now it works even without the EP)

GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_MirrorLight.rar - 113 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_ShowerStall_UPD-14July.package - 144 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_SuspendedBidet.package - 498 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_SuspendedSink.package - 187 KB
GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_SuspendedToilet.package - 157 KB

Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_MirrorLight.rar (39.9 KB, 14708 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_SuspendedSink.rar (74.7 KB, 14476 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_ShowerStall_UPD-14July.rar (54.5 KB, 13936 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_SuspendedBidet_UPD-26oct06.rar (244.0 KB, 5834 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_MirrorBathroom_SuspendedToilet_UPD-26oct06.rar (45.3 KB, 6042 downloads)

To prevent flashing blue objects you need to install the FLOOR MIRROR

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