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Grand Trianon Kitchen Set

20 mar 2008 - UPDATE: Fridge.
The Fridge now has the FreeTime options "Serve Platter..." and "Prepare for Contest". The updated fridge is included in the archive "GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Appliances.rar", attached below.
(Click image to enlarge)

07 JAN 2008 - UPDATED: Cabines.
Fixed a bug that caused the cabinets (including the corners) to reset every 18 hours. The updated cabinets are in the archive "GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Counters-Cabinets.rar": please redownload it.

06 JAN 2008 - UPDATED: GT Fridge
Got rid of the annoying tooltip that showed up when clicking on the fridge (thanks to Macey246 for reporting and to MaryLou for fixing it).
Redownload the archive "GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Appliances.rar" that contains the updated fridge.


Originally Posted by The Dream Team, on 10 July 2005
Kitchen: Coming soon... hopefully

Have you trusted in the Dream Team and feared not? Have you faithfully waited for two years and a half, filled with an unbreakable certainty that the Kitchen set would have come to life, sooner or later? Then, this brand new set is dedicated to you!!! :D

First off, we all (creators and users of the Grand Trianon set) should express our gratitude to MaryLou: with relentless effort and determination, she has greatly helped in building meshes, fixing problems, adjusting uv-maps, creating screenshots and forcing (what remains of) the Dream Team to finally finish this huge project.

A special 'thank you' goes also to JWoods, founder of the Dream Team and creator of the original "beveled glass" cabinet (that we used as a base fo all the other objects), and for the decorative objects. Thanks also to Boblishman for the "disgustingly dirty" texture used for the kitchen counters and stove.

The set is composed by several pieces, split in different RAR archives.
  • Counters and Cabinets: the archive GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Counters-Cabinets.rar contains three different counters ('wooden', 'glass' and 'beveled glass'); each one comes in the usual 'doors' and 'drawer' version; in addition, for each style, there is a matching Cabinet; the RAR also contains two Corner Cabinets (wooden and glass).

  • Appliances: the archive GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Appliances.rar contains the Grand Trianon Frigidaire, the Stove and the Cooker Hood.

  • Dining Set: the archive GrandTrianon_Kitchen_DiningSet.rar contains a 1x2 table and the dining chair to go with it.

  • Multi-shelf: this shelf is packed in an archive of its own (GrandTrianon_Kitchen_MultiShelf.rar); it's a transformable multi-mesh shelf that works exactly like the "Illumutation" shelf (the Grand Trianon one has no lights).

  • Decorative objects: the archive GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Decorative.rar contains a small wall mirror and two paintings, suitable for a kitchen; in particular, the Square Painting is designed to be positioned (if you like) between the counter and the hanging cabinet, using the "moveobjects" cheat.

The Grand Trianon set was already very complex, under this point of view, and the Kitchen set, with its "untouchable" counter tops, has added to the pot
This situation forced us to make some adjustments:
  • The counter tops are not autonomously recolourable: each finish colour is associated to only one top colour; therefore, when you buy a counter from the catalog, you can only choose the colour of the main body, and a decoration for the glass; you can't freely choose the colour of the counter top.
  • The Floor Mirror has been updated, to act as repository for the kitchen, too; therefore, you must redownload the Floor Mirror.
  • All the Recolour Packs created by the Dream Team have been updated, too, to work with the kitchen counters; if you already downloaded the old version of our Recolour Packs, redownload them.
  • All the Recolour Packs created by other users will NOT work for the kitchen counters (they will work with the other kitchen objects, as well as with all the other Grand Trianon sets). All the third-party recolour packages must be updated, in order to be used on the new kitchen counters: specific instructions for the creators are published in the specific 'Colours & Recolours' thread.

Nothing special to mention, under this point of view. The Cabinets and the Multi-Shelf can be found in catalog under Surfaces -> Misc.
As for the operating instructions for the Multi-shelf, read about them at the "Illumutation" shelf thread (remembering that the Grand Trianon multi-shelf has no lights). The Cooker Hood comes with a built-in light that works like any other light in game (you can set it to Manual ON, Manual Off, or Auto). Please note that the built-in light only illuminates the objects and the sims, NOT the walls and floors (technically speaking, it's only a practical light, without a diffusion light); this was purposely done, to not interfere with the overall lighting generated by the lamps placed in the room.
For your convenience, we have created a new Collection file for the kitchen set: you can find it in the archive "CollectionPackages_(DO-NOT-PUT-IN-DOWNLOADS).rar", located on the first post.

All the elements of the Grand Trianon Kitchen Set work in any game configuration, including the base game only and all the EP's up to FreeTime. If you have OFB, then the stove will have the "Make..." options; if you have SSN, then the Fridge can be used to store leftovers; if you have FT, the fridge will let you to "Serve Platter" and "Prepare for Contest".
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Counters-Cabinets.rar (574.0 KB, 4104 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_Kitchen_DiningSet.rar (72.4 KB, 3768 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Appliances.rar (286.2 KB, 3974 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_Kitchen_MultiShelf.rar (13.5 KB, 3607 downloads)
File Type: rar GrandTrianon_Kitchen_Decorative.rar (464.3 KB, 3527 downloads)

To prevent flashing blue objects you need to install the FLOOR MIRROR

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