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I used to do back-ups only at the neighbourhood, and then I lost those back-ups with the whole user directory as the game suddenly "cleaned up" my user directory... :confused: Everything custom in that directory were gone! :werd:

Partially lucky, I made copies of those lot package backups somewhere else except the families. Therefore, my families were, no doubt, all gone. :fight: :weep: The lot package files remain but are inaccessible by simply placing them back into the neighbourhood directory and deleted everytime the game is initiated. I gave them up for a month, then I suddenly came up with this idea - :idea: - creating new lots in the neighbourhood with the same lot sizes as those lots enclosed in the back-up lot package files and switching the newly created ones with the back-up lot packages, and they work since then... If the new lots have different sizes, after the switch, your back-up lot will still appear but with its position mislocated from the car portal. I've tried that! so, in other words, it may be possible to make a workable larger lot in terms of its appearance on a smaller lot defined by the game engine. :spin: If that can work out, fusion of 2 or more lots at neighbourhood screen may work out better.

Exportation as sims2pack file is good for the convinience and needs no restart of the game to install and access a lot (by any means to have your neighbourhood screen reload. Say, entering a lot and go back to the neighbourhood screen.) but when the lot info to the neighbourhood is already messed up, this method can become a false safe back-up. :argh:
On the other hand, back-up of the lot package files can avoid false lot info along with the package to be reintroduced back to the system by creating a new clean lot info for the neighbourhood info files, seemingly. However, it's less convienient due to the needs for new lot creation and a restart of the game. After all, I can be wrong, and these are only based on my little personal experiences. Hope these help.

Thus, I do back-ups in both ways to see if it's any better than either.

Wait, I'm wondering if I can use the same method to self-rescue this community lot by assuming the neighbourhood infos for this lot were also messed up.