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Lightbulb Testers Wanted: Less Colorful "Retroville Vehicles"
Testers Wanted: Less Colorful "Retroville Vehicles"

There is a folder inside the rar called "RetrovilleCars". It's best to unpack it in your Download folder like it is.

Notice: These are no recolors but clones that will overwrite your default vehicles' colors.

Whenever you want to play with the default/colored vehicles just put the "RetrovilleCars" folder on your Desktop or somewhere else outside of your EAGames folder and when you want to play "Retroville Style" put the folder back in your Downloads.

NPC Vehicles:

Social Worker
Delivery Service
Pizza Delivery
China Food Delivery

Career Vehicles:

Bordeaux Sedan
Blue Minivan
Sportscar Blue (Low Career)
Sportscar Red (Mid Career)
Sportscar Yellow (High Career)
HMV Military Career

Happy Simming! :howdy:


ETA: Thank you Numenor for the helpful info! :smash: And there I was afraid it all would maybe not work, because there were already some options unchecked by default. Shows what I know = (not much). :dolt: I will try to edit the files tomorrow. Must go to bed now. It was already very late yesterday (more like early today). :snore:

ETA 2: Exchanged the full clone files with the texture clone files and added a few vehicles.

ETA 3: Okay, (hopefully) last update. There were some issues with texture degradation, which I could reduce quite a bit now, thanks again to Numenor. :bow2: Also there is now only one big package file in the "RetrovilleCars" folder (so if you want you can take it out of the folder now, too) instead of one for each vehicle. :taekwondo
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