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Hi Everybody.

I was playing around and i found a mistake made by maxis. It's not related to this
mod, however you can take advantage of it to correct this problem.
Maxis made a mistake with the Pie Menu of "Use Vamprocillin-D". They enabled to only adults and children(?? childrens can't turn into vampires) and the elders and teens was left.
So, for not upload a new version before the NL patch comes out, i will give instructions
to correct this problem.

*Open the moveinall_EP2.package with SimPE.
*In "Resource Tree" (FileTypes to classical version) select Pie Menu Functions and click on the resource that will apear on the right.
*In Plugin View tab, browse through all data to the final of the list. Start from the bottom to up and look for the line: 0x161
*Select this line. In "Flags" Field, uncheck the box to children and check for elders and teens.
*Hit commit and go to File/Save.

This will make sure that the option to use the vamprocillin-D will be avaliable to elders and teens (of course, if have a potion in their inventory).