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Default Now I have been busy all afternoon to make you happy.
Well, I made all the colours that are in game for the adults, and took off the breastline and some "silly" shading on the legs. I am very satisfied myself, but I would wish, I didn't need the two with the bmp's upon the mesh.
Now, my request is: Could the one who converted the mesh, pretty please make it available as just a mesh? I am sure this will be popular. :baloons:
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File Type: rar 5f4ad758_Hawaii-slit-oran.rar (403.2 KB, 194 downloads)
File Type: rar 5fb03988_Hawaii-slit-blue.rar (404.2 KB, 191 downloads)
File Type: rar 5fffdbc1_Hawaii-slit-pink.rar (349.7 KB, 196 downloads)
File Type: rar 5f855d9f_Hawaii-alm-green.rar (407.8 KB, 180 downloads)
File Type: rar 5f01907d_Hawaii-alm-gul.rar (412.3 KB, 188 downloads)