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Default Lot that i made
A lot that im made for a contest. And i was wondering if people liked it .

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I think it's nice and simple. I'd rather have more windows on the second floor and maybe a different roof tiles. But as i said it's nice - what is the contest you're taking part in?
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Loafs it takes a village

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I like it too, but I think the outside looks a little plain. Windows would certainly help, as would a bit more landscaping.

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OK Thanks Nysha

Check out my Tumblr its called Sims2pictures

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ok honest opinions here (from a nooby lot maker)

I like the look on the outside. The white paint with the brown brick wall combination, those are one of my favorites. But it's too plain like Nysha said. Perhaps one of those multi-storey windows placed on the brick wall? And can we have a shot of the side of the house? That would be great.

For the interior, the furniture placement for me is ok. There's too much colors for me in the interior though. I've seen multi-colored interiors here on MTS that i like but this doesn't work for me. Perhaps you would consider using a color theme? You can check my lot building hero, TheDeadSim, for examples: Also I'm confused as to the overall theme of the house. Is it modern minimalist? Moroccan? Space-themed? There's just so many styles employed that altogether do not work for me.

These are just my opinions. I know I don't have many lots and achievements under my belt but i hope you take it as constructive criticism. I criticize something I care, something I see potential in. I do not waste time criticizing things that I think do not have potential. Hope that helps...
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Nice looking home. I agree with lidiqnata you might want to to add more windows on the second floor. If you don't mind suggestions, you might want to add a mirror above the bathroom sink.
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I like this, although the OP only seems to show the bottom two floors. There's a third floor.
I think a spiral stair would work wonders for this house. I would put the kitchen in the long narrow area, which would have to be increased in width to 3 squares, only because kitchen ranges will not place with only a 1-tile space in front of them.
This could be a very nice urban, modern place for a family of four.
I don't see it uploaded by the OP, so I will make a project of this, if it's OK with the OP.
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Hi gagafanu, nice to see you back around. I remember your house from Loaf's contest.

For those that don't know there was a whopping big tree that we all had to build around right where the outdoor seating was.

What I would do is first decide on what style you are going for. Given that the outside is modern you might want to go for a minimalist or modern look inside. Seeing you have a number of red modern windows you might want to put the matching door on the front and use red in the colour scheme. Ikea if you have that sp has plenty of modern items in white, red and black and it's an easy colour scheme to go for. Think white and black with red as a highlight, furniture with straight lines, recessed lights. The game light that should sit up into the ceiling but doesn't, there is a fix for that.

With the garden I would remove that long low fencing that goes the entire lot and think about making more garden beds edged with the fencing, like you did right at the front.

It's an interesting house and I always liked the front, it just needed some more windows there.

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Done, and I really like the way it turned out. It ended up easier than I thought it would, considering the narrowness and odd shape of the house.
The only glitch came during testing, when my test family's dog unexpectedly couldn't descend the spiral stairs. For about an hour I thought I'd have to redesign the entire house, before I tried simply turning the stairs 90 degrees counter-clockwise, which fixed the issue. Luckily, the layout surrounding the stairs allowed me to do this. I only had to adjust the first floor entry area a little bit to accommodate it.
Thanks for letting me do this, @gagafanu, it was fun.
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For anyone interested, I just uploaded my latest version of this house to my SimFileShare page, here:
The name of the file is Townhouse#01-3BR.7z
It uses only 1 cc object.
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