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Default The Real World Castaway Challenge

- Create or download 8 Sims of your choosing.
-They must all have different traits, Aspirations don't matter to much because they will not have jobs.
- Have an empty lot, any size, but the bigger the better and it would be more ideal to have it in Oasis Springs
- Dress them in what ever you want but keep in mind they are on a "Island"
- Build a "Reward Room". You can place anything you would like in there. This is where 2 lucky sims will spend the night to get away from everyone else. To determine who will enter the room, you can roll a dice or who ever has the most skill that day, its up to you.
-The remainder of the sims must sleep outside in tents
- Required items ( 2 big tents, 2 fire pits, 4 outdoor showers, 4 big planter boxes, 4 toilets and sinks, tables are optional but it would be nice to have something to put your food on. You must at least have a 5x5 pool)
-Forging, collecting, planting and fishing is your only source of income

There are things you can "unlock" in the challenge, such as grills, workbenches, and even TV's but we will get to that later.

Money Cheats are permitted only when building your Island

- At least 4 Sims has to have a level 2 cooking skill to unlock the grills
- at least 4 Sims has to have 2 Handiness skill points to unlock the workbench.
- Once 4 Sims have 10 Handiness skill points, you can then start building huts
-At least 4 Sims has to have 5 charisma points to unlock TVs (but this is only after at least one hut is built. I know I'm a pain in the ass lol)
- No one Sim can leave the lot on his/her own, they must have someone with them at all times and they must be back on the lot on or before 12am.
-No one Sim can go to a community lot, not until you have at least one hut built. *Parks and community gardens are permitted
-You can visit neighbors but they must be in your subdivision and the same 12am rules apply
- You may not sleep, eat or watch TV at neighbors houses unless you have at least one hut built.
- Once there is at least one hut build, the Sims can then get jobs

The goal of this challenge is to go from deserted island to paradise island

If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to tell me
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Does this require Outdoor Retreat?
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The Real World Castaway Challenge
Originally Posted by erliau
Does this require Outdoor Retreat?

Yes it does, but you could always tweak the rules to make it work for you
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How about Dream Island -> Sulani? If not, this should be update. If this post/challenge is alive anymore.
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