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Default UPDATED and EXTENDED: The Princess Challenge

I had a truly illegal amount of fun with the original Princess Challenge , but I felt like it was just too short! Additionally, a couple of things were unclear and out of date. So, this modification of the original challenge is designed to bring it up to date with current features, and add in a bit more length and difficulty.

Aislynne does not refer to herself in first person in the original post. Anywhere in the text of the challenge that you see this, it’s referring to me, Lilbluecaboose. This challenge is even MORE of a wall of text than Aislynne's, so I've followed her formatting and put pretty much everything under spoiler tags. Text in the instructions that uses Aislynne's words has been italicized, to give her credit.

If you don’t like these modifications, then... don’t play it? Anyway.

Played the original? Here’s the details on what I’ve modified:
In-Depth “Patch Notes”:

The goal of this challenge is to make the prince(ss) fall in love with you and to become a Princess. Will you be a conniving schemer or a kind-hearted do-gooder? The choice is yours and you can win either way. Your decisions will have an impact on your reputation, your traits and your future, however, so choose carefully!

This challenge has a lot of text, and I’ve used spoiler tags so that this post wouldn't be so messy. You can but don’t need to read everything in advance, it’s completely up to you. Reading it will make the challenge easier, but it’ll be more fun if you don’t read it beforehand. The text consists of four main parts: the rules, the daily schedule, the random events and the descriptions of the different destinies that your sim may have.

Setting up

-Your candidate lives in a castle with five other candidates. Create all of the other candidates and your own sim in CAS and move them in. They need to be young adults. Pick their traits randomly. Your own sim’s aspiration must be Successful Lineage.

-You may build the castle yourself or use a premade one. There are a lot of nice castles in the gallery! The furniture may be fancy (it’s even recommended!).
You may use money cheats at will since money isn’t relevant to this challenge. Aislynne recommends placing enough skilling items for everyone and minimizing fun items. I made sure to place the following: 6 easels, 4 musical instruments; 4 exercise machines; 1 swimming pool; 1 bar; 8 garden pots; and 3 chess tables. You can choose the items you wish, but I found this was enough to keep everyone occupied. I allowed them a TV, because otherwise, keeping up fun need can be miserable. I did have a computer on the lot, but I have disabled autonomous computer use, so it wasn’t an issue.

-Create the royal family in CAS: the king, the queen and the prince(ss), who is their only child. You may choose their looks and traits or randomize them. Pick a lot for them and move them in, it doesn’t matter whether there is a house there or not, you won’t be visiting them during the challenge.

-Set lifespan to long.

Rules and instructions
-The challenge lasts eight weeks. You need to consult the schedule at six a.m. every day to know what happens that day.
-You cannot control the other candidates unless it says so in the daily schedule or the random events. Exception: You may occasionally make them clean or repair objects, but you also have to take part in those activities yourself.
-When you’re required to roll a random event, use or roll dice. If it’s an event you’ve already rolled during the challenge, roll again until you get one that you haven’t had already. When referring to dice, I tend to use D&D terminology. 1d6 means a six-sided die, 2d6 means two six-sided dice, 1d20 means a 20 sided die, and etc. Just a heads up so you aren’t confused!
-You may not call the prince(ss), the queen or the king, chat with them or invite them over unless it says so in the daily schedule or the random events. You are also not allowed to interact with anybody else in the world except your own household.
-Cheats and mods that give you an advantage over a person who doesn't use them are not recommended.

-If you have Seasons installed, holidays now count towards your success! After all, what sort of royal-to-be doesn’t celebrate the holidays of the country? For an excellent holiday, gain +100 aspiration points. For a terrible one, lose -100 aspiration points. No change for a meh one. If you miss the popup, this will be obvious from the moodlet your candidate gets the day after the holiday. The only exception is Love Day. There will be no points gained or lost for Love Day, because it’s impossible to do properly without a significant other.

An aside on mods:
I would recommend NOT using the mod Vampirisim is Fun! In ANY of its flavors for this challenge, especially if you make a vampire in the household (which I think can be quite fun). This is because the drink deeply interaction is always lethal with those mods. I had two candidates die because of it!

Aspiration points
The number of aspiration points you have at the end of the challenge will determine your sim’s fate and whether you’ve completed the challenge successfully. You will gain and lose aspiration points during the challenge. I recommend using this very helpful mod to quickly add or subtract aspiration points: . If you don’t want to use that mod, you can also keep track of your aspiration points manually on a piece of paper. You will probably also gain aspiration points from completing whims, that’s ok and even recommended. Your sim’s aspiration must be Successful Lineage (so that you can’t complete it during the challenge). It is also ok to spend aspiration points if you want to buy rewards. Just remember that the number of aspiration points at the end of the challenge determines whether you've been successful, so be careful not to spend too many of them!

Schemer / Kind-Hearted points
These are the other points you will get during the challenge. Every time you get one, keep count of how many you’ve already got. You can have both Schemer and Kind-Hearted points at the same time.

-All skills are useful, but the following are the ones you’ll especially need to be successful in the challenge: Cooking, Gardening, Charisma, Violin / Piano / Guitar, Painting, Logic, Mixology.
-It's a good idea to buy expensive furniture. The most expensive bed is helpful, for example, because you won't need to sleep that long every night.

You can stop reading now if you want and go start the challenge. Just remember to check the daily schedule (below) every day at 6 a.m! You can also keep reading if you wish.
If you have questions about this challenge, or about anything at all, as long as it's not calculus, feel free to ask.


Week 1: Day 1 (Sunday)

Week 1: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 1: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Week 1: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Week 1: Day 5 (Thursday)

Week 1: Day 6 (Friday)

Week 1: Day 7 (Saturday)

Week 2: Day 1 (Sunday)

Week 2: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 2: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Week 2: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Week 2: Day 5 (Thursday)

Week 2: Day 6 (Friday)

Week 2: Day 7 (Saturday)

Week 3: Day 1 (Sunday)

Week 3: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 3: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Week 3: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Week 3: Day 5 (Thursday)

Week 3: Day 6 (Friday)

Week 3: Day 7 (Saturday)

Week 4: Day 1 (Sunday)

Week 4: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 4: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Week 4: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Week 4: Day 5 (Thursday)

Week 4: Day 6 (Friday)

Week 4: Day 7 (Saturday)

Week 5: Day 1 (Sunday)

Week 5: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 5: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Week 5: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Week 5: Day 5 (Thursday)

Week 5: Day 6 (Friday)

Week 5: Day 7 (Saturday)

Week 6: Day 1 (Sunday)

Week 6: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 6: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Week 6: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Week 6: Day 5 (Thursday)

Week 6: Day 6 (Friday)

Week 6: Day 7 (Saturday)

Week 7: Day 2 (Sunday)

Week 7: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 7: Day 2 (Tuesday)

Week 7: Day 2 (Wednesday)

Week 7: Day 2 (Thursday)

Week 7: Day 2 (Friday)

Week 7: Day 2 (Saturday)

Week 8: Day 1 (Sunday)

Week 8: Day 2 (Monday)

Week 8: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Week 8: Day 4 (Wednesday)

Week 8: Day 5 (Thursday)

Week 8: Day 6 (Friday)

Week 8: Day 7 (Saturday)

The challenge is over! See the section THE RESULTS AND THE DESTINIES below.


When the daily schedule asks you to roll a random event, use or roll dice. You need numbers 1 to 20. If it’s an event you’ve already rolled during the challenge, roll again until you get one that you haven’t had already.


When the challenge is over, check how many aspiration points you have as well as how many Schemer and Kind-Hearted points you have. Then find your corresponding destiny below.

> 10,000 aspiration points

6500-9999 aspiration points

5000-6499 aspiration points

4500-4999 aspiration points

3500-4499 aspiration points

3000-3499 aspiration points

2500-2999 aspiration points

0-2499 aspiration points

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Looks like a lot of fun!
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I did the original Princess challenge, but I think I'm going to try this one too!
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Hello! Don’t know if you’ll answer this but what happens when members of the royal family call me? Am I allowed to answer and chat with them? Same if they invite me or the other precandidatos out, are we allowed to go? And if so, does everyone else also need to join or just the person called?
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