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Default Big Sister Challenge Revamp
Many of you probably remember the TV show/Disney Movie Lilo and Stitch, and I can only assume that the Big Sister Challenge was at least somewhat inspired by the TV show due to the relationship between Lilo and her big sister Nani. I, personally, loved the show and I wanted to use the Big Sister Challenge as a way to play it out in a more challenging way, but found that the challenge was super limiting and somewhat grey. This is of no fault of the original creator, @poballa on ModtheSims, it’s just that as the game has expanded, it’s made the original challenge seem more lackluster, so I decided to revamp it for both my personal preference (to make it more fun/realistic/challenging) and to better fit the more expansive gameplay.


Life cycle settings must be on LONG, and if you have seasons they must be 28 days long.

Create A Sim

Starting with create a sim, I’ve decided that I wanted to make the Big Sister Challenge more inclusive by changing it to a Big Sibling Challenge – meaning that the older sibling can just as easily be an older brother or, like Morgyn the Spellcaster (put a spell on your heart), a nonbinary sim.

I also decided to make the challenge more difficult by making the younger sibling a toddler instead of a child. Why? Because it adds more of a Nani-Lilo feel. Nani was a much older teen, 19, when Lilo had just gotten out of her toddler phase (she was 5 in the movie), so if I (or anyone else) wanted to be more like an earlier/younger Lilo-Nani dynamic, a 15/16-year old Nani type would have a 2/3 year-old Lilo (yes, Nani was really struggling guys, put some RESPECT on her name).

So here are the CAS requirements:

> one teen sim, no requirements in terms of traits, clothing, gender, etc.
> one toddler sibling for the sim, no requirements in terms of traits, clothing, gender, etc.
> creating parents is optional, but if you create them, they CANNOT live in the same world or interact with their children so long as the oldest sibling is a teen.
> pets are NOT allowed to be made in CAS
> they cannot have any other family (meaning no aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no grandparents, etc.)

Choosing A Place to Live

You are allowed to have any home on any lot size, or an apartment, but you must get the lot bulldozed or the apartment EMPTY (bulldozing may delete walls which will just be a pain). You get $20,000 simoleons to build on a lot, and $15,000 to build an apartment. The only requirement on HOW you build the home is to build a home that CPS won’t remove your younger sibling from. (Remember the Agent in Lilo and Stitch that tried to take Lilo away? Yeah, we don’t want that).

Lot traits ARE allowed in this challenge, but you cannot use lot traits that’ll help with school/making friends/or finding money. Basically:
This goes to all lots within the neighborhood your sims live in. Meaning you’re not allowed to “loophole” these by having the park across from your home have the Teen Neighborhood Lot Trait thus essentially receiving the same benefits.
{{ remember that using bb.showhiddenobjects following bb.showliveeditobjects will grant you access to plants used in the world, and they are F R E E. Your sims WILL walk through them, however it’s a small price to pay to save some $$ }}

The only requirement for the world is you must choose a world that you do not use frequently. Meaning if you prefer playing in Brindleton Bay and/or Willow Creek, then you have to live in Oasis Springs or Strangerville.


Interacting with Adults

Your sim is allowed to interact with adults in this version of the gameplay because it would be super suspicious if you didn’t. In fact, you’re encourage to, why? In this highly Lilo and Stitch inspired version of this challenge, we remember the fact that Lilo and Stitch built their Ohana from adults they were close to. Whether it was the two disgraced aliens, the lovely older lady who sold her fruit at the marketplace, Lilo’s brunette friend whose name I totally forgot, etc. they built up a new family, a new Ohana, from interacting with the people in their community and you’re encouraged to do the same in this version of the challenge. BUILD YOUR OHANA.

Earning Money

So, your teen sim can’t have a job (this includes Island Living’s Odd Jobs). Why? Because your teen sim can’t afford daycare – DUH. So, if they want money, they have to earn money either by harvesting, gardening, finding objects, street performing, “yard sales,” etc. Even then, anywhere you go outside of your own lot, as long as your sibling sim is a toddler, your sibling sim MUST accompany you. Meaning you have to take the toddler with you if you say, have to go to the library.

Your teen sim will be allowed to get a part-time job/do odd jobs when their sibling becomes a child. Your child sim is allowed to join after school activites if they want – including Scouts and Drama (which came with the Get Famous Pack).


Your teen sim cannot go to schools, but you still must graduate with a C or higher. How? Homeschooling! No, not a mod, but its just your sim “buying textbooks” (i.e buying homework) and completing them. This can also be supplemented by buying school projects if you have Parenthood. It is V E R Y difficult to do, of course, but you must do it. The child sim is free to also do homeschooling, but I advise just sending them to the normal school.


Your sim family can have pets, but ONLY if they adopt them via the computer (or through build/buy if you want one of the caged pets) or adopt them as stays from the outside world. You cannot make them in CAS, nor can you change their breed/coat/traits, whatever. You are allowed to change the fur REASITICALLY as if they gave the new pet a haircut.


You can join clubs, but only if your sim knows at least ONE of the sims as a FRIEND prior to your sim joining the club.

If you create a club it MUST be invite only and you can only invite sims your sim is already friends with OR are coworkers with (for example if you want to have your child sim have a scouts club, you can use the “career” exception to find out who it is your sim would realistically know. Same for if you want your team sim to do “outings” with their coworkers, you can create a club of all your coworkers).


This is the part where you’re going to hate me, and I don’t care because THIS is the challenging part. If you live on say, an island, as a poor family where a fifteen-year-old is the one earning the big bucks is it realistic for you to just, I don’t know, visit a big city in a temperate climate? Or, say, go to the library in a rural desert area? No. Hmmm. Well I guess…oh yes.


So, if your sim lives in Oasis Springs, then they must spend ALL their time in Oasis Springs. That can’t go to Windenburg, or Willow Creek, or San Myshuno, or whatever other world. If they earn the money organically (NO CHEATING), they ARE allowed to go to a vacation world for vacation (i.e. Selvador or Granite Falls).

Now, I understand at first this doesn’t seem possible, especially if you have most (if not all) the packs and therefore want to do things like going to a yoga class, visiting a coffee shop, taking a dip in the pool, etc. Or if you’ve noticed that even with all the packs not all worlds are built the same, like how Oasis Springs doesn’t have a lounge and Sulani doesn’t have a library (how many of you guys noticed that?). Because of this, I am 100% okay with you guys customizing your worlds to however you seem fit, therefore you can add a restaurant, or a spa, or whatever you want.

If you ever need ideas, I recommend looking through the community venues available to you. For example, my favorite builder for community venues is SimLicy on Youtube and SimLicyYT in Sims 4. Her community builds feature what I like to call combo-community venues where you can have a library with an in-built café, a “main street” with a coffee shop, yoga class, and a bookstore, or a gym with yoga and massage (all on one lot!). Other things you can do is combine things that make sense. For example, one of my favorite ways to build a restaurant is with a bar and live entertainment, so it can have the benefits of a restaurant, a bar, and a lounge all in one building. Another thing I like to do is library on one side, and a coffee shop with live music on another. Or a park with a basketball court, a full playground, and a tiny venue for live music using the “street musician” object from City Living. Because of this I HIGHLY recommend customizing your sims’ world so that they can enjoy as much cool things the sims 4 has to offer while simultaneously never leaving their world’s boundaries.

Holidays, events, etc. on the calendar are allowed. I personally love the calendar, as a nonChristian it is nice to have a way to celebrate my own holidays in-game as I’m sure it is for others. I also love to be able to plan events like parties, dates, weddings, outings, etc. days in advanced.

You are more than welcome to have a “reunion” with your sims parents (if you choose to keep them alive) once your teen sim is an adult with a full-time job as at that time the parent sims wouldn’t realistically be allowed to challenge for custody (depending on what your storyline is).

I definitely recommend slowly building up your sims “ohana” similar to how Nani and Lilo did in their movie/show, because then you can have your own storylines with these sims as your sims become more community-oriented. Maybe they don’t have a biological grandmother, but the old lady across the street has somewhat adopted them as her own and now they have a “grandma.” They don’t have any other siblings, but maybe the girl who lives next door becomes like a sister to the sibling. You can’t create a pet in CAS, but maybe your sim finds a stray cat and it reminds them of themselves so they pick it up and take them home, now they have a pet.

I definitely recommend using the sims’ photography skill to decorate the home to add to that homey feel.

Please feel free to give me any recommendations, questions, or comments down below. The basis of this "revamp" is that while I did enjoy the original Big Sister Challenge I felt that it really wasn't the best for realistic gameplay, and I noticed all the things that people did during their let's plays on YT or on Tumblr to adapt it to the "expanded" game. I wanted it to be more playable with the expansions in mind, while still being challenging to simmers regardless of whether or not they have those expansions in the first place.
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Imma try this! Looks like a lot of fun~
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ooooo imma do this brb
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I started mine! I'm playing Strangerville because I never do, lol, and I gave my poor teen twins, because I enjoy suffering

Main sim: Tanya Sims
Toddlers: Ian and Nia Sims

Tanya takes care of her twin siblings their dad dad passes away
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