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Default Found five full songs in base game's sfx1.package. Where do they play on?
Hey everyone! I don't think I've ever posted anything in the forums, but I've been around this site for god knows how many years! I finally got a question to ask and looking around got me nowhere.

I was digging around the Sims Life Stories sound files and I found that sfx1.package has five full songs in different styles in 128 kbps mp3 format, just like the radio stuff. Now, that got me curious and I wondered if these audio files were exclusive to Life Stories but I found them in the base game sfx1.package file as well, and that got me very intrigued because in the 15 years I've been playing The Sims 2, I have never heard any of those songs play anywhere in the game. I don't know if there's an object that uses them or if there's a way to trigger them. The Cutting Room Floor doesn't mention anything about unused music either, so I assume they haven't found them or they're not unused and I just need to explore the game more.

The files can be easily found by extracting the contents of the base game's sfx1.package with SimPE into a folder and then sort them by size, the five larger files are the ones I'm asking about.

So, are those songs used anywhere in the game? and if so, where?
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Here is songs:

One of this song (piano), I guess, from The Sims 1.

The Sims 2 Beta Library
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The Sims Unleashed, filename SUL_Band2_M.mp3

The Sims Unleashed, "Sim The Blues"

Not sure about the other three.

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There are 2 possibilities, according to this:

There were songs that are in assets, but only used in-game with certain locales (I guess, EAXis couldn't get worldwide rights or didn't think the US audience would like them.) and it claims there were at least 2 composed but unused songs, although why would they be in game at all, in a package with TS1 stuff and remain there in Stories is a bit weird...
3rd Jun 2020 at 5:35 PM
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Weren't some TS1 songs played on (atleast) one of those wall speakers?
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