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Default Disappeared travel-related skill opportunity
My Sim got an opportunity for the Athletic skill to go to China, talk with someone there to get some tips and then return home and talk to another Sim to fulfil the opportunity. Sadly, upon arriving to China, my Sim lose this opportunity. He also has Military career opportunity to learn Martial Arts. So, I was hoping to kill both these opportunities at once. The career opportunity stays after arriving, but since the skill opportunity disappeared, I did not play any further in China. I did some search and I found people had this problem with career traveling opportunities, but I did not find anyone reporting the same problem with skill traveling opportunity. I have NRaas Traveller, Story Progression and other NRaas mods, that I don't think has anything to do with this. I also have this mod, so, maybe, it's that mod that is culprit? I don't know. It's all very confusing to me, especially since it's my first time encountering this problem, so I would appreciate any help.

Also, he tagged along with him his husband, who has no opportunity, but just popped a wish to travel, so, I took him too. But, upon arriving to China, that wish was still not fulfilled. So, if you can help me with that as well, I'd appreciate that too.
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