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Default How do you make ReShade depth of field last longer than 5 minutes?
Hi, I have Reshade 3.0.8. The depth of field always stops working after 5 minutes, and I've tried all the types that reshade comes with. Same thing happened when I used the ExtraReal graphics shader mod before I got reshade. Someone told me that the sims 3 game itself is not compatible with DOF since becoming dependent on origin. Is the issue caused by my system or the fact that I installed from origin? I'm on a samsung notebook 7 spin laptop with an Nvidia GeForce 940MX, core i7, 12 GB ram, 1TB (HDD) storage. I have no lag when I use reshade so I woudn't think the system is the problem. I read that nvidia laptops don't work with reshade 2.0 so that's why I got 3.0.8. DOF is so beautiful, it's a shame it doesn't work.
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