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Default Certain pages "not secure"
Although MTS appears to use HTTPS, many pages (like downloads and profiles) will cause Chrome to show a "not secure" message in the address bar. Chrome's definition of this is "The site isn't using a private connection. Someone might be able to see or change the information you send or get through this site." How concerned should we be about that?
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I'd suspect most of the time it's from images, but the ones I've checked (including my own profile) are all secure with all being over HTTPS.  (Your profile, for example, shows me it's all https). I suspect it's either because of inline images using HTTP, or some other things.

Do you have any quick examples I could look at?

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Here's a random page that gives me the 'not secure' message.

My profile seems to be 'secure' for now according to Chrome. I wonder why it's intermittent like that. It also really seems to depend heavily on where exactly you're browsing within the site.

That also brings up the question of why inline images cause this to happen? I do see that some older image URL's use the deprecated ""... But even with that being the case, this image appears secure and this one is reported not secure. Both have the old MTS2 URL.
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