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Default Tiny Prison Challenge
It's revolutionised the prison system. Hardened criminals go in and come out completely rehabilitated. And it's space-saving - you can fit over 30 of these prisons on your average lot and that means 240 prisoners! It's genius. Okay, it's awful, but look at the money you're saving! Anyway, this challenge is to play as a sim sent to one of these new prisons.
(This challenge is much better when played with tiny living, but it isn't a total must.)

Create 8 sims in CAS. For seven of them, randomise their traits and give them an aspiration to fit those. The eighth sim you can design yourself - this is going to be your main character. Give them whatever traits and whatever aspiration you want. I recommend giving them some kind of identical uniform just for fun but this step can be bypassed.

Build a micro home. You heard me right. Tiny Living micro home. No more than 32 tiles. Soz. At least you get the Micro Home perks, right? You must have a bed, a toilet, a shower, a stove, a sink, a counter and a fridge. You can have one computer and one tv. Only the worst of all items allowed, except for beds where you can get Murphy beds if needed. Any other skill building items such as instruments, chess tables or microphones can be added as much as you want, as long as you have the space. Set autonomy to full, get all your sims inside and lock the door. Expect chaos.

Once every Sunday, you have the chance for freedom. The way you achieve this is through showing a panel of judges how you'll contribute if you're allowed to return to society. To get out, you need to complete an aspiration and also have the most total skill points of anyone in the prison. If someone else has more skill points than you or you haven't completed your aspiration, you have to wait until next Sunday. Designate an time where sims are allowed to leave and unlock the door for an hour at that time every day (this'll stop you getting stuck on aspirations that require you to leave the house), but make sure they're all back in when the hour is up. Your sim may get a job.

Ways to make the challenge harder:
-Randomise your main character as well
-Use the tiny living house to check the amount of tiles but then change it back so you don't get the perks
-Require your sim to make friends with everyone on top of the other requirements
If you manage it using any of these you've offically won the sims.

Good luck (from my experience playing it, you're going to need it)!
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This seems fun! Kind of like the asylum challenge but seems harder. I'm going to try it!!
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