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Default Hi from SimmerMind
Hi, I’m SimmerMind in the sims community.
My fascination with the sims games began with TS2; I played it a lot as a teenager, especially Strangetown and custom neighborhoods, but I had a Pleasantview and Goths “phase” as well.
I have been playing TS3 since 2010, and it is still my favorite iteration in the series because of the level of customization and control it gives to the players; I gave TS4 a try, but was disappointed because of the lack of town editing options, and ridiculously tiny “worlds” in that game.
I mostly build, and have learned some CAW, so, I am planning to make a world at some point as well. Currently I am working on a Twinbrook renovation save file, which will be available for download once I finish it.

Check out my YouTube channel and Tumblr
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Nice to meet you! I like Sims 2 and building worlds in Sims 3 CAW too!
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2nd Mar 2021 at 7:27 PM
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