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Default No Sim left after Death.
No Sim left after Death
No Sim left after death.
Is there any solution to play ghosts without game final?
Is it possible to play Community Lots and Non Residential Lots with Random Active Townies?
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No, you can't play sims after they die. There's a playable ghost hack, but those ghosts are not actually dead. You can play community lots by sending your sims to them.
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You can quit without saving and keep the sim alive the second time. Or you can make a new sim, or - since you appear to be in your experimental phase - use one of the premades in the family bin or in the Maxis neighborhoods.

If you have a household with more than one sim (which IMHO is actually easier, because more interesting, than a single sim household), the non-dying sim can beg for the dying one's life to the Grim Reaper.

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If you want play with townie you can move him/her in either with Sim Blender or with befriending and asking to move in. But then that townie will be member of your household and therefore a playable. You cannot move in townie into empty lot, there must be at least one playable living in.
If you are bored of playing with extownie you can make him/her townie again with Sim Blender.
You may be confused by The Sims 3 and 4 where all other inactive playables are named "townies"
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If you have at least the expansion pack University or Free Time, there are ways to resurrect sims (bring them back to life) but you need another controllable sim to go through the gameplay in order to unlock this as an option. Or cheat, of course!


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I once had a Pleasantview neighborhood in which I killed off all of the premades and moved in customs Sims (all of which I put on the military career path with the exception of a paranormal guy and an unemployed guy I considered to be a demon who would trap other Sims in his basement with no escape, since it was an apocalyptic scenario). It was kind of interesting, none of the new Sims ever knew the likes of the Pleasants, the Goths, Don Lothario, the Calientes, the Brokes, etc, but the new Sims lived in their houses and were haunted by their ghosts. That was over 15 years ago.
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