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Default Handpainting a hair texture?
How do you that? I only know how to make textures the um, new fashion way.
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Discussion of Photoshop techniques to make realistic hair can be found here (discussion starts there, continues through a few posts):

A tutorial covering much the same techniques can be found here:

Those above two are good for getting great straight/wavy hair textures without much handpainting.

If you want to see how Enayla does hair for her art (and I can't think of ANYONE who handpaints better) her tutorial on how to do it can be found at her art site: under Gallery - Tutorials. I used a lot of her tips and techniques in handpainting hair, and the hair I've released thus far both have 100% handpainted textures.

There's also a pretty good tutorial here:

If you want to handpaint hair, it's -essential- that you have a graphics tablet. I've tried to do it with the mouse and it's just NOT going to come out good at all. You don't need a big expensive one - my Wacom Graphire cost around $100 new, but if you don't have a tablet and aren't willing/capable of buying one, you'll want to just stick with those first two links.

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O, ok. I use the hair texturing with noise and everything, but I had to see what this was about.
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Found this article on deviant art to add (the one seems to not be there anymore)

They have a lot of tutorials there actually, and for several different programs... some are more detailed and sim-useful than others. Of course you need to look at how the texture is laid out on the sim pieces and orient the different sections of your texture appropriately, but it's still a start
then search down in that section for hair or hair realistic
These are about hand painting hair - but you can use that to hand paint your sections of sim hair.
Here is a simple tutorial with screenshots on the quick method to generate strips of long straight hair texture - making your own original graphic but not 'hand painted'
Discusses making the simple texture and how to make a fairly low poly mesh and still have it look more interesting (for Dark Age of Camelots, but the general ideas apply to sims)
Another handpainting tutorial that uses a 3d model similar to sims. In this one you can see how the part, bangs, highlights and shadows work on the flat graphic and then wrap on the 3D mesh.

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