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Default Can I Remove Lights
I am trying to create a single door that is centered on two tiles. I am using the Walnut door and implementing into a clone of the Colonial Tract Door.

As you can see from the above image, the "Spotlights" in the cloned Colonial Tract Door are causing the Walnut Door to appear too bright.

I have tried deleting the Spotlights and the CRES references, but it causes errors and crashes the game. Is there a way to remove the Spotlights from the cloned Colonial Tract Door so that my Walnut Door will look like the original?

If there is no way to remove these lights, is there another way I can get the desired results?
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Maybe your mesh's normal is iffy
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Just a thought... but could it be that the door has a reflection on it? The colonial tract door has glass on it, maybe the attributes from the glass carried over to the wood on your door.

Judging from the screenies, it looks like the door is covered with something, like glass... hmmm. Similar to my reflections proposial, isn't it?
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I'd second Babye's suggestion to apply a better (lower) smoothing to the door. That door seems the result of the ugly auto-smoothing created by Milkshape. Use UVmapper instead.

As for removing the spotlight, editing the CRES blocks might be risky (a crash is always around the corner ). But you can make the door stop emitting light doing this:

1st alternative: Clone a double door that has no transparent parts.

2nd alternative: keep the current package; select the cLightRefNode in the CRES, select the cObjectGraph tab and edit the name of the light: fill in a fantasy non-existing light name. Then select the LGHT file in your package and set to zero all the editable values (R, G, B, Val1, Val4, ecc...). Lastly, look at the Text Lists: there is one (I don't remember the instance number) that is usually named "Light Names", but the name may vary or may be missing at all; you can recognize it because it contains one single light name ("blablabla_light"): delete that Text list.
This way, the door should not let the light flow through it any more.

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