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Default Tutorial: Making a garage with Numenor's Unlevelled Walls
Recently I downloaded Numenor's Unlevelled Wall, mainly to try and build garages with it connected to a foundation. After trying out some things, and not succeeding, I tried to find a tutorial on the topic, but I couldn't find any.

So after some experimenting I decided to write a tutorial myself. It turned out to be two: one easy tutorial and one a bit more advanced.

Thanks to:
Numenor for creating the Unlevelled Wall and the Scriptorium and Madame Mim for going through the tutorial and pointing out some things that needed to be changed.

Until the download is approved here, you can download it from:
(thanks to Niol for the tip)
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Your download doesnyt workl.
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I uploaded it again (just to be sure I didn't do anything wrong), but it also says "attachments pending approval", which usually can take a couple of days. So please have some patience.
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may also upload it to sites like rapidshare , you sent it, etc for faster sharing before the approval, and then link it back here.
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Please reattach your tutorial file, we'd still love to have it.
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