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#1 Old 23rd Feb 2007 at 8:38 AM Last edited by AmberDiceless : 23rd Feb 2007 at 10:10 AM.
Default Possible Problems with Custom CAS Screens?
Hey all. I and at least a few other people with Pets have experienced strays, including master wolves, wandering in and out of custom CAS screens. An example from my game:

It's also a known phenomenon that if you put an object in a CAS house that normally spawns NPC's, those NPC's will then appear in the CAS as well.

These CAS visitors appear harmless enough, but SaraMK over at MATY theorizes they could damage a neighborhood due to junk files and borked relationship data, as per this discussion:


So now I'm a bit concerned that my CAS might be hazardous to downloaders, to say nothing of my own game, and I thought I'd invite discussion of the matter here and see what other experienced modders might have to say about it. Is this likely to cause a problem? If so, it's easy enough to avoid using NPC-spawning items when building a CAS lot, but is there any way to prevent strays from entering one?

Opinions, theories, prophecies of impending Sim doom? Any input would be appreciated.

ETA: Pescado has declared this a dangerous, even fireball-causing problem. He also offers the possible solution of forcing errors and deleting all NPC-related invisible objects from the lot before the final save. Thoughts?
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#2 Old 23rd Feb 2007 at 10:50 AM
I was told that it happens b/c the lot that was created as a CAS has got open walls in the lot that is was created in. Which means the 4 walls haven't connected properly. So if you created it then u can fix it, if not then delete it b/c it wasn't created properly.

I see that there is a pet at the door maybe place a closed in fence around the lot, so pets can't get in.
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#3 Old 24th Feb 2007 at 12:24 AM
This is weird. i have made a CAS for me and this has never happened. Mine works fine and i have pets. i'll look into it though.

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#4 Old 25th Feb 2007 at 9:29 PM
Well, I took both Pescado's and jacqpinks's suggestions, deleted the controllers and fenced everything in, and I haven't seen any wandering strays since. Hopefully that solves the issue.
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