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Default Resource for builders: 2xN base game mini lots
I posted a set of empty templates in this thread: 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x5 residential lots, each in 2 directions, for the base game.

(Sorry for the shameless plug, but I've been looking for 2xN lots before and would have been very happy to see a pointer in this forum .. most builders probably won't check the lot uploads for this kind of thing)

Other mini lots:

Nx1 residential (Andi8104)
1xN residential (Nightguy82)
Nx1 community (MaryLou)
Nx1 and 1xN residential (MaryLou)

Stuff for TS2 · TS3 · TS4 | Please do not PM me with technical questions – we have Create forums for that.

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Thanks for the listing. pretty handy...

maybe, sticky this thread and/or add the infos into wiki for build mode...
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Thank you. Your were right about me not noticing these in the download list.

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Thank you plasticbox for posting here (I might have missed your great lots otherwise)

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