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Default Apartment life crashes on ONE LOT?
For some reason, whenever I move a family into the "Main Street Mobile Homes" in Belladonna Cove, (after moving the other family out, going in, making changes, etc.) the game crashes after about one minute in Live Mode. This doesn't happen with any other Apartment. I really like this one, though! I installed the patch, emptied the "Temp" folders like on the EA support site said, have no CC, and even completely uninstalled the game and it still won't work! Has anyone else had this problem or has a solution?
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I've got a similar problem with more than one apartment. Also some hobby-lots from Freetime don't work. I've tried the same things as you did, but no body could help me. But I could NEVER visit these lots, with or without a family.
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What happened when you tested it with totally fresh user files?

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I tried it with fresh files after totally uninstalling it, following this sites directions. It still crashed! It stopped, finally, when I picked up the apartment and moved it to another spot. Yay!
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