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Default The Green House
I had a lot of fun with this one. I had intended to make it a house for a childish sim, but it just wasn't working the way I wanted, so I started over and came up with this:

When Dinah and Thomas married they had different ideas about a lot of things, especially the house they would live in together. Thomas wanted something modern and streamlined, Dinah wanted something woody, warm, and earthy. The one thing they did agree on was saving the planet by saving electricity. Their two story, one bedroom, one-and-a-half bath home was the perfect fit. From the outside it looks like the modern block that Thomas always wanted but the inside is woody and earthy like Dinah always dreamed. The inside furnishings were kept minimalist to please Thomas, and the outside features terrace gardens full of green leafy plants for Dinah. The windmills and solar panels installed around the property keep their electricity bills low and lets their environmentalist hearts rest peacefully. But the couple's favorite part of the house is the downstairs art gallery. Both being artists they adore having such a bright room to house the art of their favorite artists, other than each other of course.

Street View
Though the house may seem from the outside like every other dime-a-dozen modern home, the windmills as well as the leafy green plants suggest that this home may be different.

Floor Plans
The ground floor consists of an entry hall, half-bath, kitchen with cooking patio, dining room, small office, and large art gallery.

The top floor consists of a living/family room, a full bathroom, and a bedroom which has it's own seating area.

Living Room
The home's upstairs living room is perfect for curling up to watch a good movie or to read a great book. Even the young at heart will have fun here playing video games while looking out over a beautiful patch of land.

The kitchen is a place of cooking and work, but that doesn't mean it should be dreary! This kitchen features large windows, lots of room to maneuver and a outside patio for barbecuing!

The home's large bedroom is designed to spend time in, not just sleep. There are the necessities such as bed, nightstand, and dresser, but the room also has it's own seating area for late night talks and a stereo for those late night dances with the one closest to your heart. And for those who stay up late the room's wide windows provide the perfect place to search the heavens with your very own telescope.

Dining Room
This home features a bright open dining room perfect for entertaining. The great view and full stocked bar make entertaining a breeze. Just try to remember to keep at least one day a week to yourself! The large windows and lively plants keep the spirit of the outdoors inside.

Every artist dreams of having a sizable gallery in their own home. A place to show off your own art or a favorite featured artist. To not have to pay to enjoy the beauty of paintings and sculptures. This house makes that dream a reality with a spacious bright gallery. The wide windows give plenty of natural light so you can see the art the way it was meant to be seen.

Back Yard
The spacious back yard is great for entertaining featuring a barbecue, plenty of tables and seats for eating, and a fire pit. But it's also great for enjoying the outdoors alone complete with benches beneath old trees, a small pond for fishing, and a bounty of growing things for all to enjoy. The solar panels at the edge of the property only add to the green-ness of this home.

No CC was used in this home.
I am so proud of this one. I don't know why I just love it. Especially the garden terraces and the flamingo art out front
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Ooooh I wish I had an arcitect friend so I could get some idea's I am so stumped right now!!! lol
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Originally Posted by Delphy
trench, hate to say it, but... you aren't a contestant in round 2 - you aren't on the list in post 2. Please re-read the first post again, and if you want to post your house in the chat thread, please do so.

Just to re-iterate:

Please only post up a lot if you are a contestant and are on the list!

Look at number 52 o.o I think my name is there. Atleast I was accepted for round 1.

Ah, EDIT: Someone else mentioned it already >.< I should've read all the posts before writing myself.
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Oh-mi-goshers! All the houses everyone is doing are teeeeeeeeeeeeerific!

@HystericalParoxysm: After this contest is finished is there going to be another one? It sounds like a really cool idea to keep going everything so often!
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Sims2CrazyGurl - Oh yes, we'll definitely be doing more. Lots of folks want a Foundations contest for TS2, so we'll probably do that first, and then... either another Foundations contest for TS3, or maybe something focusing on sims so people who aren't builders/decorators can join in, or... I don't know. We'll see.

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Again, I am amazed at the creativity of the entrants already submitted! I wish I was that creative. Anyway, here's my entry for contest #2, as hopeless as it seems to be!

Okay, the story... Mr & Mrs Prickle wants a dream home in Twinbrook, so they contracted renowned local architect Hugobert von Schmuck to design one for them. Problem was, as Hugobert found out too late, is that the couple has wildly different personality and requirement. Mr Prickle wants the sturdiest, most massive house possible, his security stemming from having his rickety childhood home blown away by a strong wind while he was cowering under his bed. Mrs Prickle, however, lived out her childhood in a former underground nuclear fallout shelter that her eccentric parents turned into home, spending her entire childhood life surrounded by walls, artificial lights, and no windows. So she wants an airy home with lots of glass areas and high ceilings. After tearing what few hairs he has left for a few weeks, Hugobert finally come up with this home.

The Modern Flying Butress

It's a modern-style home, with three "flying butress" out front (as the foundation practically begging for it!) and two more out back. The massive pillars out front and in the back as well as the "fins" provided a sense of sturdiness and security that Mr Prickle needs, and balances out the airiness of all the two-story and glassed areas..

The house features a two-story sitting area with two-story glass walls on one corner (Mrs Prickle's favorite place to be), a U-stairs, two bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathrooms, a modern kitchen, another bathroom downstairs, and fenced-in yard with a pool out back.

No CCs.
Disclaimer: At least that I know of. It does use items from expansion packs. Might have used some from EA store but I don't think so (they installed funny on my latest reinstall, some failed to show up at all, some have no labels/icons (like standard content) or even labeled as CCs!)


I am making some changes to my entry. Nothing major, just some reshuffling of interior pieces. I just noticed that the fireplace being where it is, next to the landing of the U-stairs where the floor has been lowered, caused its chimney to be missing its middle section, only to reappear again in upper level. Not good, unless you want your home to be full of soot whenever you lit up that fireplace. Might even cause carbon-monoxide poisoning! So that fireplace is gone. Modern homes don't need them anyway, what with efficient central heating and all. In its place is the TV, and what used to be the TV room is converted into sitting/reading room. Oh, and landscaping is improved too.

Street view, showing the massive pillars out front:

PS: I'm afraid I have to break my claim of no Photoshopping and use the program to remove the unsightly rendering errors that kept appearing on the ceiling of the front porch (the strange little black thingies). There, looks better now!

Floor plan - first floor:

Floor plan - second floor:

The 2-story high, glass-walled living Room

Kitchen / dining:

Master bedroom:

The back end with the backyard and swimming pool:

High outside three-quarter view of the house showing the glassed two-story living room:

And last but not least: a view from the top of the U-stairs looking down at the living room.

There, got my second entry in before it's too late!
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Rainbow Light Beach House


-beautiful lighting
-private beach
-backyard bar
-large open deck
-fully furnished
-1 bdrm., 1 1/2 bath

Rainbow Light Beach house used to be the Rainbow Light Church. It was turned into a house after the massive scandal two years ago. Our "world famous" gay female pastor was caught in bed with Christopher Steel! I can't say I blame her, considering he is such a great guy, but we lost all of our parishioners.

Well at least there was one good outcome from all of that - A one-of-a-kind gorgeous beach house!

"OoooOOoOooOh PRETTY COLORS!" (That's what I thought after finishing the lighting. )

Front View

(Foundation was left untouched. The pillars on front have a fence through the front of them for decoration purposes; there is no floor cover extending them to the porch.)

3 Levels

(There is no CC used in this house. The shelf in front of the TV is the shelf that came with Ambitions, just part of it I hid in the wall. Pictures shown throughout the house that don't look familiar are digital photo frames, with some really great shots I got around the beach. I use the moveobjects cheat quite often, so if something is questionable, just ask!)

Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom

The bottom floor has been completely torn out and renovated, so that the shape of the living room would match up with the bedroom. The deck is wide open and airy, because who wants to be cooped up when they can enjoy the fresh air coming in off the water?

I love the bathrooms in the house. I can tell you that there is nothing better than a long, hot bath while being able to watch the waves roll in outside your window.

The bar being so close to the beach is such a convenience! Why I can't even count how many times I've gotten drunk and gone skinny-dipping in the ocean!

....what? Too much information? My apologies. Moving along...

3 Bonus Pictures

Enjoy your stay! Please don't feed the seagulls, that is, unless you want your eyeballs pecked out.

Just kidding. You can go ahead and feed them. Just sign here first.

Thanks for viewing my Round 2 submission!
- No CC used
-Base game and Ambitions

*(only minor editing to do from this point forward)
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Default My Entry (round 2)
It's actually my first modern house for the sims 3 so, judges be gentle.

Happy Hipster's Ultra Modern Dwelling

Designed and created by famous young architect and interior designer Linda Deeley, who currently resides here with her husband, promising movie composer. This contemporary house features open plan layout, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, nursery, spacious kitchen, working space for both spouses and, of cause a pool and roof garden. Building materials are quite cheap but stylish looking - plywood, poured concrete and compressed garbage. Linda concentrated on clean straight lines and mostly neutral pallete, using bright, almost neon colour splashes to emphasize a wall or two throughout the building. The dwelling is decorated mostly with Linda's photos and live plants. Who would've thought that life goes on outside SimCity?
No CC.

Required road view

Actual main entrance

Floor plans:
Ground floor
- two porches, pool, living-room with fireplace, combined kitchen and dining-room, bathroom and husbands study.

First floor - two bedrooms, a nursery, two bathrooms, two balconies (with telescope and chess table), wife's workspace for sketching and painting.

Roof Level. Features garden with small fountain, fire pit and chaise lounges, it's a good place for relaxation (I wish we had hot tubs already) and meditation.

Living-room. Well, part of it...there is also a desk with computer and couple's photos.

Master bedroom.

Kitchen+dining room.

Two bonus pictures:
Backyard with BBQ and pool and bar. It's a great place for summer parties.

Workspace on the second floor.
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BGatot and Miuki, your houses are gorgeous.
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Thank you Bchbch Walk, yours is wonderful as well. Interesting colour concept.))
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Why thank you Bchbch Walk! I like your house as well. It's not really an eyesore apart from the color scheme, which is somewhat retina-searing! :D
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Just to let ya'll know, I've got the scores for round 1 back from all our judges and will be calculating them as soon as I don't have a napless toddler underfoot - I'll be posting them up ASAP.

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Edit: Is it just me or has the forum gone a bit bonkers the last 10 minutes? Some avatars don't show up, signatures are under the nickname box and some pages I open all the posts are under the same name as the first one on the page

TS3 aliens? Finally! Now give us OFB and proper apartments, damnit! - EA, you are breaking my heart. - I give up.
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Delphy's tinkering with things so stuff might be kind of wonky for a little bit.

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Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
Just to let ya'll know, I've got the scores for round 1 back from all our judges [...] I'll be posting them up ASAP.

I was just about to politely ask about that .

What is the point penalty in terms of using floating tiles? Is it 1 point per tile or 10 points per tile or something different? I have a great idea, I'm just wondering how many points I would sacrifice...


Currently not able to take requests at this time... sorry!
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I've kind of left the penalties up to the individual judges, to take off of the Architecture part, based on how much they think it deviates from the spirit of the contest/rules/blah/etc.

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Everyones houses look good! Don't worry guys mine wont be modern at all for those of you who are tired of it And thanks HP, i was wondering what was going on with my computer but at least i know its the forums.
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Whatever I come up with won't be exactly jaw dropping lol After the game locking up on me last night and losing all my progress, I'm a bit discouraged.

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You do fantastic building so I'm sure you won't have any problems making something magnificent

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I'll post the scores up here once they're ready.

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Default That 70s House - 1st draft
This message has been deleted by fairycake89. Reason: started again house again :)
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Originally Posted by Alan_Gast
I emplore you, HP, WHERE will you post them?

Didn't HP say in the post above your post that she'll post them here?
#97 Old 20th Jul 2010 at 8:22 PM
anyone else weally weally nervous about the scores?

I need a cake and a lie down!
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Fairycake, I love your house. The way you presented it is so clever! Made me laugh.

I feel so inadequate. Not only because I'm not as skilled as all of you guys, but also because I only have base game and I'm seeing all the wicked items you guys have. I wish I had expansion packs.
#99 Old 20th Jul 2010 at 8:40 PM
I so agree with you fairycake89. I keep coming back and checking to see if they are posted yet.
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It's going to take me a little while to arrange all this stuff and total it up - it's been a long, flung-oatmeal filled day and my brain is all "Whut? Excel? Durrrrr," at all these spreadsheets. Just try to be patient guys - I'll get them up as soon as I can.

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