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Whoops! Time is getting away from me! I'll only have 6 hours to finish! YIKES!


I was fighting CC and Windows7 installs this weekend instead of designing. Oh well, if I can't get it posted in time, proceed without me. this lot needs some custom CC anyway to do it justice since I can't install my store stuff.
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Porkypine: You did see that HP added 24 hours onto the deadline?
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#278 Old 4th Aug 2010 at 10:58 PM
Originally Posted by missroxor
Same. I get the feeling in 11 hours time I will desperately want the extension though Is it possible to still issue the 4th foundation so that those who are ready to start can but those that need an extra day can hand theirs in late?
Edit: beat me to it

Yeah, I'm already kind of feeling the pressure, so the extension is very nice. I still feel just a little guilty, though.

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#279 Old 4th Aug 2010 at 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by missroxor
Is it possible to still issue the 4th foundation so that those who are ready to start can but those that need an extra day can hand theirs in late?

Yup. That can be done.
#280 Old 4th Aug 2010 at 11:02 PM
Aw, feel better soon, HP! (Just noticed your comment about not feeling well - feeling yucky is never fun when there's a toddler underfoot and people crying on the forums for you.)

I will patiently wait until Round 4 starts.
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#281 Old 4th Aug 2010 at 11:31 PM
Those extra 24 hours would be extremely welcome thanks. I'm currently running round in game like a headless chicken trying to finish this entry and if I had to finish it tonight it would be rushed. The extra time should just allow me to slow down a little and get the house decor finished and then the pictures sorted.

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#282 Old 4th Aug 2010 at 11:57 PM
Wow Cloudburst I love that one! Only a small thing in my mind that stops it from being 100% perfection though and that is the flooring in the laundryroom, it doesn't really fit with the rest. That is the only flaw I could find though. Not sure how playable the house is since I would get tired of the "annoyed waiting animation" my sims would be having often with all the tight spaces. But this is not a competition on making the most playable house, but the best looking, stunning, awesome house and yours is definately in the race for that!

I don't think I will be in the top 3 this round with such great additions.
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Default The Buxom Fedora Theatre
Hi guys! Heres my entry for R3: The Buxom Fedora Theatre

So, in 1953, The Buxom Fedora was established as a cool, hip hangout for all the topcats about the place by Mr. R Beaudesert. In order to make running the club easier, her lived on the roof in a room meant for a custodian but converted into a flat of some sort.

The club failed to get going, until he introduced Ladies Night Thursday, when all the Ladies came with their husbands and danced until 11.30pm, thank you very much.

The club had a long and prosperous run, and made a nice sum after it was sold after Mr. Beaudesert died. The club is now on the market and is in need of some moderniziation and de-gramophonization.


Ground Floor:

Second Floor:

Top Floor/ Residential Level:

Living Area:



Social Area:

Music Corner:



Furnished Price: §183, 779
Unfurnished: Price: §87, 718
Lot Size: 30x30


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I've decided to enter my house for foundation #3 now, even with the added deadline. It seems like some people encountered problems, glitches and other barriers, be it on their computer or personal life. So as the house's essentially complete, might as well enter it now so at least I have an entry should something unexpected happened! I can always updated it anytime before the deadline anyway.

So here it is:

The Pale Green Mansion

Eugene Stinger is a mining prospector. He and his family (wife Eleanor and twin boys Jamie and Jonah) have lived in Inner Mongolia for years now, looking for that elusive motherlode that will make them rich. Now Eugene has finally found one, and the family planned to move back to SimSuburbia as soon as they are able. They would need a suitable dwelling once they got there, of course, so they have asked their architect friend Hugobert von Schmuck to design one for them. Eugene did not specify much for the house, only asking that it be suitably impressive, comfortable, and suited for their family. He wants it to be robust and strong, though, as the family has lived in flimsy tents that's regularly blown away by the strong winds of the Mongolian desert for so long now. Oh, and he specified that it should be green. Eugene, you see, have heard of this 'green' movement, but don't really know much about what it's all about, being in Inner Mongolia and all. It's just that he's heard that 'green' houses was 'in' in SimSuburbia

Hugobert is rather mystified of just what his friend meant by the house needing to be green. So what he came up with is actually a sturdy, stately mansion featuring green bricks on the exterior. The inside, however, is rich, stately brown. Thankfully the family was overjoyed when they saw their new abode for the first time. Hugobert was rewarded handsomely and thanked profusely. Now the family is living happily ever after in their green mansion, enjoying their newfound, and richly deserved wealth.

Street view:

Floor plans: Foundation & garden

First Floor:

Second Floor:

Living room:


Master bedroom:

Three bonus pics:

Back end:

Side of the house:

The sunken garden:

No CCs! Do use items from expansion packs and EA store.

Much as I tried, I just can't come up with anything creative or out of the box for this foundation without a severely compromised inside layout, so what I end up with is just a plain ol' home, though spruced up as best I could. Probably lacking in wow factor, though. Kudos to those who managed to come up with creative and awesome houses with this most unusual foundation!
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#285 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 12:16 AM
Thanks HP We love youuu Feel better!
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#286 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 1:58 AM
Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
Well, I'm fine with giving an extension. I've been sick and not really on the computer very much, comparatively, the past few days - an extra day would give me time to feel better before the next round rush, and time for you guys to finish up your stuff. I still have a few judge comments I need to send out - I'll do those ASAP (I gotta go to bed though, my head hurts). +24 hours! (no i haven't changed the countdown, i'll do that in the morning too)

Maybe we have the same thing HP I feel like ugh. Been sleeping all week and crazy head aches, I rushed my entry through but atleast I'll have time to fix things tonight.

And I'm heading away this weekend, I cant wait. I need to get out and away lol

Awsome entrys peoples. I officially suck.

P.s The people in chat are amazing, and help heaps..
Heaven sent it awsome lol. How is the hill house going hun??
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#287 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 2:28 AM
@Alan_Gast - love the whole 50s theme you've got going on there, and that's a great colour scheme too!
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#288 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 3:13 AM
Seems like a lot is going around at the moment. All my friends incl me has had a bug this past week. Sucks and we have all been anti-social buggers Feel like sleeping all the time

So deadline is about ~ 9 pm tomorrow then? (just making sure)

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#289 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 3:35 AM
Oh man, I was just about to give my official resignation to the contest before seeing the 24 hour extension. THANK YOU SO MUCH HP!!!!! It really means a lot.

(My home is done, furnished and all, I just need to put the post together (pictures and such), so the extension really does help)


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The house of Aiza, the Icequeen

Aiza once was just a normal girl, but one day - it was a cold, harsh winter's day - she got lost in a snow storm. The Grim Reaper found her almost frozen to death. She was very beautiful with her pale light blue skin. The Grim Reaper sighed, he did not like to steal away the spirits of young ones. He decided that he would not take her with him that day. But his resurrection spell somehow failed him (he hadn't used it very much lately, it really was only to be used in emergencies). The effect of the spell was curious: The light blue skin did not change back to Aiza's original rosy skintone. Instead, it grew even paler. Her hair changed into a light bluish purple shade and her eyes turned purple. She could not remember anything that happened; she didn't even remember where she lived, but she didn't really care. Everything about her was cold now, and anything she touched she could turn into ice. She had an aura of coldness around her that made everyone nearby shiver. She now liked to have cold things around her.
Wherever she would go, people would fear her and dislike her. So finally, she went into a swampland, where it was so uncanny that no one really dared to venture into it. There, she built a house of ice. And if she had to go into the city and anyone mocked her or treated anyone badly, she would take that person into her house and him or her into ice. She now has the most curious collection of ice statues one can imagine...

But let's take a look at her house!

NO custom content was used

The front of the house - during the night, the lights create stunning effects that emanate a muted glow through the fog...

the roof

the first floor

there is not really a second floor, but the walls are twice as high as usual in Aiza's home:

Aiza loves the way that ice shimmers when hit by different colored lights... she used lights everywhere to create special effects and moods!

the bathroom:

the bedroom:

the kitchen:

the living room/hall where she presents her ice sculptures. In the middle, she has a little frozen artificial pond that she accentuated with lights:

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#291 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 4:24 AM
Wow Simlicious. Amazing. Those human sculptures spread around really really reminds me of the frozen (and the sculptured) splicers in Bioshock

Have never played the sculpture profession before, does it melt in the end?

TS3 aliens? Finally! Now give us OFB and proper apartments, damnit! - EA, you are breaking my heart. - I give up.
#292 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 5:17 AM
Thanks feldynn! Your house is a very strong entry and has a great concept.
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Default The Buckley Estate
Built under the supervision of Edith Buckley, who is apparently lost in time and style, this unique home was made to look like no other. Without any specific theme of its own, the Buckley house has its blend of Spanish colonial influence, French charm, and relaxing Zen. Buckley, herself, is a peculiar woman who enjoys dressing in old Victorian attire, although in actuality she is a modern woman. Many things pique her interests, especially florals. Buckley requested a front yard garden to be constructed rather than a backyard garden so that her plants could bask in the sunlight and her neighbors could take sweet flowery whiffs of pleasure passing by her home. Nothing more can be said about this home, so take a look for yourself:

Street View

Floor Plan

Garden (Extra #1)

Zen Room (Extra #2)
(Second Story View)

Living Room


Dining Room


Closet (Extra #3)


Lot Expenses
Furnished: $123,191
Unfurnished: $80,339

I couldn't get a picture of the backyard because there was some weird glitch with the ceiling. Part of it was hanging in mid-air; I restarted the game and it was still there... I think the house was very big and I wish I could have added more pictures... but I think I'm probably at the max. haha Working on this home was fun and frustrating! And I didn't mean to finish so close to the deadline (seems pretty irresponsible), but I've been busy for the past weeks getting ready for school and sports. I feel bad that I missed Round 2; embarrassingly enough, I got messed up with the time zones. haha BUT now I know better! And well, good luck to all! Everyone has done a great job during Round 2 and 3; all have stepped up his or her game... I felt a little discouraged but pumped at the same time! :D
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#294 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 6:06 AM
You actually have 3 extra pictures. Not including the double on the transition picture. Which I don't think we can use.

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Default DragonKin Arts and Sciences Foundation
DragonKin Arts and Sciences Foundation

This facility was established in 2010 by the DragonKin Family to provide a place to study the Arts and Sciences.

The modern design of this building was created by Winterhart, head of the DragonKin Family.

Seen here is a view of the front of this modern marvel.

The small property has it's own fishing and swimming hole.

As you pass the laundry room, straight ahead of you is a sunken fire pit.

To your right you will see 4 Pedestrian Sculpting Stations.

To the left are 2 Scraptronic Workbenches.

At the back there are 2 private chess rooms.

Beyond the chess rooms is the swimming and fishing hole. The fishing hole is well stocked with local fish.

On the 2nd floor are Drafting Tables, Easels, and the Computer Sciences Lab.

The 3rd floor has a large Living Room with a bathroom centrally located creating the effect of 3 smaller living rooms for more intimate gatherings.

The Kitchen with 2 stoves and counter seating to accommodate 5 people.

Off the back of the kitchen there is a small bathroom. There is another small bathroom across the courtyard.

The large Dinning room with seating for 12.

The 4th floor contains housing for resident artists and scientists.

There are 8 small bedrooms and 3 shared bathrooms.

The head of the Foundation has a slightly larger bedroom with a private bath.

On the roof you will find Telescopes for the study of Astronomy, Chess Tables to help improve logic skills, and benches for quiet reflection.


Living Room


Here is a spectacular view of the back of DragonKin Arts and Sciences Foundation.

12 Catfish Flats Drive

Unfurnished $78,660
Furnished $142,770

Custom Content Used

Glass Walls and Doors by hazuitokage found here:

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Default Dreaming of Ginkaku-Ji
Dreaming of Ginkaku-Ji

After viewing the many beautiful gardens in Japan, The images are in my dreams and now in Twinbrook.

I used CC for the BIG windows, the Shoji walls, the tatami floors and a few of bonsai in the inner atrium garden. I had to take the CC hit because store downloads are borked and I can't load my Zen Again set. I am glad some artists made these items to lend authenticity to my lot even if I have to take a 10 CC hit. I'm in it for the fun anyway, not to win, even though that would bwe nice. :0) (HINT ). So I have to get to bed - it's 12:30 am cuz I gotta get up at six so I'm not posting pretty text this time. I've run out of time and may not get to my computer in time to fix up anything. Sorry,. here you go. Enjoy.


Front Doorway:

Living-dining room:

Dining room with interior windows revealing inner atrium:



waterfall into Koi pond - viewable from the living room:

Inner Atrium:

Floorplan: (What the heck is that dark object in the back of the house off the smaller bedroom? (I forgot to delete an unused shower. It's gone from the lot but still in the picture.)


I know the roof isn't perfect. i just ran out of time to do it right. IF I upload this lot, I will fix those errors. GOODNIGHT!
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Originally Posted by ForeverCamp
Porkypine: You did see that HP added 24 hours onto the deadline?

only at midnight. :0) I can't take advantage of it because I have to work. :P
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Round 4 Foundation is up!

Get it here:

Also check out the awesome prize that cmomoney has created for this contest!

You still have time to finish your R3 entries!

R3 has been extended by 24 hours and the countdown on the first page updated. Finish up ASAP - or if you're done, get started on R4!
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#299 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 11:46 AM
@Kaospilot: thanks Ice sculptures will usually melt, but if you have created 25 ice sculptures, then they won't melt anymore (I made sure I did that before turning everything into ice. You can turn almost everything into ice with the debugging cheats btw.
#300 Old 5th Aug 2010 at 12:03 PM
HP - I have a question I hope you don't mind me asking.
Even though I've asked to pull out the contest... can I still enter R4 and get scored and stuff? It's just that I expected to be busier for longer, but what I was doing sort've flew out the window. :\
Anyways, I hope I can ask that here.
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