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Default Tutorial: Unlinking/setting up a NON castable object meshgroup(s) within TSRW
Unlinking and setting up a NON castable group
First make sure that each (new)group has its own material name(for all lods) so it is no longer linked to other meshgroups(either the castable or non castable ones).
To unlink it from the others(specially when it is a duplicate) you:
-Go to the meshtab
-Open up the material box of the meshgroup
-make a small change to the shininess and click ok
You click yes in the linked material popup window with the question if you want to remove the reference to other groups.
Click no to ''update other lods'' question.
Do the same for the medium and lower detail meshgroups(if necesarry)

Now go back to the high lod and copy the materialname of the meshgroup your working on.
Visit the medium lod group with the same mesh in it and change the material name of it(past the name in the box), keep clicking no on the quistion if you want to update other lods.
When done correct each individual meshgroup, wether it is a high, medium or low detail carry's the same name.
Repeat the same steps for the lower lod.(if necesarry)
From this point you only have to edit the higher lod and by clicking yes on the ''update other lods'' quistion when done, the medium and low detail gets updated too.
Hope this makes sence.

To unlink your meshgroup from the castable part:

-choose a diffrent shader and load its settings
It will load a setup of one of the game's objects that use that shader.
When viewing those new settings make sure it has its own diffuse or specular texture, if a diffuse or specular pops up that is the same as your castable setup then pick another shader.
I usually go for phong alpha/foliage or fullbright.

Your now viewing a bunch of settings and textures that you dont need or your even missing a few.
Below is a basic setup that will work for most:
Delete wat you dont want by right clicking and choose delete.
Add the lines you are missing and fill in correct values.(use the +add button at the right top corner)
After you are done set the shader back to the one you want to use(mostly phong) but this time you do NOT load its settings!!

Now the UVselectors and UV scales are texture size related(imo) but TSRW will change these up on import.
For the UVscales i either:
duplicate the values before changing the shader.
look them up from another object with the same texture size.

The UV selectors are definatly texture related and while TSRW will use one value for all sizes i usually change them into one that EA uses for their texture size.
Here are a few:
1024x1024 = 3,03023462E-05; 0; 0 / 3,02773824E-05; 0; 0
1024x256 = 3,02194585E-05; 0; 0

512x512 = 3,00449847E-05; 0; 0 / 3,01557975E-05; 0; 0 / 3,00056145E-05; 0; 0
512x256 = 3,00574357E-05; 0; 0

256x512 = 3,03794986E-05; 0; 0
256x256 = 3,00836818E-05; 0; 0 / 3,00333868E-05; 0; 0

128x128 = 3,0457717E-05; 0; 0 / 2,87935727E-05; 0; 0
128x64 = 2,98726463E-05; 0; 0

Keep in mind that TSRW will keep changing those setting each time you reimport your mesh.......
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