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Originally Posted by babele44
Recently I found a YA version of Tragic Clown in my old SavedSims folders and decided to start a new game in Lunar Lakes with him. I changed his traits to Clumsy, Unlucky, Hopeless Romantic, Neat, Overemotional and gave him a career in the SHT Singer branch. His LTW is "Fairytale Finder". And he turned out to be one of the funniest Sims I've had for a very long time.
First of all it took him only 10 weeks with just playing for tips and doing Sing-A-Grams and not being very ambitious to become the Vocal Legend of the town. And despite being clumsy he had only set himself on fire twice.

I absolutely love your clown sim! Thank you for posting
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Whaaaat? I never noticed that the hot tub bubbles do a heart shape when they're woohooing!
Awesome character, babele44!
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Thanks, I'm glad that you like him. He must have been the very first ghost that I resurrected and revived with Ambrosia way back in 2009. After I had moved him out he married Agnes Crumplebottom and fathered three children with her, all quite sweet but very sad looking . I then saved him to the bin as a YA (he's an adult originally) and had used him as a template for an evil version, Wicked Clown, that I play in Rflong's Broken Heart Island. There he's all dressed in black, extremely hairy and quite muscular, a vampire and the current Emperor of Evil.
With his LTW fulfilled and the top of his career reached the current Tragic in Lunar Lake is a bit undecided now, I'm afraid. He has an illegitimate child with Lilly January but I don't think that I will get him married soon (she's still married to that squint-eyed guy anyway). I rather think that I will present him with an evil child from the Wishing Well, a template for which I have already made and keep him single and focus on some unicorn offspring instead or get him some obnoxious cat or dog. Ah, decisions, decisions...
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WELL! Bud Jr was put in jail and, while locked up, his younger brother Spit impregnated Bud's wife! It's not really Spit's fault. She's got issues and was always wandering around him in the nude trying to tempt him. It's just that, it finally worked. They did the deed in the tree-house. Bud got home from jail and luckily doesn't know his newborn son is actually his nephew, or else things could get ugly. Who knows, maybe soon he'll do the math and realise something's amiss.
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I started 2 new games (since all of my old ones spontaneously corrupted) and in one Appaloosa Plains save the Curleys just adopted a daughter in the child stage named Anna, and also moved out of their old house and into a new one. In my other Bridgeport save, Elvira Slayer just moved in with Vladimir Schlick after becoming his girlfriend.
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They had baby Zoe at 3AM. Neil is a great father.
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Bramble Horse wants to leave Lunar Lakes and move to Skyrim.

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Tragic Clown follow-up:
In his desparate attempt to finally gain the "Don Juan" reputation Tragic went to the Wishing Well and wished for love. The frog turned into a prince that uncannily resembled the avatar of catloverplayer from the official forum and had frogs legs as his favourite dish.
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Originally Posted by babele44
Tragic Clown follow-up:
In his desparate attempt to finally gain the "Don Juan" reputation Tragic went to the Wishing Well and wished for love. The frog turned into a prince that uncannily resembled the avatar of catloverplayer from the official forum and had frogs legs as his favourite dish.

Well, some frog species are cannabalistic.....
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Originally Posted by babele44
The frog turned into a prince that uncannily resembled the avatar of catloverplayer from the official forum and had frogs legs as his favourite dish.

This made me go to and look up catloverplayer's page just so that I could see what his avatar looked like.
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So after rolling an inexplicable want for 10 children during a Tiberium mining operation, one of my main evil sims managed to father his sixth, seventh and eighth children with his embarrassingly young trophy wife in one go. In saner, more conventional families, this would be a happy occasion, marked by baby showers, congratulations and slight concerns about how to ensure your triplets all get enough love and care.

Being the worst person in the universe, however, Larry Scumthorpe instead spent the entire evening drinking himself into oblivion and then welcomed his new progeny to the world by heckling them following a messy home birth where they all spawned in a disorderly puddle on the floor.

So what did these babies grow into upon becoming toddlers?

Well, perhaps it was a predictable side effect of their parents making their fortune mining toxic alien space rocks with mutagenic properties, but some of the new members of the villainous Scumthorpe dynasty turned out to be... more than a little off.

Meet the relatively normal-looking but very unfortunately-named Lolita Scumthorpe-Trollope:

Her sister Carrie, who kind of looks like Alma from F.E.A.R grew up and had a baby with the Phantom of the Opera:

And their brother Lester, who OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT IS THAT THING

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My first post on Mod the sims. Yay! I have been with you for some years as a reader/downloader. I always enjoyed reading through the threats, but was afraid to post since I am German. (Sorry if my English is not correct).

I am currently redesigning Riverview, my favorite neighborhood. After planting a lot of trees and landscaping I am going through all the houses with Twallans Mastercontroler and give all the EA made sims a new look. Each and everyone should look unique and more like real people than typical pudding. I also give them a theme and more character. Their character and background is reflected in the house I also refurbish. For example a Russian theme for the Simovic-Family or Spanish for Lobos-Family. I also builded or downloaded a lot of community lots. F.e. Red Cow Club has become one of the most popular clubs in my Riverview. Thanks for building and sharing. Also the Garden Gnome is part of my city.
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#863 Old 22nd Jul 2012 at 10:21 AM
My founder sim for my Legacy just had her first, and only child, a girl named Brenna. Now, not only does she have to worry about a demon that technically owns her soul, and has ordered her to leave her family when her daughter turns teen, but she has to worry about her boyfriend, and daughter who just got them selves kidnapped.

No clue how I'm finishing this story though. >.>

My Sims 4 Random Legacy can be found here.
My simblr .
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I'm starting a new town, and I got tired of the same old Gwen-Holden couple (plus they make fugly children) so I split them up. I randomly paired Gwen with an sculptor/inventor named Franklin Bacon (no lie). I made Franklin woo Gwen in front of Holden and once the two were married, Holden asked Gwen to divorce him. She laughed as if he were joking and told a joke back at him. Then Gwen and her new husband jet off to a nice 3br,2ba at the other end of town. Holden was heartbroken. The next sim morning, I have him go to Barney's Salon and Tattoo Plus (I put a stage on the lot) for a makeover, and after he's done he goes right up to the Adult Proprietor named Anita. They click right away, and after they marry I find out she's a bookworm. Perfect for an aspiring author, right? Holden and Anita currently have two kids, Gwen and Franklin are working on their third child.

I kept waiting for Story Progression to make them split up with their respective spouses and marry each other, but they never cross paths. They each stay on their side of town. I though they were soulmates. Fooled the heck outta me .

Sims 3 Midnight Island Challenge:
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Necromancing this thread

Thanks to a horrible ROS this round, Camomilla and her son Liam died from the flue. Before she died, Camomilla did give birth to her third child, Valin. Her death left husband Tanner having to raise the baby alone as well as their daughter Talia.

Because Valin was born with the insane trait and I have a rule I don't control insane sims this means Talia is the generation 3 heir for this legacy. When on the last round Camomilla became pregnant for the third time, I knew something horrible is going to happen because any time I play a legacy, and I have more than 1 heir choice, people start dying. My Hurst legacy is on generation 7 and only once did I get the option to choose the heir

The Worthington family is the only family that is currently at round 15, but I still haven't finished this round. Tomorrow in the morning when I play, I'm going to have my first sims 3 christmas. I hope the celebration goes well.

Round 15 is also the first round I'm playing with winter. I started round 14 as autumn when we got seasons and it's honestly taken me 5 RL months to play round 14. So, Talia is my first kid to build a snow man, made an snow angel, had a snow ball fight with her dad or stayed home because the school was closed due to snow. I have to say winter is just amazing in TS3 <3

The rest of these families will be what happened during round 14.

Thandiwe is a single mother raising her teenaged son Netra. Netra has been building relationships with aliens. He's the only sim in my hood who has seen any. Thandiwe is currently my town's most high ranking political figure and due to this she is currently keeping the roundly town meetings. On round 15 I'll for the first round be using the new podium from uni

Unfortunately Netra is going to die on round 15 and Thandiwe will become an elder and it breaks my heart to think of her loosing her son

Emsley, a middle aged director, is living with his new girlfriend Erin Singles who he met while visiting Red Desert. He was actually vacationing there with his girlfriend Carmen and his daughter Prisca. While visiting he met Erin, and ended up dumping Carmen after they returned home.

Prisca is adorable, she turned into a teen by the end of last round and I have currently given her the spray can bag, because she's so rebellious. I haven't seen her doing any spraying in my hood, I don't even know do sims spray autonomously but I'm really excited to play her

Ian, is currently dating Hermia Prudence. Ian own's a booze shop/illegal gambling place. Other than this he's not really doing anything super interesting.

My random legacy house. Demeter (get 2), has two kids. A daughter and a son. Both from different dads. Last round she lost her new husband Mathew Hamming in a fire and her son is going to die from the ROS flue which makes her daughter the heir for generation 3.

Hermia lives with her dad and his boyfriend, as well as their two dogs. Hermia's father Basil is Camomilla's brother and her mother is Pansy Prudence from Twinbrooks. Pansy died ages ago, Basil is now an elder and is living with his boyfriend Bruce (also an elder) from Hidden Springs.

Ian is madly in love with Hermia, but Hermia isn't really responding to his feelings, for her Ian is just ok. So I don't know what will happen between them.

Professionally Hermia just finessed college (my fake college before we got uni) and will start working in the education career when I next play her.

Katrina finally became a witch! It took me forever to get her make the potion. She's currently dating a man she met while traveling to Gray Meadow. He's not a supportive boyfriend and doesn't seem to appreciate her sloppiness or her woohoo skills (he started criticizing her straight after woohoo ). Katrina own's the local cafeteria/bakery but I might have her sell it as she's not very active in running it.

Morel (Katrina's daughter's):
Dhalia is trying to work her way through the music career, I want her to become a manager and stop there. Dhalia is also woohooing Shannon Mather's, but it's nothing serious.

Enigma lost her ghost hunting job due to ROS round 14, currently she's just hanging around home and searching for stars as well as smustling with her sister in their undies.

Ownah, Enigma's daughter became a teen and while visiting her grandmother Katrina she found and drank one of her potions and also became a witch. She's currently dating her best friend Prisca Tellerman.

Enigma also has a YA son called Karl but I haven't played him since he moved out so currently he's living in an empty apartment waiting for me to have time to play him.

Carmen was devastated when Emsley broke up with her. Carmen owns the hood's gym and is currently working as a trainer. Both she and I are desperate in finding her a boyfriend because next round she'll be turning into a middle aged woman and she still has no babies to continue the legacy. Carmen is my generation 7 legacy her. The legacy started with the Sim I created when I got TS3 in June 2009.

I have another five households I haven't mentioned here, but their lives is just normal day to day sim living.
#866 Old 20th Apr 2013 at 5:15 PM
Okay, since I haven't posted here since I started playing again, I'll introduce you guys into my saves (lol):

In Monte Vista, I made two families that I love:

The Underwood brothers - who have lost their mother in a fire and their father in a cirurgy - are composed by Gabriel, a surgeon; Daniel, a firefighter; and Robert, an young adult dude who decided to continue his father's steps owning the vila's Nectary.

The Bach sisters - Karen, an history teacher and Kamila, an young photographer and art appraiser. Both date one of the Underwood brothers. They're still extremely mad with Katy for robbing half their assets and moving to Bridgeport without saying goodbye.

St. Claire:

The Holmes family - Lock, his wife Sher, his father and his son were all having a picnic in the mid century's St. Clair when his sister-in-law Amanda discovered a way to go to the future - which transported them all to nowadays St. Claire. Now they struggle to understand why people wear such slutty clothes and hear such crappy music. - Yes, the family is loosely based on Sherlock Holmes.

Greenfield-Sanders - Gustavo and Alan are just trying to make their way in the big city - Gustavo's a investigative reporter and Alan has a bar in downtown.

In Sunset Valley, I have my "main" family that I have been playing since Sims 1:

The Ferreira family: Tatiana came from a family of farmers in Riverview and moved with Pedro when they were still young. Now happily married, they have two child, Lara - the comedian kid of the hood; Marcos - the weird genious kid who loves the supernatural; and baby Fernando.

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Sim murdered most of Sunset Valley; game is running pretty smooth. Right now, he's waiting for the mail lady....
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*is puzzled*

Trying to figure out what in the heck did I post in this thread and when did I do it? I don't remember this thread.

Very entertaining, love looking and reading the stories here.

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Originally Posted by juansfalcin
Greenfield-Sanders - Gustavo and Alan are just trying to make their way in the big city - Gustavo's a investigative reporter and Alan has a bar in downtown.
What jacket is the bartender wearing there?
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Originally Posted by juansfalcin
In Sunset Valley, I have my "main" family that I have been playing since Sims 1:

You've had the same family since TS1? if so that's very cool and dedicated game-play
Is it 100% the same family or are the current ones decendants of your original TS1 family?

Also, any pictures of them in TS1 and TS2 would be cool to see what they look like in all three games
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In my Dove game, Blanca is struggling with raising toddler twins as a single parent. It's very challenging, but sort of rewarding when they're not screaming.

In my Belue game, Malix might be dead, the teenage heir is more boring than mayonnaise, and her dads are getting married.
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Well, there's a whole lot of pissin' goin' on. No, really.

I found a mod that turns off the zombies (yay!) and turned the moon phases back to cycling. So I'm at the disco after the 9 to 5 job. (Told you my sims are either sleeping, working, throwing a booze party or getting plastered at the bar.) Then the full moon hits and one of the local bitches... err... I mean, werewolf girls turns werewolf in the middle of the disco I designed for them last month.

Also bear in mind that this town hadn't seen any moon phase other than waxing gibbous since it was founded. Much less a werewolf turn. There aren't many in town, and they're Good, so they don't normally go scaring people.

Whelp, lemme tell you, that totally killed the party. For the rest of the night, everyone was fainting and pissing themselves all over the place. By 4AM it was looking more like a swimming pool, lemme tell you.

Then they closed the bar and kicked me out, the barstards. I collect my date, one of the girls from the frat house I had placed in the hometown ("Ask to be roommate" apparently isn't fussed about gender), go home and disband the group.

The instant I disband the group, she comes over and slaps me silly. Then woohoos me. (Oh, right, I had just caved in and installed Woohooer too.) Over the next couple of sim days, she slapped and woohooed everyone else in the frat house. I think even the butler. Mind you, everyone seems to be horny with Woohooer installed, but for her it's like half a dozen slaps is her idea of foreplay.

Made me think, "Lady, if it's gonna be that way, at least let me get my gimp suit and furry handcuffs."
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Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen this thread! Probably good that someone brought it back from the dead.


is what's going on in my game right now. So apparently just listening to kids radio can indeed trigger quads. And on a Perfect Children roll for the random legacy challenge.
#874 Old 21st Apr 2013 at 11:07 PM Last edited by Moraelin : 22nd Apr 2013 at 12:14 AM.
Ok, now what's happening is partying with the undead at the Tepes ("the impaler") family crypt, with the family's Igor playing the piano. The guy in purple and the lady in the Elvira Mistress Of The Dark getup are the parents of the late Daniela Tepes that my fairy is dancing with. And who decided to do a bending backwards just when I pressed "C". Pretty spry for a dead girl.

And yeah, it is said that some people will go after anything that walks on two legs and has a pulse, but after a few pints from the keg, I'll say one out of two still ain't bad

And back to the dorm, where apparently (almost) everyone is still playing tag in their night gowns. Well, chatting at the moment, under the watchful eye of the butler.

As I mentioned in another thread, I made a family of 7 YA girls to be the room-mates, and then forgot to send them to get jobs. I guess that Lucky trait really worked for them Now they just party around the house 24/7, though I've seen a couple of them at the disco too now and then.

And from another angle:
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#875 Old 21st Apr 2013 at 11:38 PM
In my game right now i'm playing between 2 neighbourhoods. The first one i have a werewolf named Lucas and his Wife Evelyn off in college, shortly after there wedding they wanted to go to college.. He's a Cop & really big on gem cutting and metal finding, she's a magician and in her spare time sculpts ALOT. Currently with them i'm slowly decorating there house in college for the next generation who moves there.

In the other neighbourhood i have a witch named Jake who is a Singer, they lived in Starlight shores for a bit,then i moved them to Moonlight Falls,now him and his wife Carrie who is in the business career just had a baby boy witch named Jackson, and i've now moved them all to Monte Vista.
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