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npc reversion
just wondering - and i know its been asked before but i haven't found a dafinite answer - is there any way to prevent npc's reverting to work clothes OR to change the default work clothes?
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#2 Old 16th Apr 2005 at 2:57 AM
I tried a lot in that direction and had some of the oddest quirks
Sometimes just a head(like I "made it over") would walk through house or garden..next time I'll take a pic...I was justs o amazed that I never thought of the C button
What seems to work is calling them through a teleporter instead of through the phone. That way they arrive as visitors in the casual clothing you gave them
(Thanks to Sims Surgery Gina now looks like the sexy French Maid , and Danny's NPCs wear DrPixels stunning long curly hair
Otherwise get Inge Jones Front Door Hack that makes everyone change into casual when entering the house...if that isn't enough then use ME_MindControllMirror and have them take a shower...that changes them into casual as well
all not 100% perfect, I agree...but I can live with that until s/o finds a better way
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i used sim surgery to change the face and casual clothing, but the clothing reverted
ill have to get that hack, play round with it and see if i can attatch it to an object to use at will, maybe?
the only way i found i could make them wear casual is through changing their age in sim pe - great for the nannies, but otherwise i had to put up with npcs who waddle like elders or are treated as teens
i don't have uni, but would it be possible if they were treated as young adults, they'd remain in casual clothing?
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When I de-aged my nannies I had them change into the same outfit (the black and white dress with panty hose) and they still wear that now that they've gone home and stuff.
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Well that's a different case. Because there are no adult nanny uniforms, they by default just wear their everyday outfit, but if work clothes exist in their age group they will wear it.

The things Leticron mentioned do work, but it would be nice if we could fix them not to wear their work uniform without jumping through hoops.

The odd thing is, when my objects.package file starts to corrupt and I get the blank icons, the npcs also come over in the oufits I gave them and not their work uniforms, so it may be possible to yank those files out of there or override them somehow but I'm not really sure how to go about that.
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i think its safe to say, then that if we were to replace the default uniform in the objects package or delete it they would use casual outfits by default. at the very least its worth a try. i had a look through the package but i was kinda lost :confused:
maybe if i post in hack requests someone with a better idea might know how?
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if it can be extracted theres no reason why it shouldn't be able to be replaced or deleted (resulting in reverting to casual clothing), is there? i found the files in SimPE (thanks to the incredible object workshop- its right in front of u from there
im going to have a go at replacing it, and then deleting it, will check for negative effects and if not, post as a simple hack
if anyone more experienced wants to give it a shot (or let me know if it wont work) feel free, im not really sure of what im doing :D

also, the files for carreer outfits and wedding out fits are available SimPE rocks!
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#8 Old 22nd Apr 2005 at 3:07 PM
You can stop the reversion for an individual NPC using SimPE. In order to do this, open the character file ( ex. N001_User00071.package), and in the behavior function "Function - Init: behavior function", there is a line "NPC- Put NPC outfit on me". Bypass that command by redirecting the line that points to it the the line that "NPC- Put NPC outfit on me" points to. For example, if "NPC- Put NPC outfit on me" is line A and has 2/2 for its true/false targets, make the line that points to A point to line 2. This will make more sense when you are looking at the code. You could also do the redirect a little sooner if you want to be more efficient. The problem with this is the sheer number of NPC's in the game.

If you wanted to do this globally, I guess you could open objects.package (remember to make a backup) with SimPE and change the function "NPC- Put NPC outfit on me" so it does nothing (change the True target of the first line to "Return True" or something). I've never tried this, but it should stop all NPC's from wearing their special NPC clothing.

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mharpham: Thanks for posting that, I will give it a shot. I don't see why they have to wear the special outfit anyhow when the service npcs can just wear them as their default everyday outfit. *shrug*
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I will go through your instructions mharpham
so far I didn't mess around with BHAVs...but with a decent backup there should'nt be a problem
Thanks for your hint

You mean, to stick with your example (I don't need ALL NPCs changed...only the 3 or 4 that I'm using)
In line 9 "My Attributs 0x002A Equals?"
to set the true=A to true=2, so that A never gets addresses, no matter how the checks result?
I'm gonna set that for 2 NPCs now...one, which I have altered already and one which I didn't.
I'll report back wether it worked or not
OK, I modified the behavour in SimPE like described above and it worked like a charm
Gina came (in the car already)redily dressed as French maid, just like I made her
no more need to jump through hoops or go through special doors
Thanks again for the help, mharpham
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thanks for the post
i was trying to change the object for the npc but there were to many files i didn't know what to do with- this is MUCH easier
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