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Bridgeport, water,... edit
Could someone give me the EA worlds ready for editing (file. World and folders to it) because when I want to edit the same errors I write or I can not open it. So please be ready downloads because he wanted me to edit the starlight shores and bridgeport because I got bored with the look and texture street would starlight shores.
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You just need to run the .world file through Pescado's decrapify program.

Google: TS3 Recompressor
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Ehh. I do not know how to do it more accurately?
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but it is probably related to the provisions of the game, and I want to edit the CAW think I was wrong. Poland is Polish and I think only a few people interested in the CAW so nothing for me there is associated with it, rzadnych guides and other things and in English even if google translate because it's hard for me to understand than the other words are about what is written for English.
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We are having a language barrior

I came back with pictures.

Make a new folder on your desktop:

Download the s3rc Application from here:,15129.0.html

Un-zip the s3rc application file to the new folder.

Find your .world files in Programs(x86)

Copy them to the same folder you put the s3rc application

Drag & drop the .world file into the decrapify application

The application window will open up briefly, then close. Your .world file is now ready to open in s3pe.

Open the .world file in s3pe.

Here is my tutorial for the rest of the instructions

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Thank you for your effort.
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