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#1 Old 11th Jul 2013 at 4:26 PM Last edited by mikey : 9th Feb 2020 at 10:36 PM.
Default Tutorial - Adding More Paintings to Sim Painted Paintings (not replacing)
Adding More Paintings to Sim Painted Paintings
  1. - Create a New Folder on your desktop, call it "paintings" or whatever you want.
  2. - Open the GameplayData.package in S3PE, find the "PaintingSkillDB.xml"
  3. - Right click on PaintingSkillDB, choose Export > To File, save it in the folder you just created.
  4. - With S3PE still open, click on File > New
  5. - Then click on Resource > Import > From File, select the PaintingSkillDB.xml file you just saved, S3PE will import the file
  6. - Choose where you want to add the painting (small, medium, large), for this tutorial I will show adding a large painting. So I scrolled down until I found the large painting list. I copied the listing for the first Level 10 Painting:
        PaintingNames  10_1_Large  /PaintingNames
        MinLevelToPaint  10  /MinLevelToPaint
        MaxLevelToPaint  10  /MaxLevelToPaint
        Artistic  10_1_Large_Artistic  /Artistic
        CantStandArt  10_1_Large_CantStandArt   /CantStandArt
        ComputerWhiz  10_1_Large_ComputerWhiz   /ComputerWhiz
        Evil  10_1_Large_Evil  /Evil
        Genius  10_1_Large_Genius  /Genius
        Grumpy  10_1_Large_Gloomy  /Grumpy
        Insane  10_1_Large_Insane  /Insane
        Neurotic  10_1_Large_Neurotic  /Neurotic
        Virtuoso  10_1_Large_Virtuoso  /Virtuoso
  7. - Paste the code you copied after the last entry in that order, In this case 10_3_Large
  8. - Change the 10_1_Large to 10_4_Large. If you do not wish to create the various trait variations, simply remove those lines from the code:
         PaintingNames  10_4_Large  /PaintingNames
         MinLevelToPaint  10  /MinLevelToPaint
         MaxLevelToPaint  10  /MaxLevelToPaint
  9. - Repeat for as many Paintings as you wish to add. You can add Paintings for any level, just remember what you named them, you're going to need that information later.
  10. - Once you have finished adding paintings names to the PaintingSkillDB.xml, you can save the package to your working folder. Name it something you can identify later, ie New Paintings.package, etc.
  11. - Now you need to extract one of the paintings from FullBuild2.package. So open the FullBuild2.package in S3PE, scroll down to find the painting listings. Right click on the painting, click on Export > To Package. In this example, I'm adding large paintings, so I scroll down to the large paintings and export one of them to my new package, doesn't matter which painting you choose.
  12. - Once you have exported the painting to your new package, you can close the FullBuild2.package
  13. - Now open your new package, you should see 3 things listed: the Key, PaintingSkillDB, and the image you just exported.
  14. - Right Click on the _img in your package, Click on "Details"
  15. - Tick the box for "Use resource name", you'll notice the "Name" box is now unlocked
  16. - Type in the name you gave your new painting in the xml file, in this example I used 10_4_Large. NOTE: this must match what you put in the xml file or your painting wont show up.
  17. - Click on the FNV64 button to generate the new hash - 0x22F860A2D92F6B23
  18. - Click on the "OK" button

  19. - Now if you added more than one painting, Right Click on the _img, then choose Duplicate. Repeat this for as many paintings as you added. So if you added 5 paintings, then you need to use duplicate 4 times, so there are 5 _img listed.
  20. - Repeat steps 14-18 for each of the duplicates
  21. - Once you're done adding the new paintings, Save your new package
  22. - Right click on the DDS (_img), choose Export > To File, repeat for each DDS (_img) resource in your package.
  23. - Follow Steps 6-21 of the Replacing Sim Painted Paintings Tutorial
Test Subject
#2 Old 15th Jun 2016 at 9:13 PM
This is awesome! Although I have to ask: Is there a way to do this for The Sims 4?
Test Subject
#3 Old 30th Sep 2021 at 3:19 PM
Originally Posted by mikey
[*] - Change the 10_1_Large to 10_4_Large. If you do not wish to create the various trait variations, simply remove those lines from the code:

So I am wondering, I want to add some paintings using this extremely useful guide, really thanks, super clear and helpful ^^
but with these I have various that are personality based limited and have no base painting

can one set that up as well or is a base really required?

(In case I am not clear

would something like this work?, most likely not how I set it up here but it shows my wish)
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