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Lane (Ripp Grunt's son with Ophelia Nigmos) is out of college where he played sports. He was drafted into the Sims Football League and is now playing pro. While in college, he met Noelle Lieve and they got married and bought a small home. She is a sports journalist, so they have a lot in common. They also both wanted children immediately and tried for years to no avail. Then, she came down with the flu and died. Lane begged Grim Reaper for her life and Grim agreed - for a price. He told them that Lane was sterile and they would never have children together. So, he wanted Noelle to carry HIS child, which he would allow them to keep for a time. They both agreed and she waited for the Reaper to take her to bed, but he just disappeared instead. Now they were thinking it was just a bad dream or group hallucination. That is, until she started showing signs of pregnancy.

It was difficult from the start and the doctor put her on bed rest until it was time. A couple of months early, she went into labor but managed to have TWO healthy children. Um, two? That wasn't the deal. Nevertheless, she named the twin girls Grimessa and Grimia per Grim's instructions and dressed them in clothes that she received on her doorstep. They were odd from the start. Their hair grew in two different colors and their eyes seemed oddly blank.

She taught them to walk, talk, and potty and she loved them - even if they did creep her out sometimes (like how they simultaneously asked her to come play - think The Shining). She had fears of their death because she was sure Grim would come for them at any time. Then she got pregnant from a risky woohoo (after all they saw no need for birth control - Lane was sterile, right?) It appears the Reaper had lied about that as well. She worried about finding a larger home. There was no need, though. Grim came and took the girls away. Where they went and what they did, is another story (which I'll post later). As for Noelle, she did find out that they were still alive and though she missed them, she looked forward to having a child with her husband.
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Murray keeps getting sunburnt like an idiot, and Webb decided to get involved too. They're children, I don't want them to get taken away. And if they don't learn from their behavior by the time they're teens and adults, something even worse might happen to them: death. The fact that they live in climate that's always hot, and the fact that they're almost teenagers, is even worse.

So then I had Murray and Webb go to sleep, and...

OH MY GOD IT'S LATE YOU FUCKING SOCIAL WORKER. THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN BED. UGGGGH NOW I HAVE TO QUIT WITHOUT SAVING. (Looking back at it, putting them to bed while they're still hot is shitty parenting lol)

Their older brother Sawyer is flirting with one of the Vega girls. He keeps smiling like a dork. Now he's gossiping about...Priscilla? She's the triplets' age, I don't know what there really is to gossip about her. It's about as silly as when Kennedy told Cameron a secret about their toddler brother, Ezra.

Did I mention their mom, Sara is pregnant? She formed her third trimester baby bump a couple of seconds ago. She's hoping to have ten kids.

The next day, Ezra learned to talk. Sawyer hung out with a guy from school and they have pretty much nothing in common. Kennedy got an A and the triplets grew up (Cameron's a knowledge Sim, Murray's family and Webb is fortune). They finally look different, too.

Guess what Sara had? ...Quadruplets. Two girls and two boys: Quinn, Paisley, Ryder and Declan. She has ten kids now, holy crap. Now she wants twenty grandchildren.
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Nervous Subject and his wife FemBot (a servo) bought the old Specter place after they escaped from Circe and Loki. Years went by and FemBot became increasingly unhappy. She wanted a child. Not only for just having one, but she thought that Olive's ghost hated her because she couldn't produce children. Nervous thought she was being ridiculous, so she had the butler follow her around at night and take pictures of how many times Olive scared her in a given week. Proof in hand, he could no longer deny it. He agreed to adopt.

This is when the Grim Reaper stepped in and said no son of his was bringing normal children into the family. He gave Nervous the twin girls he had forced Noelle Grunt to bear and told him to raise his half sisters as his very own children. FemBot was pleased to have twin girls. Although this did not completely stop Olive from bugging her when she thought FemBot was doing something wrong.

Grimia and Grimess grew into normal looking children with a penchant for wearing black.

However, they were anything but normal. When FemBot invited friends over for them to play with, they tormented them until they cried.

Their favorite target, though, was the butler. They made his life a living hell. He was a lazy butler who hated to work, so they made as many messes as possible. They locked him in the graveyard one night and laughed as he was terrified by ghosts (FemBot finally came home from work and let him out, poor guy). They sent him outside at night as much as possible and howled with laughter when he got so scared he wet his pants.

FemBot tried to tell Nervous about how evil they were, but he refused to do anything or say anything to them. He and FemBot drifted further apart. The only one who really knew what she was going through was the butler. So, she turned to him and they had an affair. The twins found out and made sure Nervous did too. The butler was fired and they got a new one. This wasn't enough excitement for the twins, though. They called the butler and invited him over, saying that Nervous was gone and FemBot needed him. He rushed over to find Nervous home. Nervous was so angry that the guy had dared to come back that he started a fight. Ah, now this was more like it thought the twins.

Later, Nervous found out that the twins had called the guy over. He forgave FemBot and they discussed what to do, but the truth was..they were too scared to do anything. For now, they are dealing with it and just hoping the twins don't do anything too awful before they leave for college.
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Elrond's wife, Celebrian, was attacked by orcs, and received a poisoned wound. Well, in my game the 'poisoned wound' turned out to be a passion for Faramir of Gondor. Elrond divorced her, and she sailed away to the west. I needed a downtown sub-hood called 'The West' or 'Elvenhome' or 'Eressea'. I downloaded the 'Murana' neighborhood by Stellmaria, with the potential to be an island paradise for elves who are sick of Pleasantview. Celebrian and her lover have moved into a splendid elvish home there.

Meanwhile, Elrond was in desperate straits. He was working as a healer, but Celebrian had taken four of the family friends with her. In looking after the toddler twins he had neglected his health, and was now fat and miserable. Something had to be done. I wandered round Pleasantview, looking for suitable help. I considered all the unemployed family sims, but they were all too involved in their own lives. Then I came to the Goth household. Cassandra had been betrayed by both Don Lothario and Darren Dreamer, and was wretchedly back in her father's house, with the LTW to graduate three children from college. Perfect! I got her out of bed, and sent her to the computer, to Find Own Place. Within seconds she was walking into Rivendell, quitting her hated science job, ending the services of the nanny, talking to the twins, dishing out the milk, enjoying her new life. What of her Lifetime Want? We'll see what fate provides.

I'm excited about the potential of the island paradise. I intend that all elves will eventually leave Pleasantview and move to Eressea, but only after achieving the platinum state, so this will be the island of the blessed. What sort of community lots will entertain sims in bliss? I might build a cathedral.
Hah! It only took a couple of hours. Here it is, so far:
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Cyd Roseland's dog Sarah had three puppies. Hamilton Beech walked by and was sold one. Tina Traveler has been dying for a puppy, so Trent got summoned in and sold the next. With one pup left, Valentine Hart walked by, and was easily talked into buying a puppy. He probably thinks it's for Launa Lee, Candy's little girl.

Julian Cooke got a promotion and threw a party. With a family secondary he's been wanting to fall in love for a while, and had been thinking a lot about Goldie Hart. But when he tried to flirt with her, she shot him down. Candy was right there, and he turned around and kissed her. Which, since they were already quite good friends and he had kind of a lingering crush on her anyway, triggered him to fall in love. Which he reacted to by rolling an engagement want. So he asked, and I thought for sure Candy would refuse, but she accepted! (She's got Launa Lee and she's pregnant but not yet showing again by Junior.) Well, Julian wants a wedding party and to marry Candy now, so, I guess, barring her behaving in front of him in a way that would change those wants, he can go for that next round. (They're going to need a much bigger place to live: he owns a one-bedroom. Add-on or move? They can decide after the wedding, right?)

Then I went to college, where both Jessie and Heather dated Valentine Hart back to back. This made Brittany's party great, but not as great as getting her first woohoo with Junior Mann. She's enough of a go-getter that she may decide to take that relationship further. I'm kind of liking this possible pairing for him. He's grown up a little, Brittany could stand up to the elder Manns if anyone could. If she or he wants to. Gunnar played poker all party and did not interact with anyone otherwise, even though Jane had not attended. Good married romance sim! Kevin brought Tiffany a dance sphere.

Over at the boys, Mickey barely, barely by about the width of a hair, scraped out a c. Scot got an A, naturally, no interest in any girls except Ginger, who's still in high school. The other guys did their things (they're in different spots in the semesters, again) and Ashley keeps rolling school-related wants with Castor and Joshua, while the others don't. Oh, well, they'll get the grades they want to earn. Joshua works for Trent, so worked eight-five, ran off for class at six. Only really dedicated fortune sims can pull off A+ and college jobs, and he's one of them, more power to him! Kevin wants to ask Tiffany to marry him, so that'll happen soon. Castor is still smarting about his supposed steady girlfriend Allegra flirting with Martin Ruben at Jane and Gunnar's wedding, and is not rolling any wants related to her.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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In the spirit of valentines day and romance sims I played my sim brothel business which houses five sims aptly named Velvet Black, Tokyo Tease, Tijuana Tease, Lolly Drop, and Ginger Snaps (the token redhead). These ladies of the house, who have high woo-hooing aspirations, all got a bit closer to achieving their goals. Their night was filled with many lusty trysts in one of the five themed bedrooms, or the shower or hot tub. It was a wild night and they couldn't keep enough drinks on the bar to last all the customers.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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@Charmful, what are the five themes?
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Penny leads a lonely life right now. She has Angela, and Reid, and right before the rebuild she had been pregnant from a one night stand (which I duplicated by knocking her up with the first walk-by) Which gave her her beautiful daughter, Parker. But ever since Robert's passing all those years ago, she's been left with a void she can't seem to fill. Of course she loves her children, despite being a single mother of three, but the "spark" life gave her before isn't there. She's torn now between wanting to fall in love, marry and have another baby, and the fear of growing old without marrying and having another baby. She is easily one of my favorite sims in all 14 years I've played.

On anither note, I'm eager to update all of the family portraits for you folks!

Take the Hard Hat Challenge. A relatively quick challenge designed to be added into almost any established hood.

Hollow Tune - Brick 'N' Mortar.

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Originally Posted by Gcgb53191
@Charmful, what are the five themes?

Brothel Room Themes:

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I've mostly been playing sim state graduates from the frat and sorority - most of whom have moved into assorted lots downtown.

Castor Nova married Jane Stacks and they live with their twins in a two bedroom bungalow. Castor has a job in science, and Jane lost her job in science due to a chance card; she's now teaching kindergarten. Their twin girls aged up on the last evening of winter. Next door, Tiffany Sampson and Kevin Beare live with their twin toddlers (slightly younger than the Stacks girls) Tiffany started the winter with a want to get married, and Kevin wanted a baby, but they weren't both rolling either want. It took almost the whole winter and a handful of dates for Kevin to roll a want to get marry Tiffany, and Tiffany has little interest in another baby just yet. I had given her a family secondary when she had the twins, and I think it will take them aging up for her to be interested in more kids - Kevin will have to wait. Kevin got a job as a librarian and Tiffany is working in journalism; they are currently building a library community lot. A cash windfall thanks to a genie enabled them to add a second story to their house and make a lot of progress on the library, but their house is very sparsely furnished.

Joshua Ruben and Ashley Pitts were both recruited to the same sports team; they live in small houses next door to each other. Ashley spent the winter flirting with a university student and obsessing over Heather Huffington - near the end of the winter he rolled a want to marry her and I locked it, but didn't expect her to roll a similar want. Joshua had gotten through university (barely passing) with very little romantic success. That turned around quickly in the first two days of winter - he met a townie at a bowling alley and wanted to become friends; they barely talked. He ran into her again at the music and dance hobby lot and a couple of flirts later he wanted to ask her on a date. By the end of the date, she was in love and he had a crush; they had a second date. On that second date, both rolled wants for engagement to each other. The next day, they had a third date and she moved in - he had a want to marry and she wanted to throw a wedding party. So Joshua and Saara got married, after knowing each other for two days. Their relationship meters are both full, but I'm not sure how well the marriage will last - they are both grumpy, he's a slob and she's reasonably neat, and their hobbies (aside from music) and interests are different. Her romance secondary might also stress the relationship. She is currently employed in culinary and wants to become a cult leader; I used batbox to upgrade her so that she can get a job in paranormal. I'm not finished their winter yet.

Heather Huffington and Brittany Upsnott each have apartments on the ground floor of Bella Park Condominiums for now. Brittany married Mr. Big, who is now known as Bror Upsnott. Bror quit his job to get started in his preferred career of law (I've got enough doctors and sims wanting to be doctors, so I rerolled his LTW looking for something related to crime as it's one of his higher interests). Brittany got a job in entertainment. Whatever was slowing promotions with the Cooke and Ottomas households was not affecting any of the lots I played today - the Upsnotts each got a promotion every day all winter - I'd almost prefer the glitches I'd been having. Brittany and Bror were happy though, as both wanted promotions. I'll probably move them to one of the large condos upstairs in the next rotation.

Over at Heather's apartment, there was much less interest in work and skills needed for promotions - Heather did roll one want for a skill point needed for her job, but only after going on dates with two different sims and being at the same job for a couple of shifts. She's in the slacker career. Heather went on a date with Ashley, worked a couple of days, went on a couple of outings downtown, went on a date with someone she had just met, worked a bit more and had a date with a third sim, and then dated Ashley again. On that date, she rolled a want to get engaged to Ashley and fears of marrying three other guys she has dated in the past. Since he wanted to marry her, they got engaged (bad memory for her). She's not ready to marry him yet, though. That will probably take a couple more rotations and more money for Ashley if Heather is to have a good memory of marriage (she's romance/fortune, he's popularity/romance) - marriage probably isn't right for either of them, but it should be interesting.
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I almost went an entire day without getting my sim fix over in Telluride. There was an outage so no wifi!!! And the entire town was also out so no food for us tourists. Its amazing how much of our lives revolve around electricity.

I've been building lately and am hoping I can actually play today. I 'stole' an idea off Lauratje's thread and made a big camping area on the beach where my young adult/single sims can go for spring break and party it up! I just hope that my sims don't get heat stroke too easily if its summer there. I also downloaded and redecorated a small hotel/inn for people who are visiting Bluewater Village or for sims who are sneaking behind their partner's back with somebody else.

Everything was pretty mellow at the Milad household. Mavis borrowed the keys to the family beach house and took her family on vacation for a few days. Its the perfect time; its summer, her business is slow enough to part from it and her grandchild Jason is on summer vacation.

Everyone had a really good time away from home enjoying the sun and the water. Once they returned from Simwai'i the party didn't stop, Mavis threw a big party to celebrate the end of summer. She made salad, grilled hamburgers and had berry pie for dessert.

With Jason's big birthday party, remodeling his room, new clothes, his private school fees and going on vacation it was time for Mavis to get back to work and sell some more instruments to make up for all that spending. I know it sounds like her son Liam doesn't pay for anything ....and he really doesn't....but its not out of laziness, Liam is an only child (and the only Milad heir altogether) so both of his parents spoiled him rotten which of course means she's going to spoil her only grandchild! At least he still works!

Lucius got promoted to CEO and got a nice big bonus as well. Just in that one day they made about forty grand. As of right now the Milad's are the richest family in the neighborhood, she's even richer than her brother Malcolm Landgraab VIII, who followed his dreams of being a doctor, instead of making the Landgraab Electronics store his number one priority.

The Williams household couldn't be any more different than the Milads. Sarah and Adam have four children, Emily, Peyton, Aaron and Adam II, which automatically makes their house chaotic. Adam is the only one who works and any money he makes goes to bills or towards paying off their loans. He had to quit his ideal job in the journalism career and take a better paying job as an elementary teacher (and we all know thats not much of a pay raise) They have nothing in their savings and the house they live in is only temporary since Sarah's father is letting them stay there until his wife to sells it

Sarah aged into an elder on the first day and had all her relatives over. Her parents were never together and both married with kids so she has quite a big family. For the first time in a long time there wasn't any drama at one of her house parties. Sarah's half sister Hannah will usually drink too much, flirt with Sarah's brother in law and cause fights with the wife. But now her brother in law divorced the wife and married Hannah so there's nothing to worry about.

On the second night the twins aged into teens so another birthday party was thrown. Peyton rolled a fortune/knowledge aspiration with a lifetime want to be a cult leader. That's the second (girl)teen in this generation with that LTW, maybe Peyton and Meghan will start a cult together? Hmm, perhaps they could start the first FLDS community in the neighborhood but instead of multiple woman marrying one man it'll be the other way around

Her twin, Aaron, rolled a knowledge/pleasure aspiration with the life time want of becoming a city planner.

Once the twins aged up I made the kids switch room. Emily and Peyton will now have the bigger room with the bathroom so the other family members won't wait on them anymore. Unfortunately Aaron will still have to share his room with his younger brother for about five more days.

Emily has been focusing on her lifetime want of having 20 lovers. She managed to fall in with Logan Landgraab and David Ottoman (or whatever that family's name is) this rotation but with all the parties it made it hard to really focus on her this session so I'll be sure to give her extra attention next time I play them.

Now that the Williams have three teenagers/one child instead of three children/one teen I thought it was time that Sarah looked for a job in order to help with the bills. Unfortunately nothing opened up this session. Peyton ended the session with a want to see a ghost, so she'll be visiting the cemetery soon, she isn't wasting any time getting into the paranormal stuff is she!
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Once upon a time, there was this college house. And it was bad, in a most excellent sort of way.

Then, stuff happened.

Oh, no! Zombies are invading the Romero House!

Oh, no! The zombies are inside the Romero House, and they're...doing homework!

Don't go in there, Rod Humble! There are zombies inside!

Oh, no! Now the zombies are establishing the charter for their own Greek House!

(Yep, it's true. The Zee-Zed-Zulu fratersorority is a thing now. Is "fratersorority" even a real word? It is now! )

(Hmm...I really need to get those numbers up. What's the fastest way for a bunch of five slow, persistently smelly, undead mathematics students to get a Greek House up to Level 6, I wonder?)

You're shaking hands with a zombie, Makoto Traver! Just thought you should know.

Oh, no! Now the zombies are spying on Mortimer Goth (and looking none too pleased about it)!

Silly Mortimer Goth! Don't you know that picking fights with the undead tends to be very hazardous to one's health?

Maybe things will settle down after Mort leaves.

No such luck. It's a zombie toga party!

(...which turned out to be a pretty good party, actually.)

(So did the next one.)

(And even though Professor Jung wussed out after playing too much chess outside, so did the one after that.)

(Conclusion? Zombies are surprisingly talented party planners.)

(Unbelievable. She's not even a Junior yet, yet Linda Cocytus has already maximized both Cooking skill and Cuisine enthusiasm. Smart girl. She'll go far in life undeath as a chef, as long as she's not the type of zombie who goes around leaving rotting little pieces of herself in people's soup.)

You are very brave to come here, Sharlene Royce. You're standing in a zombie house! And it's drafty and the roof leaks!

Get out!

Okay, you finally got someone to exercise! Are you happy now?

She's not happy now.

So in conclusion, zombies aren't evil, ravenous monsters. They're just misunderstood. Sure, they can get pretty rambunctious at times, but that's only because the incessant pain and misery of a bleak, lifeless existence can only be numbed by persistently partying their clammy butts off. So today, I want you to reach out to your fellow Undead Americans (or Undead Bretons, Undead South Africans, Undead Australians, Undead Swedes or Undead [Insert Your Own Nationality Here]) and embrace them, as your cold-blooded brothers and sisters, in the spirit of compassion, unity and fellowship. They won't eat you (unless you took a bath in melted butter and sprinkled yourself with garlic pepper beforehand, and who on SimEarth does that?). I promise.

Thank you for listening. Thank you.
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At my caveman legacy house

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The Landgraab triplets have graduated and are back at home, their mother, Erica, couldn't be any happier. Especially because her lifetime want was to graduate three children from college so she'll forever be permaplat! Their dad, Malcolm VII, was also up for a promotion and got promoted to chief of staff and also reached permaplat status. Their pretty graves sure are gonna look nice in that Landgraab plot. Now that he's achieved his LTW he can focus on the Langraab Electronics store.

Malcolm VIII found a job in the business career, unfortunately he's starting from the bottom as a mailroom tech. He's going to have to work extra hard to bring the Laandgraab name back to its roots. Watch out Mavis Milad, your nephew is determined to bring the Landgraab name back!

Anthony automatically rolled a want to get married and to have a baby. Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news Anthony, but you don't even have a girlfriend yet. And it may be a while until we get him one, for two reasons.1.These last two years of college graduates would constantly hook up with each other so I couldn't even begin to tell you who's right for each other. I'm thinking I have to do a chart somehow to see who's the most compatible. Compare their lifestyles and all that jazz. And 2. Anthony's 'the one' is showing up as Georgina Wrightley who is about 4 days from going to college so there's gonna be a lot of waiting if he really wants to be with her. He got a want to invite Esther Davis over, so I invited her over but they didn't have much chemistry or wants with each other. In fact, Esther joined Anthony's brother in the hot tub and hooked up with him instead. Rude.

Julia graduated with honors and is going to med school. She's going to follow in her father's footsteps, who followed his mother's footsteps.

For now, Anthony and Julia will be staying at the family home but they'll be saving every dollar in order to get their own place later on. Though I can't say the same for Julia, she's going to have a lot of school loans to pay off

Dakota and Lilly Morgan are really close to dying soon and they're making me think extra hard about who the family home should go to, which I'm not enjoying one bit! There are so many options and they all make my head spin. First I have to figure out what to do with their 'spare' home and then figure out who gets the home. After typing out the whole ordeal on here just now I decided on what to do.

-Dakota's daughter Sarah is going to buy Lilly's parent's house off of her, even though they can barely afford it. But its better than uprooting the entire family and finding a new home that accommodates all of the children.

-Dakota's son Emette and his wife Sephora will then take over the family home from Dakota and Lilly. That way all his kids have a home to claim. Emette's daughter who just returned from college, Esther will take over Emette and Sephora's home since its all paid for already (thanks to Sephora) Parker will take over his mother's home (Emette's ex wife) and Kessi will eventually take over the family home from Emette and Sephora. Tada! Typing everything out made me have an 'aha!' moment, now I'm wondering why I was having such a hard time in the first place. <-----Also I can never make this icon to work. Edit #344728: I guess it works now?
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Kevin proposed to Tiffany, Ashley chased Heather around with ACR interactions, Joshua did all he needs to in order to make the Dean's List and promptly wanted to befriend Goldie and fall in love with DJ--he's fortune/romance, so we know what make friends means to him! Mickey gave Zoe three disastrous makeovers before he got it right, and wants to fall in love with Jasmine. Goldie continued shooting down everyone and pining after Woody. Ginny thinks Scot grew up mighty fine, but she is not Ginger so she might as well be a guy for all Scot notices. Dixie and Mickey are still a semi-open thing--he sees other people, she doesn't.

And I realized that unless something goes down at a college party--I'm half-done with the college rotation--Hamilton and Sandy managed a whole entire rotation without screwing up this attempt at reconciliation. Maybe they'll stick to it this time!

Edit: I attached LGU. Haven't played there yet. Thinking if I want to move the students over from Brainiana or how I want to add them in . . .

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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So continuing from the Riverblossom story/happenings....

Brina and Stephen's last two kids Brody and Bailey have grown into teens. Bailey wants a family but she also wants to move out of the house and out of her mom's smothering ways so she moves in with her sister Bree who is living in a two bedroom house though she was using the second room for her music items.

While tiny, they make it work. On her first night there, Bailey goes out to a club downtown and meets a guy (I forgot his name.) They seemingly fall for each other quick and end up woohooing that very same night. As the weeks go by, Bree has a lot a deal with. Her girlfriend Demi seems to be hinting and slightly pushing for a committed relationship but she also wants to move in which Bree tells her cannot happen since her sister is living with her right now and space is cramp enough as is. Demi also seems to want to have a baby as well which Bree just avoids all together.

Bailey starts to experience some very common symptoms, being sick in the morning, being hungry nearly every hour, getting tired very fast. Bree is clueless to any of this until out of nowhere a large gaming machine is left on her lawn with a love note from a guy. (What is it with sims and these crazy gifts?)

When Bree realizes what is going on with her sister she flips out and demands that she either get an abortion or move back with mom and dad. Bailey wants the baby and wants Bree to just get a bigger house but Bree does not want to uproot her life for her sister or her girlfriend Demi. This puts a strain on their relationship as Bailey spends the next few weeks deciding what to do. while Brina and Stephen would be happy about another grand baby (according to Bree), Bailey is not so sure since she is just a teen. And while he did give her a large arcade game system, Bailey has not heard from the guy since the night they did it.

Soon after she enters her next pregnancy stage, Bailey, with a heavy heart has an abortion and soon after runs away from home. Bree is not sure what to do. Neither of them has talked to their parents in a while and Brina is starting to ask questions and wanting to come over.

As Bree tries to stall her mom, Demi comes around and asks straight out if she can move in. Not sure what else to do, after reporting her sister missing (after she has been missing for three days), Bree says yes. Unknown to her though, Demi has started to undergo a fertility treatment. She starts to interact with a coworker named Jonathan while trying to convince Bree to move into a bigger home but now Bree is protesting because she wants to wait for her sister to come back.

Poor Bree. All she wants is a simple life with her music and she ends up with all of this.
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Default The Davis/Harris/Morgan Bunch
Guys, I have come to the realization that my neighborhood may explode soon, so to speak. Its been extra laggy lately, freezes up more often, takes longer to load and I've noticed a memory isn't showing up correctly. Its supposed to say 'Hannah got married' but for some sims its showing as a random sim that I don't even know and for others it says 'Liam got married' (He got married a loooong time ago, not recent) with a picture of someone who isn't even Liam, its a sim who's been deceased for a long time now. I've had the neighborhood since 2011 I believe, so I'm very attached to the town. Sigh...Oh well, the show must go on....

Parker and Esther Davis have returned from college and are back at their mother's home. Parker actually just had a baby girl. While she wasn't planned, he's ready to step up and be a father and husband. His mother, Reiko, is looking forward to having a little baby in the house again. She always wanted to have more kids when she was married to Emette but unfortunately it just wasn't in the stars for her with the divorce and all. At least the new baby will distract her when Kessi is away at her dads. There was a time when Esther and Parker were in college and Kessi would be with her father (50/50 custody) and Reiko would be so sad at home, all alone....

Parker invited Savannah over in order to introduce her to the family. She's been trying to convince Parker to join her in the military since he's unsure about his career. While they all had dinner Parker decided it was a good idea to propose to her as well. Totally not awkward for everyone else at the table who just met her. Savannah decided that she's going to wait one more day to move in so her grandfather can meet baby Karen. He's so close to dying that we're not sure if he'll make it to the wedding, and if he can't make it then he can at least meet his new great-grandchild instead of possibly missing out on both.

Kessi finally went steady with Logan Landgraab. There's a rumor going around that Logan or his brother Kenny had a baby with Evelyn Harris but Kessi is too blinded by love to care. Logan seems like a good guy though so maybe it wasn't him, I'm only assuming he's a good guy because they haven't woohooed yet and thats rare in my game!

Esther moved in with her dad and stepmom (Emette and Sephora) in order to take over the home since Emette and Sephora will be moving in with Emette's father to take over their home. Plus there won't be enough room at her mother's once Savannah and the baby move in.

Emette aged into an elder on the second night and Sephora threw him a fancy white and black themed party with his entire family over, with catering and everything. Emette's glad his parents are on friendly terms, they were never actually together (he and his twin sister were a result of a one night stand) but things were always tense and awkward at gatherings and now so much time has passed that its not even a factor anymore.

The next afternoon Emette and Sephora handed over the keys to the house and car to Esther and left to Dakota's, but not without picking up Kessi along the way since its Emette's week to have her. Kessi's spent a lot of time at her grandpa's but never in a million years did she ever think she would live there, let alone be next in line to inherit it after her father. It pays off to be the baby of the family!

Esther feels weird having the house to herself. I don't think she's ever been alone now that I think about it. She's always been near her twin, no matter where they were in life. They even stayed in the same dorm and joined the same fraternity (its co-ed, not sure what the proper term for that is) And just like that he's already starting his own life! She's hoping she can get a job in the entertainment career but so far nothing, so she'll stick have to stick to the job she has now.

Down the street at Esther's grandma's house, Emma is getting used to having an empty house again. Just when she think she's done with little children one of her children would have kids. Casey is officially the only one who doesn't have any. She turned Hannah's old room into a playroom for when all her grandchildren come to visit but Casey is thinking about turning it into a studio for his music 'career.'

Casey got a new job as a summer camp music teacher but got fired the next day. He's decided to take a little break from working and go on an island vacation with some friends. He's hoping he'll get inspired to make an album that'll put him in the spotlight. No more playing at crappy coffee shops...hopefully.
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That's too bad that your hood might be on the way out, I just got done rebuilding. It was a pain, but so worth it if you're invested in the families you have. It took me nearly two months to restore all eight of my families, establish family bonds, set ages, interests, skills, personalities, and jobs.. But as I go through the preliminary rotations for everyone, I am seeing that it was time well spent and so I think it might be worth it for you too.

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Originally Posted by Sanypsia
That's too bad that your hood might be on the way out, I just got done rebuilding. It was a pain, but so worth it if you're invested in the families you have. It took me nearly two months to restore all eight of my families, establish family bonds, set ages, interests, skills, personalities, and jobs.. But as I go through the preliminary rotations for everyone, I am seeing that it was time well spent and so I think it might be worth it for you too.

I've been toying with that idea but I can't imagine the amount of work that'll be. Eight families is a lot, and I have waaay more than that so I ca't even begin to imagine the amount of work that would be. I was thinking of cleaning out my CC as a last resort since I know I have some buggy stuff but that in itself will be a big project as well! But hey, anything to save my game right!
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I hear ya, it is intimidating. Especially for big hoods. The deciding factor for me was the kids. I had invested so much time in them and delved soo deep into planning their futures that I just knew I had to go through with a full rebuild. The most time consuming part of the rebuild was manually setting everyone's family ties. All 8 of the households I rebuilt were from the same family. The heads of each house were siblings, making all of the kids cousins and there's a lot of kids, the rest from there was kind of easy to pace and I probably spent about 15-20 average mins on a sim, but typically a little less. It becomes less daunting if you build in steps. Maybe recreate one full family, and then load up the game, build their house, move them in. I recreated everyone at once in bosyshop and edited everyone in SimPE before playing, which was kind of discouraging at times. Hopefully it's nothing more than cc conflict and thus is a much easier fix! I'm rootinfor you!

Take the Hard Hat Challenge. A relatively quick challenge designed to be added into almost any established hood.

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Originally Posted by Sanypsia
I hear ya, it is intimidating. Especially for big hoods. The deciding factor for me was the kids. I had invested so much time in them and delved soo deep into planning their futures that I just knew I had to go through with a full rebuild. The most time consuming part of the rebuild was manually setting everyone's family ties. All 8 of the households I rebuilt were from the same family. The heads of each house were siblings, making all of the kids cousins and there's a lot of kids, the rest from there was kind of easy to pace and I probably spent about 15-20 average mins on a sim, but typically a little less. It becomes less daunting if you build in steps. Maybe recreate one full family, and then load up the game, build their house, move them in. I recreated everyone at once in bosyshop and edited everyone in SimPE before playing, which was kind of discouraging at times. Hopefully it's nothing more than cc conflict and thus is a much easier fix! I'm rootinfor you!

When I think about it, I think it'll be worth it but I'm all about the history and family lineage that when I think of a future neighborhood without my all my deceased sims it breaks my heart! So we'll see what ends up happening, I'll definitely think of it as option B. Thanks for the support!

Edit: Good news-ish, my computer may be the problem. Its been acting up lately so I'll have to take a look at it. In the mean time I'm backing up all my stuff.
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No problem!! Here's hoping!

Take the Hard Hat Challenge. A relatively quick challenge designed to be added into almost any established hood.

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Default The Davis Family
I've been reading all of my old posts from this thread and I am loving it so far! Its so funny to read about little details that I've completely forgotten about since its been so long or the sim is deceased. I think I'm going to cop&paste all of the entries into a word document so I can have it forever.

I wrote a lot about the Davis family and their crazy household. They were a family that had great potential in the beginning, Almeric and Sarah had just graduated college from Sim State University and were excited to start their lives together. They managed to have to three kids, Emma, Ellen and Evan. They hadn't planned to them so early but nevertheless were still excited about their future. Unfortunately Sarah was involved in an accident and died, leaving Almeric to take care of the three children.

Almeric eventually remarried a woman named Adelle who was actually their roommate for a while. They had a child together (Genevi) but still continued to live in extreme poverty. His eldest daughter, Emma, got pregnant as a young teenager and had twins which just amplified everything that was wrong with them. The odds were against the them, all 8 of them lived in a tiny two bedroom home struggling to make ends meet. The children didn't stand a chance! Or so it seemed....For the most part they all actually ended up in good places, except for Genevi. Of course it also helps that they married guys who were from well off families (at least much more well off than their family was lol)

-Emma made the decision to leave her kids with her dad while she attended college. While it may have been a selfish move she wanted to give her kids a better future and if that meant missing out for a part of their lives then so be it. She graduated with a bachelors in business and eventually got a good job. She got married to Jamie Harris much who she went to college with and they eventually had kids as well.

-Ellen went to college but immediately fell pregnant by her high school sweetheart during her freshmen year. She had no choice but to drop out. Luckily for her, her boyfriend Thomas Landgraab, was older so he graduated quickly and they moved into his parent's house who were more than supportive. Ellen eventually got her degree via online school.

-Evan went to college, got married to Malory Landgraab who also happens to be Ellen's sister in law, and is now living in his childhood home actually. (Completely redecorated of course) He and his wife didn't have any children but they are close with their nieces and nephews.

Genevi, Genevi, Genevi..... Genevi went to college but dropped out. She was desperate to get married and would attempt to trap men into marrying her by trying to get pregnant by the, but she never could. She eventually got pregnant by Ian Harris (who is also Emma's brother in law) and they got married and have four kids. One of her daughter's also got pregnant as a teenager but luckily only had one child and not twins. They are also struggling financially with a mortgage they can't afford and a school loan Genevi had taken out. Not to mention having four kids isn't exactly cheap either. It's literally Emma's story line all over again

Best of luck to them.
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Joshua and Saara Ruben finished winter expecting a baby they aren't ready for (risky woohoo). Their house only has one bedroom, so the baby and toddler gear will be kept in the living room - they aren't renovating or moving for a couple of seasons at least.

Joshua's brother Martin married Imilda Bergstein and took her last name for the sake of name variety in town. She's Malcolm Landgraab's employee at the electronics store. Martin spent most of the week writing books and waiting to see if he could find a job in the gaming career. I made a mistake by playing them before playing Malcolm; she got pregnant right at the end of winter and is having morning sickness. When I switched to Malcolm's house I ended up not calling her in to work as she was too miserable and just kept making more work for herself (ok, stop restocking, clean the women's bathroom, and then go home). While Malcolm was trying to run the store on his own he accepted the offer of a blind date. It ended up being with a dormie that he's got two bolts with. The date was excellent, and he even sold her a stereo during it. He hadn't been restocking the store during the date, so closed it for a bit after the date to get the store ready for the next day. He had another date with her the (at home) and she gave him a stereo - the same kind he sold her. That dormie is friends with a couple of my playable young adults, so I'll add her to one of their households when I play the university.

My farming family had a rough winter. It's a household of 9. The second eldest aged to teen and the youngest to child at mid-winter. The father and children passed around flu, and the teens and mother were still trying to sell their fall harvest, even though the lot had a ton of snow, burying their display of crated produce. School was cancelled twice due to snow and once due to a winter holiday. The lot was very busy.

While playing the school lot, my game crashed. I think it was the number of sims on the lot and that wretched java updater (I keep disabling it, and it stays disabled only until either windows or my antivirus software updates). I lost two sim days of play, but while redoing them, the education minister got a chance card he hadn't seen the first time through. A correct answer and the school got 50k for improvements. Well, some got used to improve city hall, too. The school now has more crafting stations, telescopes on the roof for an astronomy class, and the family living on the lot has moved out of a classroom and into an apartment on the top floor that actually has furniture like an apartment. The city hall has a grand entrance, some landscaping, and two stories. On the first floor, to the left of the entry and towards the back is a retail area - it will sell pet collars, random items made by students at the school, and anything I can think of that suits a municipal office - decor to represent permits, maybe the composting bins. Past that is a cafeteria and washrooms. To the front of the building on that side is an outer office area for the mayor's staff (computers, desks, bookshelves), and the mayor's office. The other side of the first floor has a courtroom, offices for legal staff and the judge, a couple of holding cells, and a waiting area. The second floor has a reception hall for weddings on the left- two nice washrooms, a dance area with dj booth, a bar, dining tables, buffet, wedding arch and a violin. On the right is another area for offices of various types, but that part isn't finished yet. I know I want to put an office for a city planner there, but am not sure what else yet.

I only ran the school twice with actually starting school; the other days I just opened the lot as a business and used visitor controller to restrict the customers to teens. The days the school was running, the students were children. They worked on skill points and socialized - a couple of them made friends and there are three snowmen in front of the school now. The mayor and education minister's triplets had a couple of days as toddlers before aging up at the end of winter. Their schedules got rotated a bit and they were a challenge to keep fed and social up during the winter. Their eldest brother aged to teen - another one wanting to be abducted by aliens so he became knowledge. He also aged up on the last day of winter and was too tired to try to get abducted that night; maybe in the spring.

I'm currently playing the Tinker family. Melody topped her part-time job and wants to get a silver toy-making badge. Her parents finally opened their toy shop, but only got a day of sales before their infant, Wendy, aged to toddler. They are now struggling to balance creating merchandise, toddler needs and skills, and their wants to write books with opening the store. Wanda just got pregnant again, and money is tight. Wendy's aspiration bar is platinum; everyone else is low green. Getting those bars up (without using dates) will be a challenge as the wants they keep rolling are time consuming ones.
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Both Wanda and Harmony have the want for a new baby, but that'll have to wait a few days -- Jude Vanderpol is in the adoption system, though to keep ages aligned he'll be adopted on Wednesday. He's the half-brother of the eldest in the household, Leia, and his full brother will also be adopted on the Thursday.

Both Jude and Vincent were adopted, and both Wanda and Harmony rolled the want for 10 kids when Vincent was adopted. I'm not quite sure the household can handle having ten kids, so I left the want unlocked.

Leia became a teen, rolling Fortune and the LTW to get to the top of the Journalism career. Jude became a toddler on the Thursday, showing that he's an average motivation sim.


Next door (literally: Chelsey and her family live in the apartment next door to her sister Harmony + family) I checked over on Martin Lyndhurst. Turns out he's only interested in men, but has a whopping three bolts with fellow playable William Marshalls. However, he seemed more interested in a townie called Perry McBride -- at the very least, Martin had his first kiss & first woohoo with Perry.

Younger half-brother Michael became a teen on Tuesday, rolling Fortune/Romance and the LTW to woohoo 20 sims. He has chemistry with playables Elena Lawrence, Rachel Marshalls, and Dawn Wegner. If not careful, I'm anticipating a couple of accidental babies from him -- and he's started romancing early as by the end of the rotation he'd had his first kiss with Rachel.


I'd apparently left the Marshalls (4) household a bit early as I loaded in and they were on Sunday at 7AM (instead of Monday 7AM). All three adults spent non-working time looking after the quads and teaching them skills, and they all successfully grew up. All the quads seem to look different in their own way (facial structure wise) so it'll be interesting to see who is picked as house heir.

Flora got pregnant again but rolled under the number needed for an abortion. She also finally found a job in Entertainment (her LTW career) but had to start from level 1. That is going to be a long ladder to climb.
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