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The Produce farm started out with Skye and her college buddy Sebastian, eventually her girlfriend (Nelle, now her wife) and his boyfriend (Denny) moved in as well. Also can't forget Sky'e corgi buddy, DeNiro.

(L to R) - Sebastian, Skye, Denny and Nelle.

The group started a farmer's market home business, started living on solar energy and organic food.
After Skye and Nelle acted as surrogates for Sebastian and Denny, the family has grown to a full house!

Cornelius (Hiding behind Skye's leg) and Julius(perched in Denny's lap) are twin boys - one super bratty and the other super shy. Imogen (Held by Nelle) is the little lady of the farmhouse and her temperament is pretty mellow. The family collectively raises the children as well as the produce and it is a challenge keeping an eye on toddlers and customers!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I had to abandon my Victorian version of the Arde Kingdom due to some alarming corruption (Rod Humble visited several times a night, a child who's grave was in inventory appeared on lot..) so now I'm playing with a back-up from earlier this year, meaning that some of my most beloved sims are still alive! And I get a chance to make things right by them and give them a new fate

Right now, there's a new baby in the Gulbaer family!
Oliver Max Gulbaer and his wife have welcomed their very first child and are over the moon!

Here's his mother, one of his sisters and his half-brother shortly before their visit to see the little bundle of joy. After all, you have to take care of the crops before you go!

Here's Oliver Max (facing away) greeting his sister Leda Liana and his half-brother, Jona, who were among the visitors.

And here's the newborn with his mother! The child inherited his mother's blue eyes and his grandmother's dark hair
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Default Another year, Another Hart family update
It's that time again, the annual update of the musically named Hart Sibs - going on year 3. Last years found here

Harmony: In full on mom-mode. Popped a third spawn and her first is going into third grade. Had move in with her parents to help manage the kidlets.

Andante: Needs a vacation from being on Vice Squad but can't afford it, nor the second child he just found out his wife is pregnant with. May have to ask family for money soon but he didn't want to be THAT family member.

Adagio: Childless and much better off financially, living it up and living next door to his twin, though he can go on vacation with his wife whenever he pleases. Spies for a living but doesn't fancy himself James Bond.

Melody: Adorable new mother and adorable wife to a hunky Latin Business man. Though she blames all her twin siblings for the twins she now has to take care of. Wishes Rhapsody would stop copying her hairstyle.

Rhapsody: Claims she is not copying her sister's hairstyle and finishing up senior year at Uni. Got engaged to a rich hipster and they can go off to his estate once graduated and be hipster royalty.

Sonata: Finally chose a suitor from long list of lovers, though mostly for the sanity of her mother. Is bored of college, wants to graduate and do something fun.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I really love Strangetomato's Worthington Sims so I made a cute family portrait of how they're doing in this recent neighborhood of mine (since I got bored with the first 2 attempts before then), hoping I'll stick to it this time.

Not shown are Malcom Landgraab V (Charlotte & Malcom IV's adopted newborn), Frances IV & Madeline (Frances III & Beau's adorable twins!), and (technically, since she's in Lillian's belly at the time of this picture) Laura Worthington-Bigbucks.
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I've been neglecting my game for months, but I had a quick return to it today. The Andersons are still my only family, and due to my lack of playing little Freya has only just grown from baby to toddler. But here she is anyway, with parents Devon and David!

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Aleah and Hadley Beckett. Aleah is a third gen sim, has three children and one grandchild pictured. Uma had Honey at 17.

L-R Bohdi, Hadley, Aleah, Uma, Honey and Rocco.

host images
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Kimberly Everdeen(3rd gen) started an affair with Rowan Knowles after her marriage hit the rocks. They ended up having two children together Carrie(2) and Noah(1) Knowles.

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The Strife-Fair family. For those familiar with the Final Fantasy VII series, yes, that is Cloud and Tifa (in normal clothing because I lost their CC a while ago). This is their entire family, excluding one that could not make it to the photo (more like, I forgot to spawn her until after the fact lol) and the three grand-babies that are still too young. Seventeen children altogether including two sets of quadruplets, one set of triplets and one set of twins (newborns that aren't pictured). Four of them are in Uni at the moment, while all the others, excluding the children, are adults and living on their own or with their respective partners.

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Smustling with your wife-to-be

Smutsling with your wife and kids while the toddler is thinking about education

Smustling with your wife and teenage kids

Smutsling with your adult kids

And of course, proudly watching one of your adult kids passing the fine tradition to the next generation by smustling with his own kid and niece

I am Error.
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I recently made the Landgraabs and moved them into my custom neighborhood. The family consists of Malcolm sr, his wife Margaret and their children Malcolm jr (that guy from Bluewater) and Victoria. They're living in a comfortable life in an uptown apartment I've made. Both parents have high-ranking jobs. Most of their income comes from lucrative investments however thanks to both of them being fortune sims. Malcolm jr is quite the charmer and currently going steady with Meadow Thayer. He continues bringing girls with him home from school, though, so it's still in the open how long that's going to last. Both children enjoy playing the piano and the violin, as is costumary for aspiring Landgraabs, and aim for grabbing with them as many scholarships as possible before they go to university.
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The second Strife-Fair family, consisting of Zack and Aerith, plus their seven children.
The first three boys and the brunette little girl are a pair of quads.
I love how the little girl is the only one that inherited her mother's eye color.
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The original nine households in my "Past Pleasantview" 'hood, which is set 10 days before the Maxis BG Pleasantview (according to my lifestage durations and head-canon!).

From left to right:

Michael and Dina Bachelor are newly-weds and hope to start a family as soon as possible. Michael's not getting any younger! Dina's older twin sister Nina Caliente lives with them.

Skip and Brandi Broke are happily married and live in a trailer with their son, Dustin.

Darren and Darleen Dreamer are also happily married and also have a son, Dirk. Darleen teaches at Pleasantview Primary School.

From left to right:

Heart-mage Bella Goth is pregnant with her and husband Mortimer's second child. Their daughter, Cassandra, is close to becoming an adult and intends to move to Magic Town to study mage-craft, as her mother did when she was younger. The family have two cats, Helen and Hermione.

Diana Huffington is an earth-mage (and a close friend of Bella Goth's). She lives with her husband, Carl, and their daughter, Heather.

Gordon King recently moved to Pleasantview. He is a student at Bigg City College, and lives in a trailer next door to the Brokes.

From left to right:

Dustin and Iliana Langerak live with their two children, Parker and Kaylynn. Iliana's younger sister, Zelda Mae, lives with them.

Herb and Coral Oldie live in Takemizu Village. They have strong ties with Pleasantview, as it is home to their daughter and granddaughters.

Mary-Sue Pleasant moved from Takemizu Village to Pleasantview when she married her husband, Daniel. The couple have young twin daughters, Angela and Lilith.
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The Kennedy family: Aaliyah, Harper, Scarlett and Cheyanne.

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I have so many lovely photos for this thread that I'll have to spoiler some, but please check them out

Parents Jonah & Roxie Powers just welcomed in third child, Girr. Their two other children are Axel (3 and a half) and Storm (2 and a half) and the family is certainly a handful.
Jonah isn't aware that Girr isn't actually his child

Technically they all have different last names, but Don had custody of all 3 of his children for one day only so I decided to take a picture, Oldest Abacus Curious (Mother: Chloe Curious), Angelina Wirth (Mother: Shannon Wirth) and Tiffany Langerak (Mother: Kaylynn Langerak)

Ginger Gavigan (was Newson) and husband Nathan (not pictured) had a simple life, just one child of their own - little Gerard Gavigan. Then Ginger's little sister Georgia Newson found out she was pregnant. She moved in with Ginger and soon gave birth to little Ginny Davis. Father of the children, Aldric Davis visits daily to help with Ginny while Georgia is still at school. She plans on going off to university soon while Ginger takes care of Ginny.
Oh and the dog is a corgi called Trotter

Kimberly Cordial fell pregnant with Daniel (red hair) and Samuel (black hair) after spending the night with Carlos Contender. She never told him and raised the twins with her sister Samantha until they were children. After that Samantha moved out and Kimberly raised the twins alone. She wasn't looking for love originally, but somehow stumbled upon it with her General, Buzz Grunt. They got married and had another set of twins - Chip (boy) and Margret (girl). I took some photos before Buzz got deported to a military base in Strangetown

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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The Newson/Todd Family has had a bit of strife lately.

Amin apparently has judo mind powers because he knew as soon as Ginger's baby pop came that the baby was not his.

This has left Ginger really worried about whether or not Amin will stay with her.

Abraham acts blissfully unaware, but he recently rolled a fear for family getting divorced. So I think he knows more than his parents realize.
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More snaps from Rikkala:

Blake Perry is always busy - his young daughters Christiana (right) and Cindy (left) guarantee that, yet he wouldn't change his part for anything in the world.
Blake was once a famous football player but decided to settle down after a knee injury ended his career. His wife, Isabella, is the main host of Woohoo & More, which is most likely the harshest talk show currently on air, discussing all the current celebrity scandals.

In the next house lives boutique owner Kirsti Remes and her three children, twin boys Riku and Raimo and little-Riina. Kirsti has recently separated from her musician husband of 10 years, Karri, and they're working out the custody of the kids.
Kirsti is also the co-host of Woohoo & More, but is having difficulty getting along with hot-headed Isabella.

"Not now, honey! - Sorry, what were you saying again?"

The children spend a good amount of time with their father, who lives just a block away from their mother's house.
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Default Rosie Everdeen + Family.
Rosie is another 3rd Generation sim of mine, her fiance Stephen Diamond and their two children in happier times. Evalina(Child) and Lainey(Toddler)

Unfortunatly Stephen is very ill at the moment doesn't look like he'll last long
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Default Spawning a family
Anton and Melody are now home owners and parents. Melody refers to her children as the 'Spawns'. She wasn't a twin but has twin older brothers and twin younger sisters yet MELODY was the one to have twins - for which she blames it all on her siblings. Anton is silent but supportive as always.

The twin spawn squirmsters are named Rosaline and Roderick. Both inherited the rare 'golden eyes' of their mother.

Before putting them to bed, Melody proclaims to Anton even though they are troublesome twin-spawn, they are still really adorbs. That gets a grin out of him.

A moment of Peace and Quiet. Like back in the apartment days.

Previous Pic Posts of this couple:
Living together
Wedding & Honeymoon

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Head of household: Natacha Morand
From left to right: Natacha (born in game generation 5), Clément (ex dormie) and their son Cole (generation 6)
Natacha Morand (née Martains-Delorme) is Granville's wannabe mayor since year 155. She's currently L4. She has several high interests so she really wants to improve the lives of the citizens.
During her first term, a community center and a daycare got built, the Ernest Granville park and the cemetery were improved. A bark park will be available the upcoming spring. She also wants a real city hall (aka I have to finish furnishing the damn thing). She also reduced taxes for families with children (everyone pays her family included).
Cole just turned into a teen. I gave him Knowledge since he's a serious neat-freak interested in sciences. He's doing great at school but he's a real loner.

Head of household: Mélanie Delorme
Mélanie (generation 5 on the right) is a mother of two, Tess (generation 6 on the left) and Cristal who just get graduated.
Mélanie always had commitment issues so she had never settle down just like her mother. Her partner is a townie named Indy Maes. She struggled to raise her little family but she did succeed. She started her career as a server at the restaurant "Le coup de fourchette". Later she opened her own business where grilled-cheese sandwiches and cheese-cakes are sold. Cristal will take over once she'll back from uni.
Tess is the town wannabe chief of police (L7) since Danny Granville-Carver's retirement. She's devoted to her job and she'll have no rest until she puts Alan Grolleau, the burglar, in jail.
She has no love interest atm (TBH it's hard for my gay sims to find love in the hood).
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The Dow-Davis family, a family I've had in my game for a while in my "funzies" neighbourhood, be warned.. there's like 15ish pictures, spanning from when I first moved the 2 parents 2 daughter (+1 cat) family in, to when they all have children themselves:

Anna, Jamie, Jannie (older toddler) and Jana (younger toddler) move in...

Baby #3 is on the way!

They welcome in third daughter, Annie.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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Default Meet the Delatours'
I had a horrible accident with my laptop my game corrupted and silly me hadn't saved a hard copy for a good few months. Lost everything but a few sims i'd backed up somewhere else. I was gutted because i'd managed to get to my 5th Gen with over 240 sims. So here's the start of my next legacy

Celia and Darius Delatour and their family time lapse.

With their first born, a son name Tobias

Tobias aged and their second son was born, meet Theodore

Then time just flew by and along came Sebastian(far right), Henry(toddler) and baby Gabriel

It's hard work but I'm determined to get a girl.
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Like father like daughter!

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Default Cabin of Calhouns
For years now, Natalie and Ash Calhoun have been taking family vacations to Three Lakes. They even eventually bought their own cabin so Natalie could focus on writing her trail guide books nd get inspiration from the nature around them. But as the kids have grown older it's been harder and harder to keep them from getting cabin fever as the place has no television or internet and they've been to all the tourist spots for what seems a hundred times.

The family features: Marty, the resident joker and prankster, trying to distract his younger brother from the family photo.
Charlie, the youngest by about a minute and a bit more serious; very much into body building.
Charlotte, his artsy twin sister but despite their differences in interests they are very much 'twinny'
Jimmy, the eldest child and is expressing himself in a pensive manner--he misses his fiancee and wish she could have come with them.
Natalie, Matriarch and former circuit judge who thinks it's about time to wrap this particular vacation up.
Ash, the retired captain hero of Kashmire, who still thinks the vacation is going fine despite his stir-crazy UNI kids.

A past vacation before the family owned the cabin and they camped at the lake. Charlie and Charlotte were just kiddos back then and Marty had caught a fish, though Natalie was too focused on her own fishing, or thinking what to put in her next book, to congratulate him.

Another past Vacation to Three Lakes when the twins were teens, and all siblings were hanging outside the cabin and cooking marshmallows and telling woodsy ghost stories. That vacation they tried to out-scare each other with the spookiest stories around the firepit.

That same vacation; Ash made pancakes for breakfast and Marty is the only one who slept in, so his brothers try to plan some pranks on him in revenge while he's not there. The parents have no comment on the matter - kids will be kids.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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The first three pics are pretty old...

The Florczak family
now 'little' Joanna is a married woman :)

The Domańscy family, who I showed you earlier here.

That young boy later commited suicide and didn't find out about his baby's arrival :(

Siblings Przemo and Regina

The Marks family - the baby is the couple's granddaughter :)
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Sam Dalle and his twins, Silas and Stella
Their mother, Sophia is half alien
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