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Default Won't work on windows 10
I've installed and patched up the game, but i'm having trouble playing it.

i keep getting the error "Conflict with Emulation Software detected." I read this can be because of the virtual disk drive.
I only just installed the game and can't even start playing.

Thing is I need to use the virtual drive, as my laptop has no disc drive.

I have tried using the SecuRom removal tool and it failed too.

I have run in compatibility for Win7 and XP SP2. its worth noting that the properties window for the game itself won't let me change compatibility directly, i have to use the compatibility troubleshooter.
here's the window

I run windows 10 basic, have nvidia graphics card, 16 gb ram.

i used a built in analysis thing, that says to send a file to securom support.
here is its contents
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The Securom tool probably does work (worked for me anyway) but if you run the game from the disk, it will immediately reinstall it. You need a noCD fix. There's a discussion about this over at Leefish - I suggest going over there since we're strictly not allowed to talk about noCD cracks here.

I no longer come over to MTS very often but if you would like to ask me a question then you can find me on tumblr or my own site tflc. TFLC has an archive of all my CC downloads.
I'm here on tumblr and my site, tflc
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Also try to use in compatibility mode in Windows 8 - that works for some, including me
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When I had this problem, I uninstalled the whole game, and then installed it again. But not directly: first change the setup file to compatibility with Windows Xp Service pack 2, and then install. Do the same for the base game and all expansions: never install directly when prompted, change compatibility and then install.

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