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Florence Delarosa
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#277 Old 20th Dec 2016 at 9:14 PM
Tara Cat

Faith (girl with brown hair) and Herbert (boy brunette) Goodie , became teenagers and savages living in the Riverblossom Hills

Stella Roth [insidious witch] , a guest of Tara Kat

Morty Roth

Alexandra Teatherton (nee O'Mackey)

Gabe and Jules O'Mackey

and individually Jules =3

Patricia Wan

Cleo Shikibu (closer angle unfortunately not present)

Rose Greenman (plantsim!)

Daisy Greenman

Mary and Nathan Gavigan

Ginger Newson ,in a city an teen center

Gavin Newson , as in the teenage center

Gallagher Newson , in an orphanage in the city (his sister Gabriella is now with him, just do not find pictures)

Georgia Newson , in an orphanage (but in the other, for the little ones) (her brother Garrett with her right now, but also there is no picture)
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Default If Rainelle Neengia was an evil vampire witch instead of dead
(basically what I do in every version I have of Downtown ever)

*accidentally posted this in the ts4 section before, oooooppppsss
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Gave Dina Caliente a CC makeover. I never realized she could look so pretty!

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#280 Old 19th Jan 2017 at 6:45 AM Last edited by eduseo : 22nd Jan 2017 at 5:18 AM.

Here's a random makeover of Brittany Upsnott.

I did makeovers of Tiffany Sampson and Heather Huffington too but my laptop crashed before I got pictures - darn you laptop!

Cove Family (ts4 family tree)
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I've seen speculation on some sites that Rainelle Neengia has such big eyes because she was scared to death by the Tricou ghosts. I have a different interpretation. The first time I saw Rainelle, I immediately thought "FLAPPER!" (She died a long time ago!)

With those big eyes and "bee-stung" lips, she looks like a lot of photos I've seen of female movie stars from the 1920s. A good example is Louise Brooks on this page about flapper hairstyles at the Smithsonian Institution's web site.

Doesn't Rainelle look like she was made for this look?

#282 Old 2nd Jun 2017 at 5:23 AM

This is not Bella Goth. This is Not-Bella-Goth, getting a little touch up to show that she is the real Bella Goth. Confused yet?

"I'm hideous! And lonely!"
Plague and isolation do not agree with Sandra Roth.

It did not take long before the comfortable household Edwin Sharpe had gotten his new butler position in dissolved into bloody chaos. Edwin's ensuing insanity made that fiery chaos as well.
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I've been poking around in Testing Town trying out some new looks for the Maxis characters before I give the real hoods makeovers.

#284 Old 10th Jul 2017 at 6:49 AM

Lucy: "Omigosh, Daddy, I'm so glad you're here! Tybalt Capp's in the house, and he's eating all the food, and Tony's asleep, and the butler doesn't know what to do, and the dogs dug up the courtyard, and I've got a great room and a tower and..."
John: "Tybalt Capp is in the Monty Ranch? Antonio is asleep?"

John: "I expected you to at least keep my daughter safe when you brought her to Veronaville!"
Lucy: "Stop fussing, Daddy! Antonio will never let me be anything but safe!"
Antonio's thoughts: Oh, if only I had that power...

The distinguished profile of Goneril Capp, providing a hearty and virtuous breakfast for her family.
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Chloe Curious
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Herbert and Faith Goodie, aged down and made over (no surgery). I tried going for a retro-ish look, was I successful?
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Don Lothario up to his usual tricks!

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The Oldies invited the family over for the afternoon.

The night did not end well. Poor Coral was trying to make dessert for everyone.

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The Student Housing trio from La Fiesta Tech

William Williamson (what an unfortunate name...)

Blossom Moonbeam (I love her, she's adorable)

Klara Vonderstein (the most drastic makeover. No idea why she was styled like a 45 year old)
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Josefin Larsson (don't know the English name) has the most stunning Maxis made face. They should have made more sims like this.

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Brandi and her third child with the late Skip.
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I figured a decade of lurking was enough time for me to decide whether or not to show off my sims. I always find myself back in Pleasantview, it seems!

First is Nina Caliente, looking sporty and sophisticated. Next are best friends Tessa Ramirez and Lucy Burb, studying diligently at university. It looks like Tessa has muttered something indecent, and is amused at the response she got from Lucy. Lastly is Jennifer Burb. Beautiful, but terribly boring, I'm afraid.

If anyone knows how to format images on the post to make for a more aesthetically pleasing package, please let me know. x_x
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The townie child Kana Thomason aged up to teen.
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#294 Old 1st Sep 2017 at 7:46 PM
I love seeing everyone's makeovers! I've made over everyone in Strangetown but don't have all the pictures yet, so for now I'll just show you what I've done with the Singles girls :-)

Chloe Curious:

Lola Curious:

Erin Beaker:

Kristen Loste:
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#295 Old 10th Sep 2017 at 12:33 AM

Brandi's labor was extremely sad.
Dustin: In the KITCHEN mom? Really??? Gross! *keeps eating*

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Strangetown Bella Goth and subject of my new avatar. She's obsessed with movies and heads to the TV almost every time I leave her unattended.

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Here we have vampire and werewolf criminals attempting to woo a poor helpless (not really!) florist into providing them a nice front business. Who will she choose in the war between the families?
Featuring Antonio Monty, Tybalt Capp, and Florence Delarosa (who only recently got out of her coffin and still hasn't done her hair).
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I would count the Agora Tchotchke who comes with the converted Four Corners as a Maxis-Made sim, as I'm pretty sure she's an exact copy of the Life Stories version. Anyway, here she is performing music at Arcadium Plaza in Bitville, at night in the dead of winter in her formal wear, because that's how she rolls!

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#299 Old 16th Jan 2018 at 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by Kirthey
Strangetown Bella Goth and subject of my new avatar. She's obsessed with movies and heads to the TV almost every time I leave her unattended.

WOW she is gorgeous! I always thought it was interesting that the Strangetown Bella was the 'original' version. What a perfect outfit and I love your choice of hairstyle and makeup. May I ask about the hair - the creator and where you got it?
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#300 Old 18th Jan 2018 at 6:04 AM
Originally Posted by jain
WOW she is gorgeous! I always thought it was interesting that the Strangetown Bella was the 'original' version. What a perfect outfit and I love your choice of hairstyle and makeup. May I ask about the hair - the creator and where you got it?

Thank you! It's a 4t2 conversion of an Anto hair, which I got here. It has a very high polycount (Bella shows up bald on my family loading screen ) so you may want to consider this mesh edit.

To keep this on topic, here's an old-ish pic of Johnny Smith:

I just realized I don't have any pics of him with Ophelia – gotta fix that ASAP.
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