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Default Family: The Schoulsburgs
Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad you think it's worth the wait. I had fun putting together the posters and have some other versions I made applied to art in game for my official story pics in the sims 2 story section since the election is relevant in the current plot. If you haven't read those I highly encourage it since it also contains lots more pics!

Today I bring you another family, one that I never expected to go far but the lineage started at the inception of the hood back in 2007.

Schouldsburg is a small family but has a robust, quite meloncholy history. It all started with Emmeline Schoulsburg who came to Kashmire many years ago as an immigrant looking for better wages and work. She found a job opening as a live-in caretaker for the wealthy yet childless elder couple, James and Yvonne Carmichael.

Emmeline was a pretty young thing—blonde with big blue eyes—and good in the kitchen...extremely good in the kitchen. You know they say food is the fastest way to a man's heart well James Carmichael fell deeply in love with Emmeline after maybe the twelfth apple pie and they began an affair. Secret rendezvous and hushed words of adoration were small thrills for James and Emmeline but all good things must come to an end and that happened when Emmeline fell pregnant. Yvonne found out and kicked them both out of the Carmichael estate in her wrath and rage. She made James stay at the assisted living center in Isla Del Kashmire and she didn't care what happened to Emmeline or her bastard. Emmeline picked herself up and her shattered heart and rented a small apartment in Scandalica City while she worked from job to job as a restaurant cook. She often had to miss work to take care of her newborn daughter, Yvette and she missed James dreadfully but knew she wouldn't see him ever again if his wife had anything to do with it. Eventually he passed away in assisted living without ever having seen Emmeline's face or tasting her baked goods ever again.

A man named Casper Van Dien (yes, like the actor but not the actor) lived in the apartment a floor up and became friends with Emmeline. She invited him over to eat all her extra food she had made and he loved all her dishes. He even offered to watch Yvette during the day while Emmeline worked and insisted that delicious food was adequate compensation. He was in a local band with his brother and played night shows so had time during the day to kill. Eventually he and Emmeline admitted deeper feelings and he proposed to her. They moved into a duplex house in Isla Del Kashmire and Yevette grew up with Casper as a permanent father figure. Casper and Emmeline welcomed a new daughter together named Nelle and it was getting cramped in that one bedroom duplex with three people and the newborn.

Emmeline started gaining recognition for her original recipes and with her increasing cooking award money stash she and Casper were able to move into a proper house in the neighborhood. Emmeline loved her big kitchen and when she got enough recognition, she opened her own bakery at the end of Isla Del Kashmire's main street called 'Sweet Treats'. She, Casper, and her two daughters lived very happily for many years and she taught her recipes to them.

Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures of Emmeline in my vast archive, but I did find one of toddler Yvette and Casper the day of his wedding to her mother. He had picked her up to snuggle her in the apartment, purely ready to be her father.

Yvette Schoulsburg, despite never knowing her true father, always loved Casper as a real father since he had been in her life since she was a toddler. When Yvette was a teenager, she felt a bit jealous when Nelle came along because she was his true-blooded daughter but eventually softened and learned to adore her little half-sister and there was never a question of Casper loving one more than the other. The sisters looked nothing alike. Yvette had her mother's golden hair and icy stare while Nelle had heavy lidded eyes and Casper's dark locks.

Yvette found romance with Elm Calhoun in her teen years. She was sure he was going to marry her someday and they would be together. However, life doesn't always go as planned, Elm was interested in a great many girls in college and eventually lost interest in Yvette. Yvette found it hard to fill the hole where her heart had been. She started going after any man that would give her attention—even if he was already spoken for. This caused many of her friends to turn on her, because she was actively flirting or more with their boyfriends or fiancees! All Yvette wanted...was someone to love her again. She found herself in the same shoes as her mother after graduating college...pregnant and unwed. Telling the baby daddy was out of the question so she bore the burden alone. She moved back in with her mother, though this time, there was no convenient or attractive neighbor to help her with her romance issues.

Yvette was surprised when she bore twins named Fauna and Franz. She helped with her mother's bakery by making the baked goods and managing the store. She never found a second love and became quiet, secretive, and despondent. She lost hope and only found anything worth doing involving the bakery, which she took over after Emmeline's passing. Casper had died before that, and Nelle had moved to the country. So with all her family gone or dead, and all her friends that severed ties, Yvette only has her children now but her closed personality has made it hard for them to communicate. She does adore her cats though and they have given her well needed company in times where she is alone - there's old Lemoncake who's been around since she graduated college and then Dolce and Gabana who she adopted when Haley Paulson's cats had a litter of kittens.

The family has had financial troubles and all their revenue goes back into the business which leaves them notably lacking in wealth, which has proven to be another point of burden for Yvette and her children.

Fauna is a chatty, obnoxious sort of girl that lends into her blonde stereotype. She assumes things too easily and is impatient. She likes to self-indulge and pester her twin brother. She's not particularly close with her mother or brother and the friends she makes she can't seem keep because doesn't maintain the effort to stay in touch. However, she doesn't let this sad fact leak through and ruin her attitude.

She is naively optimistic and follows in the path of her mother and grandmother by making foolish romantic decisions that will later prove unpleasant for her. Fauna attends SSU and lives in an all-girls dorm. She likes to party and crash Greek Society parties.

Franz is basically the polar opposite of Fauna. He is rather quiet, anti-social, and would much rather prefer to be alone and read than to talk to people. He is a main character in my sims 2 stories. Franz is very tall and has a lot of toned muscle from constant lifting of heavy flour sacks at the bakery in his younger years. He is decent at playing the double bass. He managed to make one friend in his formative years and that was Reggie Orbinson, the mayor's son. Franz protected Reggie from bullies in grade school, and he went so far as to accidentally give one a concussion which made him fall back a grade due to missing so much school after being suspended.

Many people think Franz is stupid or slow because he takes his time to think of what he will say and he doesn't like to make eye contact. Franz dislikes most people, especially since many were mean to him as a kid. He is very sensitive about being referred to as a 'bastard' because he doesn't know who his father is and people judge him for it, something he can't help. It's hard to read his emotions as well, even for someone close to him. After he and Reggie had a falling out after a disagreement during the Battle of the Bands, he thought he would be a true loner but then Alanna Thackery became his friend.

Over the years that lead to being young adults, he learned to truly enjoy her company and learned maybe people weren't so awful. He has a strained relationship with his sister because she likes to pester and provoke him and he and his mother don' really communicate but he does love her and he loves his family's bakery because it's the only sport of history his family has in Isla Del Kashmire since his grandmother was an immigrant. He currently attends the Community college in Isla Del Kashmire and is working on a degree that will allow him to pursue a culinary career because he knows his grandmother's recipes and his desire is to take ownership of the family bakery.

Sweet Treats, the business Emmeline started contains a full kitchen and an upper area that can look into the kitchen where customers can browse cheesecake, pies, cookies, and more. The business interior format has changed over the years, for example, when Nelle was helping out, she made flower arrangements and sold those in addition to her mother's baked goods which made for a good Valentine's day special. However, once Nelle left, the bakery stopped selling flowers. Franz and Fauna had after school jobs at the bakery in their teen years. Franz still works there and mans the cash register. The displays next to the cash register turned into a counter to display ready-made treats, they also had a coffee stand for years but hardly anyone bought it so it recently was sold and counters were put in to display more baked items like bread and to sell pre-made cake mixes Yvette had put together.

Here's some old pics of when the bakery was just starting out:



Upper Half Floor

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#77 Old 12th Sep 2017 at 10:10 AM
Oh I loved reading about the Schoulsburg Family.

I am rooting for Franz I am sure that he will great when he becomes a Celebrity Chef and as well as taking over Sweet Treats when he is able to do so.

I liked your pictures. Your Sims are very good looking and I like how you dress them.

I love running Businesses and now that I think about I am surprised that I have not yet featured one of my several Sims that has five Businesses at Level Ten. I am going to try to remember to take puctures and write about some of sim's businesses. My favourite Sim that is a Business owner has to be Chloë (Smith) Davis and so when I get to her household in my rotation I will certainly focus to some degree on her five Businesses. There are several other Business Owners and I will have to make a point to spend sometime on those households too.

In a previous thread I was lamenting that I did not have a Slot Machine, well I have them now along with Texas Holdem Poker Tables, and so I made a Casino...I need to make sure to show that one when I get to the owner's house.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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Default Update: Mayor's Family Night (Orbinson)
I'm glad you liked it @lordtyger9 and thanks for your consistent commenting, at least I know someone is reading this thread, haha. Franz only wants to take over the bakery and being a celebrity is something he probably wouldn't like. If he did rise that far, it would by name only and he would live a very private life away from the public eye. His sister might cash in on his fame though, she'd be the type to do it. I'm glad you found a working slot machine, I actually use one and the Texas hold em poker table in the casino in my game! It's not a business but a community lot that I built for a resort contest two years ago and now use it as a story setting.


I checked back in on the Orbinson family after taking pics for my next story chapter involving the Mayor's son, Reggie. It was a holiday weekend and so they had a family dinner. Well what happened in game was that I had Lawrence Orbinson invite Reggie over and Reggie asked if he could bring a friend. However, Reggie really doesn't have any friends so it wasn't surprising that he brought his elder sister, Victoria. As soon as I saw them approaching I brought in Evelyn Jane as well to make it a family affair. Anyway here are the pictures I took:

Noelle busted out a salad since their cook was off for the holiday. Noelle knows how to cook very well but the Orbinson's have a butler so she doesn't really need to.

Evelyn Jane is disgusted at Reggie's tables manners. He's an Orbinson, he should have more etiquette! However, Reggie has a lot on his mind and anyone will be able to see what he's so grumpy about when I update Nest of Vipers on Sunday.

Everyone's done eating by the time Victoria drops the news that she needs an extra 5,000 simoleons to pay for all the flowers at her wedding. Her family is wealthy but 5,000 for JUST flowers is a bit steep.

Lawrence needs a drink after writing that check.

They call for some music and it's a good thing Evelyn Jane and Reggie are classically trained musicians. They pick up their instruments and fulfill their parents' request.

Of course, Victoria who is a bride-to-be and must be center of attention at all times butts in and does some dance moves. She trained in the dancing arts as a girl.

Lawrence and Reggie shoot some billiards upstairs but even though Reggie asks, Lawrence isn't going to fork over 5,000 more simoleons. He's not Daddy Warbucks or the Monopoly Man for Plumbob's sake!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#79 Old 7th Oct 2017 at 11:37 AM
@Charmful I like reading your posts, also you take good pictures and I definitely like how you dress your sims.

Also I went and read several of the most recent chapters of Nest of Vipers. I particularly like the red sequened dress Leona is wearing, it is very nice.

Your writing is interesting and my favourite character is Franz, I really hope that he suceeds some how. I also like Leona, and I am kind of suspicious of that Manager and the contract. Edric i am not as suspicious of, I kinda of think he is not likely to be evil toward Leona. I am also interested in what the "Boss" has in mind for those two girls. Like I said your writing is interesting.

I am looking forward to more in both threads.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
but satisfaction brought it back.
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#80 Old 7th Oct 2017 at 11:45 AM
Oooh, what does Reggie need the money for, I wonder?

I love the way Victoria has to perform!

Great pictures, @Charmful !
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Default Family: The Kapithas
Replies from last post:

@lordtyger99 Some of my sims can be quite fashionable. I like to get a few outfits for them per each age group that fits into their style, suffice it to say my CC folder is stuffed with clothes. I'm thrilled you read some of the story and thank you for your thoughts on it! I love Franz to pieces, honestly. He was one character from Battle of the Bands that didn't get as much time as the others but Nest of Vipers puts him in a more central position of the story. You are probably the first person that has said they like Leona - she can be a little blinded by her ambitions to the point people around her get the shaft so she has some flaws there but I think you are on point with your assessment of the manager and Edric King. So keep reading to see what else happens over there (i'm more consistent posting that than on this thread anyway)

I don't have my game on tonight but I will see if I can dig up a link to that red sequined dress you said you liked that Leona wore.

@simsample it's always a pleasure to see your comments! Reggie needs money for...well...gambling purposes but he didn't get it so if he's making any bets it's on his own dime now! He didn't really need that much, he was just being snarky because his father caved into the demands of his precious princess of a daughter aka attention hog, Victoria.

Without further Ado, here is another staple family in Kashmire as old as the hood itself...

The Kapitha Family

This family is about as old as the Orbinsons in terms of game play and they have established themselves as either great cooks or apt business people. The Kapitha core family consisted of married couple Javier and Calypso, their two teenage children Tibby and Rayon, and then a child named Ori. They had a son named Fernando as time went on. They have a family home in the center of Isla del Kaashmire that is inherited but any family member can come claim use of it if needed, no patriarchal or 'first born' rules needed to move in. Sometimes they even double up.

Javier was a very successful businessman and Calypso was a stay at home mother that later dabbled in the culinary career when her children were all school-aged. I can't remember if Javier made it to tycoon levels of business-ing but he definitely had a big corner office on an upper floor of a building in Scandalica City and was in charge of many things. Business things. Javier retired and played golf everyday like a true executive. Grim took him around 2012 when he sauntered off into the afterlife with a mixed drink on the arm of some hula girls.

Calypso was a fashionista, one of those mothers that nowadays would browse pinterest and take cute pictures of her sleeping tots and post it all artistically on Instagram if sims had such social media luxuries. Luckily for her kids and their futures, she did not. She was BFF's and work out buddies with Delilah Cosgrove so she had an 'in' to the high society of Kashmire. Calypso liked status so BFFs with a Cosgrove and wife of a very top ranking businessman was her idea of paradise. She passed away shortly after her husband and that made room for Fernando to move in and claim her room. I don't really have any available pics of her, since she died before I moved to the PC so it's all in my Mac's archive. But she had fabulous flowing black hair and piercing green eyes that no one has inherited to this day.


Tibby was kind of a handful; she started hanging out with Josalyn Louis in high school but was smart enough not to be pulled into the Misguided Mistresses syndicate like Josalyn was. She was room mates with Josalyn for awhile until Alejandro Garcia proposed to her and she moved out. She met Alejandro Garcia in High school; he was this hot new thang in her class and she decided to pounce on dat handsome booty and Josalyn probably encouraged her too.

After seeing the negative effect the syndicates had on the region, she and Josalyn had a falling out and Tibby joined the IDK police department where she was a SWAT Team Leader until her retirement. Yeah she liked action in any capacity and definitely was not a desk job lady. She and Alejandro had two children – Seychelle and Jag (Jagadish). Her brother, Rayon and his wife moved in with Tibby for a bit, at least their children had time to become friends before she kicked Rayon out because it was getting too crowded and she couldn't stand Olivia's health freak sermons. She never really got along with her sister-in-law in the short time they were forced to live together. Olivia was kind of uppity and Tibby disliked that characteristic, as it was something she saw in her mother all the time.

Tibby was the only sim in the history of Kashmire that died and was resurrected by Grim. She happened to get too low on hunger when she was pregnant with Seychelle and collapsed right as she got to the fridge. Alejandro was beside himself in grief, went to the dark market underground and paid the psychics' guild top dollar to have her come back to him. Though, her mind seemed a bit off, and she forgot that she ever loved him. It was a bit of a rehabilitation to make her remember her love for him, which broke his heart all over again but it was worth it, eventually she remembered and rejoined the police force. Damn, Alejandro would go to the 7th ring of aspirational hell for Tibby Kapitha. Tibby is still kicking it with her daughter's family at her place. Alejandro has since passed but Tibby didn't call Grim (as that practice is illegal) and she plans on joining him at some point in the near future.


Rayon married Olivia Garcia, sister of his brother-in-law. Rayon pursued a path in the culinary arts, his wife also had interests in the same career so they would always test recipes on each other and give feedback. Together they had one son named Anton. Rayon lived with his sister's family for a time until she kicked him out, and by that time the Kapitha family home had some vacancies so he just moved down the street--he and his wife were instrumental in planting the garden and orchard at the Kapitha ancestral home used for their fresh prepared plates. He and his wife are also kind of heath nuts. Rayon worked as a sous chef for many years but has since retired and now works as a cook in 'Calypso's Cafe' with his own hours. He also puts himself in charge of family dinners most nights but sometimes has to fight Olivia for the privilege.


Ori went off to La Fiesta tech and was engaged to a woman (NPC) named Sierra Jalowitz. He was about to graduate university when he and Sierra disappeared*. He was thought dead when by some miracle, he was found after half a decade later wandering in the desert with no memories of his past. Sierra was never found and Ori was hassled by the police on what had exactly happened but it was in vain. Ori was sent back to live with his parents and his memory never fully recovered, though he could function enough to have a job as a restaurant manager at the restaurant started by his younger brother and his wife.

He also was able to buy the home of Martin Calhoun in Isla Del Kashmire after Martin's passing. His old friend, Aviva Sanchez starting hanging out with him, thankful he was okay and back in town. They were pleasant company and after a night of drinks and sympathy woohoo, Aviva became pregnant. They decided it was best for her to come live with him when there was a bun in the oven and they have an amiable relationship while it's not really 'love' - they act like they are a couple and raise their son, Angelo, together. They are just like best buds and remodeled the house together and play pool together. Neither of them see themselves falling in a deep sort of love with anyone so it's a situation and they are content with it, and now they are too old to actively look for anything more since they have each other. Ori likes to blog about conspiracy theories, especially considering his mysterious 'missing' years.


Fernando Kapitha was a smarty pants as a child, always going around spouting 'Did you know this?' and 'Fun fact!' about whosits and whatsits. He was good friends with other smarty types his age like Gina MacKenzie and Jillian Wellington. He had a thing for Gina in his teenage years but it wasn't reciprocated. He was kind of lonely because there was such an age gap between him and his siblings and they were well out of the house by his teenage years. He's not necessarily an 'oops' baby but more of a 'Calypso wants just one moooree?' kind. Fernando Graduated from Academie Le Tour and came back to live in the Kapitha family home with his elder brother, Rayon. Fernando met and married a woman named Yasmine and they have three children—Laika, Shreya, and Shalin. He and Yasmine opened a café restaurant named after Fernando's mother and Rayon and Olivia enthusiastically work as cooks while Yasmine manages and Fernando does marketing. Ori is also acting manager on their days off-it's a real family affair!


Anton Kapitha, Rayon and Olivia's only child, is a shrewd businessman of little words who was recently promoted to a business tycoon. He lives in Isla Del Kashmire with his chatty and outgoing wife, Melody ('nee Hart) and his two twin children—Roderick and Rosaline. He's unique in a sense because he doesn't say much but people still flock to him so his socialization meter is always in order. He was known as a silent deal closer for most of his career before becoming a tycoon, self modeling after his grandfather's success. He has a very muscular build and Melody constantly refers to him as her 'hunky husband'. They have a very endearing, loving relationship and she knows his silences are just his way of being speechless for how in love with her he is. Anton enjoys reading the newspaper, working out, painting little pictures of flowers, and of course he's very in love with his family despite his silent nature. He was also really camera shy and didn't provoke any snapshots of interest during his younger years, so I don't really have any pics of him from before he graduated. Dude didn't really come out of the woodwork until he snagged Melody's attention...which I am still puzzled on how he managed to that (THANKS ACR?!) but it ended well for both of them.

Anton and Melody actually have a cute MTS picto-history together, long gracing the couples thread and then later the family thread with their lovey-dovey antics (including engagement and wedding photos). Here is a place you can start if you are curious to go down that reverse rabbit hole to see their past together.


Roderick Kapitha is a little scamp. If he's not creeping up and burping into someone's microphone then he's showing off his acrobatic skills, and he doesn't have much tact because he once did it in front of a school mate that was on crutches. I can tell that he's going to be one of those annoyingly talkative guys in high school that won't get the hint his friends are trying to end the conversation. He might pick up skateboarding too. He's not too rebellious yet but he gets his sense of humor from his mother. He inherited the rare 'golden eye' gene but that will described in more detail on her grandmother's family post, otherwise he took the opposite genetics of Rosaline with complexion and hair--gaining the paleness of the Harts and the dark brunet locks of the Kapithas.


Rosaline Kapitha is the more responsible of the twins. She has her father's complexion and her mother's hair and eye coloring. She takes care not to scrape her knees riding bikes or climbing trees and has a first aid pack with her wherever she goes, inspired by her mommy's medical profession. If Roderick is being to peskery, she has like a million cousins she can turn to for better playtime experiences. (She literally has 11 cousins on her mother's side, 4 in her age range at least). Rosaline dislikes cheaters immensely and would rather throw the board game or cards across the room than tolerate someone cheating at the game and winning. This rigid dislike poses a lot of screaming and messes between her and her brother because sometimes he does it just for the reaction.


Laika Kapitha is Fernando and Yasmine's eldest daughter. She loves to play, and probably is the only one can that get one up on Roderick, who is technically her first cousin once removed since her first cousin is Anton but they all refer to each other's kids as cousins despite that. She enjoys helping her mother and aunt garden, becoming more in tune with nature. She is begging to go camping one of these days and if her family can find to take off from the restaurant they'll make it to the real woods and do so. For now she just has to be content sleeping in a tent in the back yard for a 'camping' experience.


Shreya and Shalin are...oh no not more twins!! When did the Kapithas get so much twins? They are just toddlers so not much is yet known about them besides they really like grabbing the family dog and cuddling it hard. They play with toys? I guess Shreya favors the wobbly rabbit while Shalin goes for the little xylophone. Their nursery is now in what was once their grandparent's bedroom and they kept getting haunted by Calypso's ghost as infants, waking up and screaming so Rayon did to his mother's ghost what his sister did to him and kicked her out...or at least gave her a resting place with all the other stiffs in town. So who knows if this paranormal-ness has rubbed off on the impressionable twins? Future ghost hunters maybe? Or dog trainers they way they keep manhandling the dog.

House and Business


The Kapitha homestead is centrally located in Isla Del Kashmire and has a very distinct orchard out back. The house is three stories--4 bedrooms; 5 baths; two patios and something I built back in the day before I had an inkling of what good and structural home design was but I have tweaked it over the years to try and make it less monstrous. Like, I don't even know what's going on with that driveway.


Calypso's Cafe is the business Fernando started (actually Yasmine convinced him, she's a regular business-minded gal and married into the right family for such an endeavor) and not exploit the cooking talents of his brother and sister-in-law--more to bring a fresh food option to the hood. Like where else are people going to eat? Banan-o-rama Bowl? Please that stuff is greasy and Beli Deli might have more healthy options but don't kid yourself, they import their ingredients from out of town and they don't have bathrooms so only go on a full bladder. Don't get Fernando started on the uppity bourgeoisie stuff that Le Cafe or Mocha Chip serves, which are his Cafe's direct competition but they are just glorified coffee shops that offer paltry food with their caffeine. Go local with Calypso! Fresh fruits from their orchard plus they source all other ingredients en mass from Skye's Farm, can't get more local than that! Calypso Cafe is a mid level rated business between 4-6 stars.

Thank you for reading, and bearing with such a long post! More to come someday! Hopefully soon-ish... (I spent like three to five hours on this post total )

*The first time I accidentally put an occupied lot in the bin (2009) and after a few minutes of cursing, took it out again to find him gone. Then I got the simblender (2011) and found out I could fish him out of the ether to exist again(2013). Couldn't find Sierra though...

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#82 Old 17th Oct 2017 at 12:39 PM
Oh, poor Ori! I wonder if Sierra can ever be found?

I really like this family, especially Rayon and Tibby! :lovestruc

The family home is really interesting- what an unusual house! I especially like the double height windows.

Great pictures and lovely stories, @Charmful !
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#83 Old 17th Oct 2017 at 3:59 PM
I like to have a lot of clothes too.

I like the The Kapitha Family a lot, there are a lot of great pictures too.

The Kapitha HOUSE looks odd, but I think I like it.

I like the THE CAFE's exterior and the interior looks good too.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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but satisfaction brought it back.
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#84 Old 18th Oct 2017 at 9:46 PM
You have a well-thought-out overall concept, with the subhoods and how each family operates as well, that I only wish I could manage for myself.

The hoods are beautiful and the family stories are compelling. There's way too much for me to comment on everything individually.

I do have a soft spot for Franz, though, because he and I are a lot alike. I love to cook, especially to bake, and am quite shy and private. So, I'm rooting for him to do well with the bakery and to find someone special who appreciates him.

Did you have many townies/dormies in your game, or did you start with certain founding families and have them intermarry so the playables would be "your" Sims? I know that Ori married an NPC (dormie? or campus employee?). Do you use aspiration rewards to extend the life spans of your Sims? Did you have certain things in mind for your Sims, or do you randomize things like Aspiration or LTW or careers?

Can't wait to read and see more!
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Default Archival Content: Newspapers
Replies from last post:

@simsample - Thanks for dropping a line! I tried to see if Sierra showed up as an option when I went looking for Ori in the ether, but at that time I did not see her. Considering Ori is now an elder, I doubt Sierra would still want to be with him considering she'd be a fresh adult and he has a child with another woman. Some women might not mind but I feel the window of opportunity has come and gone. Sierra is a cold case now I actually used the Kapitha house as a base for another family home but made different rooms within it, and it looked a lot better. Kapithas got the weirdo one, but they call it home.
@lordtyger99 - Haha, the interior of the house is a lot more sophisticated than the exterior. I don't have the heart to bulldoze it like I have many other ones I build back in the day. At least it's old enough to be considered haunted by ghosts of older family members. I did try looking for that red sequined dress, many google searches later I am not bale to find it, and I can't even see the package file name in sims when I go to CAS and have it tried on. So it leads me to believe I got it off an international site like myBsims or Luxewood.
@Cher64 - Hi there and thanks for your lovely comment! So glad you had a chance to read about my hood and I know there's a lot so way to get through it! *sigh* I'm not even halfway through all the families and their histories yet. I guess that's I get for playing the same one for 10 years.

I enjoy it when people can relate to sims as characters, that's why I try to mix it up a bit when I play them. You're in luck if you like Franz because he's featured in my sims stories and there's a whole lot going on with him in there that hasn't been noted in this thread to keep spoilers at bay. He's quiet, finds solace in reading and baking but there's a darkness in him and what won't he do to protect those that he loves? He'll have definitely have his struggles and romances to come in Nest of Vipers.

Concerning your questions:

Over the years and still to this day I have a rather segregationist attitude toward NPCs and my custom sims/ born in game sims but it's been getting better. A vast majority of my sims are custom ones that come from families I created. As far as townies/dormies go - I never really touched them the first few years. I wanted to create a neighborhood of 'my sims' since sims 2 is my sandbox. So I made a handful of families in CAS in order to have welcome wagons that were more likely to be sims I had created, and my sims were more likely to meet my other custom sims when visiting community lots or at school and work. I continued to make sim families or single sim household when I needed more options for sims friends and romances.

The first families weren't founding families; they don't get credit with finding Isla Del Kashmire or anything but they are just considered 'Established' and naturally have longer histories and more generations of offspring. (on a side note the Orbinsons, Kapithas, Calhouns, Hillenburgs, and Sanchezes are the oldest surviving families and I know this because they all have maxis eyes genetics from before I started downloading genetic CC, and every family I made thereafter have some sort of custom eyes)

Anyway, so my integrated NPCs are very few and far between. Ori Kapitha, as you have mentioned was engaged to Sierra Jalowitz who was a dormie NPC before that lot bin accident and I never found her again but was willing to have her be a part of 'my sims'. There's only a handful of NPCs or sims shipped with expansions that I have integrated into play. I use a lot of NPCS/shipped sims for my stories as background characters or supporting characters but don't actively play them. I don't usually allow sim children and teens to be friends with NPCs either, same with my sims who bring co-workers home - everyone just gets sent home after a joke or two. I do find it fun to catch walk-bys and use the gussy up mod on them to change their looks and clothes. One of the reasons I never touched NPCs in the beginning is because they didn't have custom content but now I can do that so my attitude of my sims intermingling with them on serious levels has lightened up.

I used to use the aspiration reward to extend lifespans as needed. This day and age I maintain any age timelines with the simblender by reducing age. This is handy if I want to keep adults as adults while their children go to college, also helps me keep each generation in more or less the same time stream because I don't play in strict rotation and can get carried away playing one family for too long and it throws them out of sync if their ages ahead of all their friends.

The only things I have in mind for my sims are story plots at the moment, and this only effects the active sims of those stories. The rest just writes itself through playing them. I may embellish their lives a bit in writing but everything usually has a truth to it, inspired from the gameplay. I don't have any ultimate plans for each and every sim. I might have an idea or trope I want to play out for example, to have a sim go into the family business but then they turn around and get a lifetime aspiration of something else career-related and I think 'yeah I could make that happen!' and then go against what I originally planned and it makes things so much more dynamic with that kind of flexibility. However, my goal isn't to make every sim get married, reproduce, and reach their end of life with a perma-plat. There are some lucky ones I actively try to meet that goal for them while others don't achieve their dreams. I do try to NOT make them die miserable though. If they are, it's just because their obligations of their daily lives got in the way of aspirations. It's quite realistic in that sense.

Sorry for the long reply but you had some great questions!


Archival Content - Newspapers

So while I continue to chip away at collecting pics and writing more long Iliad-length posts about the other families, I thought I would post some old stuff that's kind of neat. I made a series of newspaper articles from a contest two years ago and there's some familiar names and faces you've read about already. The contest was Making Headlines and the host would give a series of prompts for us to pick out and create a newsworthy article about. I picked out what prompts could best be used with what was happening in my hood at the time. So here's some of Kashmire's old Newspapers for your reading pleasure.





Here were the bonus newspaper ads I put together for a law firm, sporting contest, and psychic hotline.

Hope you got a kick out of the old newspapers!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I think that most houses that have been inhabited by a family for generartions should have a bit of remodeling over the years. I do like to remodel Maxis basic designs and then I some times do more remodeling as time goes on and the money permits.

Oh well I appreciate you looking for the Dress for me. I have an idea how it must be to try and find something when you have playing a long time.

I generally do think of my Sims as characters, because before I started playing Sims I played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games

I liked looking at Kashmire's old Newspapers and then reading the text. It was a nice touch.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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@Charmful, I appreciate you giving such detailed answers. When I'm finished with the challenge I'm playing, I want to (re)start a hood. It was a very large hood and I didn't use subhoods. After reading about Little Carping and the way you've set up Kashmire, I've been rethinking that. I'm also interested in ideas as to how people play long games because that's what I'm hoping to do with my new one. So, thank you for taking the time to really answer my questions.

I also plan to be faithful about backups, because I've lost a hood or two after several years of play.

Some of my play is similar to yours. I don't like to involve the Maxis NPCs or townies/dormies in my game. In fact, I now use mods that keep those things to a bare minimum. It's not as big a deal since I discovered default face template replacements, but I still prefer to play my own Sims only. I've also, so far, never had an overall plan for a hood or its inhabitants. It's fun to let them surprise me.

The newspaper stories are terrific, and give a lot of life to your Sims and their lives.

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Charmful any chance you have a clothing folder from BBKZ from TSR? When I googled sequined dress I got a hit from that creator with a very similar dress and upon further perusal of her 48 pages of female clothing stylistically it's very similar to the clothes your female sims wear. That's my best guess.
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Wow, great newspapers! Interesting to read too, you have a great imagination and your sims have a rich history!

Very interesting to hear about the way you play- similar to me by the sounds of it, sometimes going with the sims' wishes, sometimes making plots for them, sometimes letting accidents happen! I don't share your reluctance to using NPCs though- I've always given them a makeover with the alt sims surgery plugin for SimPE, so have them looking just as I want them to!

Great update, I've also been reading your story archives too!
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Default Family: The Harts
Replies from last post

@SingleClawDesigns - Thanks for Sherlocksing around to help find the dress. While I do have a lot of BBKZ's clothes, I searched through their catalog at TSR and didn't find this particular one. I opened body shop and scrolled over the dress and only got a 'By Aldi' which makes me think it's a recolor. The mesh I found to be from Always Sims - the 'Diana Dress', which is a 3t2 conversion from Loubelle sims. However no amount of Googling led me to find any links to the sequin recolor 'by Aldi'.
@lordtyger99 - Agreed! The older the house, the staler it can become after years of play. So every other generation I might re-do the interior with new wall paper or flooring and am satisfied with it. Some get major reconstruction done like re-roofing because I was horrible and still kind of am at doing roofs on my own my own builds. The Orbinson and Cosgrove estates especially look different then when those lots were first constructed.
Cool! I play D&D too! It can be very helpful in learning character creation. If you are interested, read above at my reply to SCD because I found more information about that dress though not the actual link anywhere online. If you have more google powers than me, maybe you can find it?
@Cher64 - Losing a hood is a pain I know all too well. Before Kahsmire I played one for two years that died when my little sister force quit the game while saving her hood and both were lost and it was in the day before I backed up. It took me out of the game for about a year because I hate starting over. Even this one almost had five years of play erased last Easter when my solid state drive died and it had all the back ups on it. I still thank my lucky stars for my husband's computer wizardry in retrieving files off a dead drive. Will you start a new hood thread when you begin your longevity hood? It will be fun to see how you construct it. Thanks for reading and enjoying the archival content.
@simsample - I'm glad you liked the newspapers and thanks for reading my stories! I hope you find them enjoyable! When I began playing sims 2, I played on a Mac, so I couldn't use SimPE until about 2012 when I switched to a PC and by then I was set in my habits to exclude NPCs from play. Though another big reason I don't usually integrate them or play pre-mades in a large capacity is because other people play them and I don't really like the idea of reading about sims that I play a certain way being played another way in someone else's games so there's conflicting histories and futures - it's like alternate universes! Now I can understand how some people would love that aspect and rally around those sims they play to compare and contrast but it's not my cup of tea.


The Hart Family

The Harts are one of my most well documented families. I love this family to pieces because they have a few unique things about them that always intrigue me and keep me coming back. It's not the oldest family but is by far the biggest, and that's because it's the one I allowed a 'marry of six children' aspiration to be had.

The family actually starts from a sim name Kimmy. One thing special to note about Kimmy is that she is the only sim in all of Kashmire to have golden eyes, so any other golden-eyed sims that exist today are her descendants. She was a part of the now extinct 'Palmer' family surname. Kimmy grew up in Scandalica City with her mother and elder sister and was kind of a mousy girl, timid. When mother married the inventor, Kent Orbinson, Kimmy was suddenly thrown into a life of mansions and riches she'd never dreamed of, kind of like Cinderella. Her step-family's wealth and generosity made a very positive impact on her, and brought her a bit more out of her shell. She got along fine with her step siblings and was about Garrison's age. She also could relate to Kerry really well. Milo was her sister's boyfriend, so that was kind of weird considering they were step-siblings but love finds a way...I guess. Kimmy dated Eli Elberts in high school for a bit but broke it off with him when she went to SSU. Kimmy was in the first of my sims generations to attend college, and that is where she met Matthew Hart.

A lot of games out there have the 'Harts' and I suspect a good reason to why is because Matthew Hart is a playable sim, shipped with University and has some good Maxis looks which equates to decent genetics. If not, that was my reason for bringing him into my sims' lives, particularly Kimmy Palmer's.

Matthew was a good guy in the Greek Society she happened upon one fateful night at a toga party. Matthew already had a love interest according to his bio but Kimmy's girl next door appeal drove him wild for her. They had a lot of fun together in the most wholesome of ways and were the apple of each others eyes all throughout their higher education.

She married Matthew at her step-family's estate in Isla Del Kashmire and even temporarily lived there until they moved to a duplex in the central part of the island. They had their eldest daughter, Harmony and welcomed surprise twin sons Andante and Adagio shortly after and at this time...the duplex was getting a bit too tight for 5. Matthew earned a good promotion at work in the business industry under Javier Kapitha and they purchased a nice big home in the new sub-division on the western side of the isle. Matthew got up to company president before he passed, he adored all of his children and made a point to spend quality time with each one, which was no easy task. Matthew enjoyed fishing, swimming, and any outdoor activity really. He was the reason their family had so many pet birds.

Kimmy's own family was kind of distant in their ways, her mother grieved her father and then was obsessed with Kent Orbinson. Her sister, Janna was always working like a workaholic and didn't bond with her very good so Kimmy wanted a BIG loving family and it was because of this family aspiration she ended up with a grand total of six, musically named children.


Harmony fit into a goodie two-shoes trope growing up. She always did her homework, never ever snuck out at night and even now as an adult nearing her silver years, she is pretty darn straight-laced. She's jumped around various education jobs, and currently is a high school principal. She felt she had to be stern with three sons, especially her eldest, Nick, who has always proven to be somewhat rebellious, in order to be respected by the other students. Harmony is a golden brunet–with the fawn brown hair and golden eyes of her mother. She also has freckles, just like all the Hart children do. People say she looks and acts like her mother but not to her face because no woman wants to be told that they turned into their mother.

Elm Calhoun somehow, with his sleazy charm won her over in college, as Harmony had been good friends with his twin sister all her life, but there's times when she looks at him and wonders how she ever gave him a chance. Their love life can be very off and on at times. She supports him for the most part, but has a feeling there's parts of his job she wouldn't support if she knew about them in more detail. She can tell he doesn't tell her everything. She can't throw together family meals in a pinch and has ruined at least two holiday roasts during the last Winter Holiday Dinner . She moved her family in with her parents and her boys grew up with Kimmy and Matthew in their lives until they passed away a year ago (in real time)

Harmony can come off very 'holier-than-thou' if she thinks she is making a good point, but she believes in justice and doing the right thing. Harmony enjoys reading books before bed, though goes to bed early because she likes to sleep and has to wake up early for her job. She has no favorite sibling because she knows it's wrong to pick favorites in the family.


Called 'Dante' by only his closest friends, when he was a boy, it was hard to tell Andante from his twin - all except the eyes. Andante inherited the blue eyes of Matthew. He got along well with all his siblings, even the younger ones. He had the same interests as his brother too, which was why it was hard to distinguish them. They were both extremely active but just like his namesake, he was a bit faster than Adagio. He was quicker to make new acquaintances, and put himself out there, quicker to crack a joke in a group of family or friends which made him slightly more likable. One of his best friends and first crush was his neighbor, Madison Piper. They were inseparable–played together after school nearly every single day when he didn't have chores to do.

Andante went to Sim State University and joined the Greek Society and held office positions in the Hoh Fruhm fraternity. By this time, he was a bonafide body builder and grade-A stud muffin who attracted many girls toward him but none of them could compare to Madison. He dated Madison in high school and continued to see her during college despite her being at a different campus. He got a job with the MBPD after graduating, and he and Madison lived in a duplex townhouse in Memosa Bay. They definitely were going to start a family but knew they needed money first. They had two children, a daughter named Stacia and a son named Xander together. Andante and Madison struggled financially to stay afloat while living in the city. Madison painted beautiful canvases and sold them to make ends meet and then later started a family law firm with her sister-in-law and next-door neighbor, Raine Hart. Andante ended up transferring to the IDK police department and they moved in with Madison's parents to save money. Andante was kind of jealous of his twin for being more financially stable–but otherwise they still shoot a few billiards together on the weekend and catch up. He knows he's not supposed to have a favorite sibling but it's Melody by far, after Adagio of course.


Adagio seems like a very common, casual man. He doesn't really stick out but for his buff physique. He pays his bills on time, kisses his wife goodbye before he goes to work. He plays dolls with his daughter and reads his son bed time stories. He's the perfect, Idyllic father and husband. The common citizen has no idea he works for the SCIA as an elite operative, agent 'Coda'. His brain and brawn make him the ideal candidate to go on quick missions outside of the region. H eis agent 'Coda' because just like in a symphonic movement, he closes the section of his mission he is assigned.

He managed to stockpile a lot of wealth during the first years outside of college working for the SCIA and investing in tech companies. It was dangerous and that's why he held off on having a family until he could be more secure in his career. He can hot wire a car, hack through a firewall, and looks really cool in a pair of sunglasses. He once helped save his family from a fire...in his pajamas. Don't believe me? take a look at this .

Adagio is a somewhat private person. He's fine talking about the normal aspects of his life but will not go into details if pressed, like he's skirting around the truth just a little. When he was a kid, he rough-housed with his twin brother which trained his muscles and stamina for when he was older. As Adagio aged his hair got darker while Andante's stayed the fawn brown color. However, Adagio does have the golden eyes of his mother.

In his teen years he had a big crush on Elm's little sister, Fern and they dated for a bit before he graduated high school and went to sim State Univeristy. There, he had some casual dates and was room mates with Miles Piper, his friend and next door neighbor growing up (Madison's younger brother). Adagio met Raine Phoenix through his brother's wife in college, they fell for each other fast and liked to challenge each other to pinball. They moved next door to his brother after graduation and got married. They were childless for many years due to Adagio's career but within the last few years he and Raine had a daughter named Hazel and a son named Harrison. They moved out of their duplex and bought a house in the Memosa Bay hills where he keeps up his charade of the most common, unassuming man in Kashmire.

He's not saying he has a favorite sibling, but if he had to pick it would of course be his twin. If he had to pick a sister, it would be Rhapsody because she's just so chill and bugs him the least about his job at family get-togethers.


Melody is one of my favorite sims. She's smack dab in the middle of her sibling line up between two sets of twins and with all that attention from her parents spread thin, how could she even hope to get enough? Kimmy and Matthew managed but Melody sought out alternative ways for it–including drama club and theater. Melody is a fabulous, outspoken little actress. She does accents, is decent at stand up–and It's all for the attention! She had a big crush that was mildly reciprocated by Skylar Greystone in her high school years, until her flirty sister Sonata stole him away.

Melody kind of hated Sonata secretly there for a while for doing that. Melody was popular and pretty, not a single sim disliked her, because even though she grabbed for attention she knew when to share it, and had to having 5 other siblings.

Melody attended Academie Le Tour and somehow, through her circle of friends ran into a handsome, somewhat shy guy named Anton Kapitha. Anton was kind of a challenge for her. She was determined to be his friend. That was the first step to break through to him. She would constantly call him and ask him how he was but then describe her day in great detail when he gave a one word answer. She loved all the attention he gave her, undivided. It wasn't that he couldn't get a word in, she'd provided many opportunities but they fell into a routine where he really didn't need to say much anyway. She wasn't actually sure if Anton even liked her in the same way on account of his lack of saying so but after a time with him a hot tub she figured out he said more through actions than words.

Anton proposed to her at Kashmire Point, they were married in Isla Del Kashmire's Matrimony Plaza, Honeymooned at Three Lakes and now are the parents of bouncing twins, which Melody blames her siblings for since they were all the ones with the twin genes and somehow infected her with twin cooties but she loves her rascals, Rocderick and Rosaline.

Melody works as a general practitioner in Scandalica City, not for the attention but because she was also raised to think of others and help where she could. Which inspired her to be a doctor. Melody is also a golden brunette like Harmony. Speaking of which, Harmony is her favorite sibling because Harmony is not a freaking twin!


Rhapsody set herself apart from her sisters as the 'grungy one' in her adolescence. She also has to clean everything she touches, being somewhat of a germaphobe which if you think about it, is contradictory since she is grungy. Anyway, Rhapsody was a late bloomer. She secluded herself in her room and played guitar or wrote broody poetry. She had no interest in sneaking out with her twin sister, no matter how much Sonata begged. She has the fawn colored hair of Kimmy but inherited blue eyes of Matthew.

In College at Academie le tour, Rhapsody met a frat bro named Ethan Elberts and she liked him a lot though her attraction was based on his aesthetics and they only had one book they had read in common. They had a flingy, long-distance romance and started dating but then this guy named Felix Cosgrove moved into the co-ed dorm and then it was all 'Ethan? Ethan WHO?'. Felix and Rhapsody sparked a fire in each other that is rarely seen, they pulled each other out of their shells, with triple chemistry. They couldn't keep their hands off each other and it was really funny because neither of them were like that or were suspected to be so...passionate...when they were in high school.

Rhapsody is pretty chill, she's like the 'cool' mom that lets her kids finger-paint on her art and then sells it as a piece of whimsy for 500 simoleons at the art gallery downtown. She has a bad time drinking though. It's like an alter ego comes out, Rhap-phony or something. Her worst episode was when Jimmy Calhoun had an open bar at his graduation party and she walked up to him and made out with him in.front.of.everyone. She was engaged to Felix at the time and she got slapped so many times by their mutual friends that her brain could have fallen out of her head. Felix was livid and even called off their wedding. Sonata was really concerned and allowed Felix and Rhapsody to tag along on her honeymoon as sort of a double date couples therapy weekend to Three Lakes. Good thing Rhapsody and Felix had so much chemistry because by the final night they were back in bed with each other, cuddling and Rhapsody promising never to drink again.

After they finally got married, they moved to Memosa Bay, on the same street as where Sonata lives currently. They had a son named Caleb and a daughter named Colleen. Rhapsody stays home with the children but plans to enter the work force when they are in school and do something design related. If asked who her favorite sibling is, Rhapsody will pick Sonata because she's her twin but also because without Sonata's help she may have lost the love of her life.


Sonata has always described as a flirt, and she won't even deny it. She is the biggest flirt to ever grace Kashmire. She was always prowling around in her teen years, looking for prospective love interests that wouldn't even last a week. She could lead them on for months. Love was an entire game to Sonata so it was no surprise she was a romance sim when she came of age.

Back before she discovered the art of flirting, Sonata was born with a dent in her head. This is a rather unfortunate facial disfigurement that cannot be reconstructed without a complete facial surgery but as you can see, Sonata always, ALWAYS wears bangs, which covers this dent up. Sonata is a girly-girl type personality — she fusses over her hair and make-up and she loves to work out. She is a strong lady, as in, she can lift heavy ass objects like it's no thang. Sonata won a scholarship for physique and was granted a spot in the R. Cosgrove Scholarship house. Her housemates were Caroline bishop and Mira Cosgrove. The Greek Society suited her to the max, it had a network of willing men to wrap around her finger. She dominated parties and affections in college. Sonata usually never was hung up on one guy for too long but like a boomerang Skyler Greystone, the charming vice president of Hoh Fruhm, kept coming back into her life. She liked to make him laugh and liked his attentions but because she was trying to have as many first dates as she could get, she refused to be his exclusive girlfriend. He would only hinder her love games and goals.

Sonata graduated with an economics degree and maybe it was because she was kind of burnt out on forgetting her dates names that she finally accepted Skyler's proposal. They made a good pair, and agreed if it came down to it and their flair for romancing others flared back up they would be honest with each other and not go behind each other's backs to satisfy their old habits.

Skyler and Sonata were married in Pandora, honeymooned at Three Lakes like Melody did but they had Rhapsody and Felix along to encourage them to patch up whatever disagreement they were having at the time. It's whatever, they got separate rooms from each other so Skyler and Sonata could still get the privacy and relaxation they deserved post-wedding.

They moved into Skyler's parent's home in Memosa Bay. Sonata saw that her in-laws were apt pottery makers in their retirement and so decided to buy a space near the commercial district and sell their wares. They have a nice little deal going where they get a cut of the profits from floor sales that Sonata makes.

After that business inception, there was conception and Sonata found out she was pregnant. She had to drastically cut her work hours but she and Skyler welcomed Noah into the family when that was over. Ryder was born not long after leaving the brothers close in age. Skyler wants one more. Sonata will think about it, but really wants to get back to her job. At least that job distracts her from playing her old romantic games.

Sonata's will say that Rhapsody is her favorite sibling but all the other siblings can tell its Melody because she and Melody had the most common interests and hung out all the time while Rhapsody was in her brooding phase in high school.


Daughter of Andante

Stacia is hands down, one of the most beautiful sims ever born to the region. Call her a regular Aphrodite that's going to start the second Trojan war. There hasn't been a beauty like her in the hood for a while now. With her infuriatingly perfect parent's infuriating beautiful genes, she can't help it the way people look at her like she's some sort of goddess. They get a bit distracted and some start to drool intelligibly when they talk to her and she finds it hilarious but at the same time annoying. Stacia is a major flirt, though not the high commodore of flirts as her aunt was–she's never serious about her romantic prospects, mostly because of the fore mentioned drooling. But she isn't putting her love life as a priority, it's more a fun hobby. But whoever she chooses will have won the dating jack pot.

Stacia loves cats and gossip, she looks like she could be one of the mean girls but is actually a sweetheart and very knowledgeable. She got a scholarship in knowledge and she currently attends Academie Le Tour and is in the R. Cosgrove Scholarship house with Evelyn Jane and Saskia Loche. Stacia really likes to watch birds. You can catch her between classes with a pair of binoculars in hand, scouting out the trees to find some to observe. She really wants to learn how to garden but her family hasn't always been the best at having a green thumb. She and her grandmother planted one but always forgot to water the plants, or went too long in between and those tomato plants just spiraled to death.

Son of Andante

Xander has his golden looks and deep brown eyes that girls call 'puppy dog' eyes and he is finding out he can make things go his way by just looking at someone sadly with them. He's just entered his teenage phase of life so he has a lot to look forward too. Like his sister, he has a soft spot for cats. Their grandparents always had cats and their family lived with his grandparents so cats were just a part of life. Xander was a pretty typical little boy. He likes comics, remote control car toys, watching Saturday morning cartoons and still does now as an adolescent. It was annoying though, that all his friends called his sister 'a babe' because Stacia looks like a toy doll to him and he thinks playing with dolls are boring. Stacia would try to get him to play dolls with her and her doll house when they shared a room and he did it once but it was like, the most boring game ever. Maybe Stacia needed to work on her doll game to keep him engaged.

Xander hates yard work, but likes playing chess. He loved playing chess with Grandpa Lucas. He never got beat his grandpa but always paid attention. He beat Stacia one time at chess and it annoyed her because she was good enough to play in tournaments and didn't think her kid brother could beat her but that's what happens when you pay attention to Lucas's slick moves. He also likes watching his mother paint pictures though he's been shooed out of the room a few times because he keeps asking questions and breaking her concentration. Whenever he tries drawing something it looks like a stick figure. Let's just say he likes to learn skills by observation of others good in those skills.

Daughter of Adagio

Hazel is a precocious little girl with high interests in reading, charity for homeless animals, and bugs. Yes, especially butterflies. Her parents tell her that if she befriends a stray animal, she can keep it as a pet so Hazel leaves out food, toys, and even a mat for strays to relax on in hopes they will adopt her family. No success yet but she is determined! She's been working hard on her bug collection and her favorite season is any she can be outdoors and catch bugs. She is one of the smartest students in her class and even won the spelling bee! Hazel has a bright future ahead of her!

Son of Adagio

Harrison is a toddler, which means I don't know much about him - only that he is attracted to shiny things so I hope that's not indicative of a future as a cat burglar. He likes to listen to stories a lot, but can never stay awake for the bedtime ones. Harrison inherited the rare golden eyes from his father. We'll just have to see where he goes in life to get more of an idea of who he is.


This post only covers the current sims who have/had the 'HART' surname. The other 2nd gen descendants from the harts are:

Nick, Shane, and Kit Calhoun (Harmony's sons with Elm Calhoun)
Roderick and Rosaline Kapitha (Melody's twin spawn with Anton Kapitha)
Caleb and Colleen (Rhapsody's children with Felix Cosgrove)
Noah, Ryder, Kingston, and Gavin (Sonata's sons with Skyler Greystone)

These sims have already or will be talked about in other posts.

Family Photos

Every single one of the Harts live in a Home made by @Triciamanly

This is Kimmy and Matt's home in Isla Del Kashmire where the siblings grew up and where Harmony and her family currently dwells.

This is where Andante Lives with his in-laws, it's the Piper's place in Isla Del Kashmire

This is where Adagio currently lives in Memosa Bay, the yard is half gone from that recent fire.

This is where Melody and lives in Isla Del Kashmire. There's a lot of green inside.

This is where Rhapsody Lives in Memosa Bay

This is where Sonata lives with her in-laws in Memosa Bay

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I love the Hart Family, the siblings are all very interesting, and I like the second generation too.

I really enjoyed reading about all of the Hart Family.

Really good pictures.

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"Aldi" triggered a memory for me that there is an Aldi Simmer. I think the recolor of the sequined dress is here: http://aldisimmer.tumblr.com/post/1...ubelle-sims-3t2

Another D&D player here, but currently I'm without a game.

I do plan to start a thread with my future hood. It may be a while, though. I'm thinking of starting a thread for my current challenge in the meantime. There aren't many compelling stories, though, since it's mostly an experiment in genetics. I plan to re-use a few of the more interesting twists and hopefully expand on them.

Aw, I really like Kimmy and Matthew's story. I'm glad she had such a large, close-knit family.

...but not to her face because no woman wants to be told that they turned into their mother.

Holy cow, I've never had a fire like the one Adagio helped put out! My husband is a firefighter and I'm sure he'd never make such an insulting comment upon leaving a scene. I'll have a little talk with him, just in case.

I love the family pics, and especially the age progressions.
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Originally Posted by Cher64
"Aldi" triggered a memory for me that there is an Aldi Simmer. I think the recolor of the sequined dress is here: http://aldisimmer.tumblr.com/post/1...ubelle-sims-3t2

Another D&D player here, but currently I'm without a game.

I do plan to start a thread with my future hood. It may be a while, though. I'm thinking of starting a thread for my current challenge in the meantime. There aren't many compelling stories, though, since it's mostly an experiment in genetics. I plan to re-use a few of the more interesting twists and hopefully expand on them.

Aw, I really like Kimmy and Matthew's story. I'm glad she had such a large, close-knit family.

Holy cow, I've never had a fire like the one Adagio helped put out! My husband is a firefighter and I'm sure he'd never make such an insulting comment upon leaving a scene. I'll have a little talk with him, just in case.

I love the family pics, and especially the age progressions.

@Cher64 Thanks very much for the link, I had to poke around a little until I found their Download link, but I did and I downloaded it, Looked like that Sequined Dress in the pictures, that is for sure.

Oh and Cher64 I am interested in reading any thread that you decide upon doing.

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Originally Posted by Charmful
Though another big reason I don't usually integrate NPCs or play pre-mades in a large capacity is because other people play them and I don't really like the idea of reading about sims that I play a certain way being played another way in someone else's games so there's conflicting histories and futures - it's like alternate universes! Now I can understand how some people would love that aspect and rally around those sims they play to compare and contrast but it's not my cup of tea.

Ah, I have empty templates in my game so that all of my NPCs are randomply generated. That way they are all mine!

Such a romantic story about how Kimmy and Matthew met! :lovestruc The photobooth pictures are really sweet.

I love the musical names- especially Adante and Adagio! They are all very good looking sims too. I really like little Harrison- he looks like he's going to be a great character!

Originally Posted by Charmful
It was like herding cats.

Beautiful pictures as usual, @Charmful !

@Cher64 Can't wait to see your sims!
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Default Event: Graduation of Sawyer Wellington
Replies from last post

@lordtyger9 - I am so glad Cher64 found that dress info so you could download it if you wanted. Sorry I couldn't in the first place, but it was in one of my download binge folders. I need to stop going on these benders or at least if I do, sort them properly so I can find them better when people ask a WCIF or mention they like something and I have it handy. Thanks for reading and loving the pictures! I love taking sim pics, and I am much better at it than real photography, haha.
@Cher64 - Oh wow, you found it! Thank you! Now Lord Tyger can use it! Nice! I only started D&D a couple years ago but it can be a fun time. My husbando is the DM and he really likes to use props haha. He even writes notes and wax seals them if our D&D party stumbles across a secret note. It also helps he has a 3-D printer and print his own minis for enemies and such when he needs to.

Kimmy's big family is what kept me coming back. I never had a such a challenge to play that many sims in one household before. It was fun and pretty hard but I got into the swing of things. However it will be very few and far between I let my sims get that many offspring. Thank you for reading and enjoying the pics These posts of the family histories takes *hours* to compile and find all my old pics from the old computer and curate them into something comprehensible, so I am glad it's worth the gander.
@simsample - Thanks again for reading! Oh I see now how you can tolerate your unique NPCs. Alas, my hood was already doing it's thang before I knew anything about the clean templates so I got my Carmen Vu's, Goopy Gilscarlbo's, Benjamin Long's and whatnot. They all have makeovers but are just mobile background deco for the most part. If you like romantic stories, I have some great ones coming for some other families, keep an eye out for a post about the Louis family - they have some epic romances for the ages. I can see Harrison being a cat burglar or a sports dude, based on that sports trophy he
pulled off the shelf.

Sawyer Wellington's First day as an adult

So Sawyer Wellington, who was first introduced the Wellington family post has finally graduated! He attended SSU all four years and now has a bachelors of business degree. He's always liked the idea of travelling or adventuring but he's also a business-minded fellow. So ideally he'd like to start his own travel agency or adventure tour company.

Sawyer has a ton of friends; even his former best bro, Jimmy Calhoun came to the party even though Jimmy doesn't remember his and Sawyer's times as friends. Jimmy was just told to be there by his wife, Mira. Mira and Sawyer just kind of hugged and didn't spend much time together at the party because of that time they hooked up in a hot tub in front of Jimmy while Jimmy was trying to rehabilitate his memory. Mira says she only did it to shock Jimmy into remembering anything but it didn't work and Sawyer hoped she had alternate reasons because they did used to to date in high school and maybe she wanted to be with him again. But no.

Also, it was important to note that Sawyer's elder-aged mother, Cheyanne put all the guy's kicky bag skills to shame. She slayed.

Sawyer moved into an apartment in central Memosa Bay (click here to see interior). It's one bed, 1 bath but it has a nice view for being on the second floor, and plus there's a nice urban community vegetable garden next door he can pick from if he needs food. He needs to find a job to earn money before he can start in on his business venture ideas, unfortunately nothing in his chosen field has any listings when he checks online so he's still unemployed. This doesn't appease his future in laws. The guy is engaged to the Orbinson's eldest daughter, Victoria and the Orbinson's are all about perception. So it's a tense situation because the current mayor is running a re-election campaign and the subject of his jobless future son-in-law could come up in interviews. Sawyer just has to lay low until after the election and wedding are over.

While online, his friend, Melinda Cosgrove pinged him and he invited her over to check out his new apartment. They became friends when Sawyer dated her elder sister and then again when his SSU room mate, Marty Calhoun (Jimmy's younger brother), brought her over all the time to 'study'.

He greeted Melinda with a hug and invited her up to give her a tour.

Then Melinda has the bright idea to go on a double date. She makes Sawyer ring up Victoria and she calls Marty and tells them to meet her and sawyer at Sweet Marie's, a bar in Memosa Bay. They are available much to Melinda's delight and so she and Sawyer go meet up with their baes.

After Sawyer and Vikki get giggly and kissy in the photo booth, Melinda--as extroverted and charming as ever--declares that she and Victoria will play the men in a game of pool and the losing team has to pay for dinner. The guys agree surely enough and the game commences!

After dinner, they bid Melinda and Marty farewell and it's now time for Sawyer to introduce Victoria to his new apartment. She wants to talk about the wedding but he's tired of wedding talk and just wants to be with her. He loves her. He loved Mira too. Sawyer doesn't believe in a one true love because of his experiences, but he knows he makes Vikki happy and she makes him happy in turn and he could love living life with her. It's just a matter of hoping his in-laws will fully accept him too.


Thanks for reading. I am gone this weekend so updates will be next week and I will try to do another family intro/history post.

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I like Sawyer Wellington, I hope that he does well.

I really like your Familiy Histories, keep working on them every so often.

I started playing D&D back in 1978, and continued playing for years, but I have not played in something like 15-20 years now. Oh well I had a lot of fun and I still kinda of think of my favourite Sims as if they were one of my Characters in my D&D game. So I have my main favourites that I really like. Oddly enough two of them are premades that I sort of changed somewhat...Chloë Curious Davis and Lola Curious Davis are two of my most Favourite.

I didn't know about clean Templates until recently either and of course I had Strangetown already started a while at that point, so I didn't make use of the Templates until recently when I added the other main neighborhoods as sub-neighborhoods.

I am cool with the NPCs and Townies that I have and I created some more random Townies and random Vacation Locals, I like to have randomly generated Sims it is like randomly generating characters in D&D that you are going to use in the background. I do not feel like spending hours creating all of my Townies etc, in CAS. I have to have a goodly number as I need them for employees in my Sim's businesses and I like to have a goodly number of background townies, etc. it is how I play. I have over 80 Playable Households for one thing.

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I feel a little bad for Sawyer. It's hard enough to find a job when you're fresh out of school with no experience, and his future in-laws are only adding to his concerns. On the other hand, he seems quite happy with his new place, and excited to show it to his friend, Melinda. He seems like a nice guy and I hope he and Victoria can be happy together.

Cheyanne, however, rocks! It's good for those young 'uns to be reminded that elder doesn't mean useless and frail.

I started playing D&D in college, back in the early 80s, and have played off and on ever since. Mostly off in later years. I do have some nephews who play, and when all our schedules work out, we play once a week or so for a couple of months at a time.
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Default Business: The Produce Farm
Replies from last time

@lordtyger9 - Sawyer is a good guy. I'm excited to see him married to Victoria. It will actually be in the of Nest of Vipers story since Victoria is Evelyn Jane's sister. So do you think of character classes with your sims too? Like one is a bard class vs a mage class and then play them in those styles? Or do you do the alignments like chaotic good vs Lawful neutral etc when you create or play them?

I get where you are coming from with not wanting to create all your own townies and NPC's especially if you aren't going to be using them for regular play. On one hand I like
the idea of having all custom sims but remember all the work and just settle for extreme makeovers and possible name changes for the existing ones, but not as extreme makeovers as @simsample who has Femme Fatale do all the looks

I have around 70 to 80 playable households and that includes single sim 'families' living on their own. I think I play like you where I wait for a lifetime event or something.
@Cher64 - The only issue Sawyer could have in his marriage to Vikki is his in-laws. They are amiable but it is a lot of pressure. Sawyer doesn't just want an office job, he wants to travel and
whisk Victoria away with him and have fun when he is still youthful.

Cheyanne really is awesome, I haven't done the Piper family history but that's where she'll show up. She was the youngest of five siblings, all brothers so she's kind of a touch lady and that's where she learned her kicky bag skills As for D&D, hello fellow player *wave*

Hmm, sims need some D&D love, but I don't think there's a mod for them to play such a game. I've been playing two campaigns on 5th edition for over a year with two different groups. One meets every 2 weeks and the other is sporadic. but I'm always a sucker for being a sniper of some sort in a ranger class.

Produce Farm

Now to make a post in accordance with the bi-monthly theme!

The Produce Farm is a home business, currently on level 8 and probably my favorite because they supply most of the food to my other sims in the hood. The business was conceived by Skye Phoenix, who had grown up learning to garden in her family home that had an attached greenhouse. Once graduated Skye bought a farming property on the south of Isla Del Kashmire. Her girlfriend, now wife, Nelle Van Dien graduated with a business degree and so together they started this farming collective business. The mission was to grow organic, healthy fruits and vegetables. Farming is a lot of work, and so Skye and Nelle tapped Sebastian Greystone and Denny Paulson for help. The guys moved into the farm house and the couples started planting and prepping, making deals with other non-commercial growers to buy product and get a boost on their market.

Here is the farm of how it currently looks - it's a wonderful lot triciamanly was kind enough to build for me and is available for download here on MTS. I had to make some modifications, because when the guys decided they wanted to be fathers, there wasn’t really enough room to accommodate kids and so I built a loft in the farm house Denny and Sebastian moved into to create room for a nursery downstairs. Nelle and Skye were surrogates for their friends and left it up to the guys to raise the children while they continued to run the market.

On the right side of the farm house is an orchard and also where planting crops happens. They grow every available type of produce on Skye's Farm. There’s nine trees total, three of lemon, apple, and orange. The orchard trees are fixed with paper lanterns to help with evening harvests. All four adults have golden gardening badges and Skye taught each of them how to speak plantry.

On the left side of the main farmhouse is a garden with basketed beehives. Honey was an added product to the market a few years after the opening of the market. They collect honey spring-autumn and sell or store it for winter consumption.

In the back of the property is a pond where they can fish as well as the silo, which contains produce packing stations.

In the center is their year-round greenhouse that personal produce is grown in. The market is closed during the winter but this property is self-sufficient and does not have to call for groceries as they save enough food to make it through winter. The green house also houses a few hydroponic planters which they plant every so often. At first I would have liked to sell them but found they are not selectable with the pricing tool, so they are mostly made for deco purposes now.

The gated, open yard in front of the barn is where produce is sold in packing crates. Some are displayed on carts and some individual produce are in ground-level grades but not packed and make for a good, cheap snack.

Inside the barn is where the customers can check out, due to customer growth, Sky has had to add a second cash register. Little stalls on the first floor act as a sleeping, bath, and chew toy area for the farm corgis who guard the produce from would-be scavengers and also provide entertainment to customers during the day. Currently the corgis are Ninja and Princess. When sky started the farm, she had a corgi named DeNiro but he has since passed away. The second floor of the barn is a recreational hang out area with a place to blow bubbles or shoot hoops. There is a small bathroom in the barn too for customers and the family as they are back in the area so they don’t have to run to the farm house when their bladder gets low. Skye also likes to have some juicers nearby so she can make some mixes for herself and her family when they are hungry but there's no time to sit down for lunch.

Market closes at dusk and is not open during winter. It’s open most days of the week starting after breakfast.

As for roles, each of the adults can freely rotate in and out of business positions for sales, stocking, and ringing up customers. All four have enough skill in sales they could Dazzle and all are adequate using the cash register to get lines moving fast.

The couples brood of children - Julius, Cornelius, and Imogene - are now in college but they were taught the ways of having a green thumb and have some sufficient skills in sales as well though not the golden skills like all of their parents.

As you can imagine, the winter is cold so the market is not open and nothing is growing except plants in the green house, but it is a small crop for their personal use. The way they continue to make money in the off-season is through Nelle, who has the business degree and gives financial consulting and also makes smart investments through use of the computer. Nelle also is resident handywoman and fixes anything that breaks so they don't have to hire any outside help and see their household funds decrease.

In the most recent play through of this lot, I had the adults do a 'catch-up' day since their kids are off-lot (at college) and they are short three extra people.

Then the next day market was open again in full swing

For further reading, here’s some history blurbs and extra pics of this family business endeavor that can be found on my tumblr

Produce Farm - First Post
Produce Farm - Off Season
Produce Farm - Growing a Family
Produce Farm - End of Season
Produce Farm - Hardworking Summer
Produce Farm - Family Fun
Denny & Sebastians Wedding/Honeymoon
Produce Farm - Evening Relaxation

Helpful Mods/CC used on the farm are:
Boiling Oil's 'More Realistic Yield' so that plants have more produce to give
Sun & Moon's 'Bee's Knees Apiary Set' from Plumbbob Keep.
Paladin’s (Sim Wardrobe) produce packing station and BO's update

I will talk in more detail about the actual sims in this mix-matched farming family in later posts.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I love this produce farm so much. I've always had farmers in my games, and had just started messing with the custom items related to it when I sidelined myself with the offspring project. I plan to steal some of your ideas, and probably the lot, as well! The lanterns in the orchard look cool and are a great idea.

It's a beautiful little farm and a perfect place to get married. What a great family; I like the living room shot with them all. One of my favorite pictures is Sebastian working while the dogs play.
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#100 Old 11th Nov 2017 at 9:36 PM

Great Produce Farm, it is one kind of business that I don't have.

Thanks for showing us how you have your Produce Farm set up.

I suppose I might do one, Rose Greenman comes to mind she is a Plant Sim and I am not going to make her become human and I am going to play the household. I think I might try this for the Greenman Family.

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