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Default Business: Le Theatre - Social Ballroom and Buffet
Replies from last post

@Cher64 - Running a farm definitely keeps you and your sims on their toes. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it. Paladin also had some mods that allowed for easier mass farming if you hire actual workers. I have them but have yet the need to hire employees for this farm. Unfortunately Sim Wardrobe site is down but ihatemandatoryregister has a link in her signature that leads to all of Paladin's wonderful mods. I'd love to see your farm when you get it up and running.

Both couples got married on the farm and I suspect their children will too, whenever that happens!

Thanks for pointing out your favorite pics too
@lordtyger9 - Your Greenman family sounds like perfect candidates to run a farm as far as the name is concerned they could get a lot of good marketing out of it! Greenman's Veggies! The greenest! Thanks for reading and I hope to see in your thread the farm if and when you set it up and start playing it.

Le Theater

Ongoing with the 'Show us your business theme', here is the business the Cosgroves manage. It's a theater that was turned into a ballroom (also available for download here at MTS)

Currently, it's level 6 and honesty, it's a money pit. I don't recommend this a serious business model. The Cosgroves make a decent amount off it but they also spend a lot - fussing on decorations and food and entertainment - and being one of the wealthiest families they can afford to throw away their moneyon frivolities. Pryce and Adriana find this business a sort of fun hobby where they can get dressed up and schmooze with the other upper class residents of Kashmire.

It's a beautiful old neoclassical structure that's been owned by the family for generations, located in the heart of Scandalica City's historical district. Formal attire is required to enter the premises and the band-a-tron collects funds. The business opens usually around dinner time and stays open until midnight. The price is manually adjusted once it's dark, and gets raised 5-10 simoleons and then charges a parton per hour they are there so Pryce and Adriana make extra sure their guests are having a good enough time to be too distracted to leave prematurely. It's a struggle getting a patron to buy a ticket, they usually come up and look and leave before anyone has a change to work a sales option on them so that's why the price is lowered to about 10 simoleons the first few hours the theater is open, kind of like an early-bird special. Once they have more people inside dancing or eating, the price is raised and some others still might come in later.

Here is the main foyer/lobby

The ballroom's stage. Musicians can perform here, and the owners prefer jazz. Sometimes they bring out a piano but for now it's set up for jazz performances. When there are no jazz bands booked, the stereos provide music to dance to.

The ballroom itself and the balconies above. There's abundant seating for dancers to rest their feet. Above are little enclaves that patrons can eat at since there is a buffet right outside on the upper floor.

The upper floor also has a bar and nectar bar. But that's really all there is to it. It's a simple, elegant place of delight. I've had sims take their dates here, propose here, and the theater also functions as a venue for the Mayor's ball and the Cosgrove's charity masquerades.

I played a yesterday, a day where Pryce and Adriana gussied up and went downtown to open up the theater for a business day to show how it's currently running.

If you haven't already but want to read more about this Cosgrove family, they have their own family post here.

Otherwise mods I use for this business are:

twojeffs visitor controller at Simbiology - this is used to force sims walking onto the lot into the required Formal attire.

visitor controller link

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#102 Old 12th Nov 2017 at 10:07 PM
Unfortunately, I'm a long way off from having my own produce farm up and running. In the offspring hood, the only business I have is a fledgling home floral business. Kelly only had it open for a few days before I moved on to the next family in the rotation. I am finally starting to plan my new hood and have downloaded and looked at a confusing amount of terrains. I plan to play around with all kinds of businesses when I get that set up and populated. Since I can't make a decision quickly, and must compulsively look at every available possibility for hoods, it could take quite a while.

Your pictures do so much to help tell your stories. A few comments on some of the masquerade guests: I love how Jonah Wellington is rocking the blue lips. He seems to be the only male willing to go that far with his costume. I like that Sophia and Halen Louis have a signature color. I often take the dominant color in the outfit a sim ages up in, and try to choose clothes for him/her in that color group. Simon Stone made me laugh. Personally, I think he looks like he'd be a lot of fun at a formal event.
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#103 Old 13th Nov 2017 at 12:24 AM

I had downloaded most of the Mods that work on my game from SimWardrobe a long while back, so I have the Produce and Fish Packing Mods already. I am not going to use SimWardrobe's Employee-Gardening-Controller-2 as it conflicts with Monique's MOD MQ_Garden_Talk_To_Many.package, I got it from InSIMenator.org, but I figure that I will have Rose Greenman work on the Gardening full time and have her husband work on the Gardening part time as well. Maybe I can hire someone to help sell. I will have to see how it goes. I can also move some other Sims in with them I suppose. It will be an experiment. I do intend to play the Greenman Family, I am planning on changing the toddler to a Normal Sim though, still I am going to keep Rose the way she is and I might have her husband become a Plant Sim too, not sure about that part. So anyway a Home based Produce Sales Business sounds like a good idea for them. Also it will help make it interesting when I am playing them.

I will go ahead and do the Farm in my Thread I think. Oh yeah Greenman's Veggies sounds pretty good, or how about Greenman's Organic Veggies?

I really love how the various Couples are Dressed, as all the Female Sims have great Dresses and their Male Companions are dressed wonderfully with Matching Ties, great looks for all of them. I love those dresses and I have several of them myself.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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Default Family Update: Kapitha Birthday
Replies from last post

@Cher64 - Ah home floral business. I used to have one of those but the woman who owned it, moved houses and didn't end up starting another one. Home businesses - like that flower shop and this produce farm can end up going by so fast. I feel like Skye and company moved in yesterday and now they're nearly elders! So by all means take your time setting one up since it seems like playing them goes by lickity-split.

I'm thrilled you liked those couples pictures, when I first posted them on the site
years ago after doing the original masquerade no one really commented on them so I like to hear opinions on them still, thanks! It's hard to miss Sophia and Halen in the hood because of their hot pink, and that will be explained more in their family post but I like to do color codes too. I just pick out a color and then end up going overboard on some sims. For example, if you ever see
Alanna or Alarie Thackery from my sims stories they usually have some kind of violet or purple going on in their wardrobe. And the ONLY reason Jonas went all out with lipstick is because that particular mask applies a lipstick when put on in the game. Natalie has another one, that's why her lips are blue - but it seems more natural because she is more likely to wear make up. Simon Stone is a slacker and not very adept in etiquette of the Kashmire elite. So he's fun...but for Gina he was kind of a last choice to bring to that ball, especially when he went off to dance with Noelle instead.
@lordtyger9 - I see, I don't have the Monique mod to talk to many plants but I don't use the sim wardrobe one either, I installed it just in case I ever needed to have workers. But thanks for mentioning that in case I ever decide to get the Monique one. All four of the adults work full time on the produce farm but if the household needs quick money, it's probably best her husband keeps his job and once the toddler gets to be child aged they can help garden. Greenman's Organic Veggies sound mighty fine!

I always like having matching couples for fancy formals. I did that too with Melinda Cosgrove's Garden masquerade which I'll have to post pictures of sometime - but I did a CC search for all the dresses and suits so they could match. I love ballgowns, but the only issue seems to be the clipping when the women dance and their partner's legs get eaten by the flouncy skirt, as you can see in the slow dancing pic, haha.

Kapitha Update - Birthday

Taking a break from businesses, I played Anton and Melody Kapitha's place for a few days since their twins were nearing a teenage birthday and here are some pics from that:

Thanks for reading

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#105 Old 13th Nov 2017 at 10:55 AM

Great Pictures and great Party, I like Sim Birthdays a lot.

Note that Monique's Talk to Many does not throw an error, rather the option to talk to many just does not appear. Once I noticed that Talk to many was not working. I read that the two mods did not work togther, I did not try changing the load order to see if I could get them to work.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
Curiosity killed the cat,
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Great party pictures. I like the interactions between kids, they make some fun pictures.

I would just like to side with Rosali... I mean, Ros, and add that it's not fair that Roderick got his wish and she didn't get hers! They are definitely some nice-looking teens.
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Default Business: Pandora's Playhouse and Pleasure
Replies from last post

@lordtyger9 - I can tell you like birthdays quite a bit from how many you show in your thread I don't always have parties on birthdays. Sometimes I'm just too impatient so I have a bunch of people over but then it's not an 'official' party that does the cut scene cinematic. Sometimes I forget and the sim just grows up automatically. This will be my brothel/strip club post I mentioned on your thread after you had shown us your business of the same nature.
@Cher64 - I have this predominant gene somehow in my hood that makes everyone really grumpy and so I often get kids rolling wants to tormet others! Rosaline did and I let her torment her brother's friend, Marquez (not pictured)
for a bit before I felt bad and they ended up getting negative relationship points but I wasn't expecting anything positive out of that interaction. Kids so have a whole slough of interesting interactions. I even tried to get Antonio or Melody to encourage Rosaline to be nicer but the option for it didn't come up in the 'Encourage...' pie menu. Boo!

Maybe Ros should set that bar a little lower. I don't even have horses in my game! She's never even seen one! A pony is basically as rare as unicorn at this point lol!

Thanks you guys for your comments

The Brothel and the Gentleman's Club


This post gets back into the bi-monthly theme of 'show us your businesses', and it's a bit more risque in subject matter so there's no actual game play pics of the businesses being run. I will just show you the sims and the spaces of the businesses and leave the rest up to your imagination.

First off there's the Pandora's Playhouse - it's a brothel located in the seamy desert town of the same name and is occupied by five lovely ladies.

(L t R, their working names: Ginger Snaps, Lolly Drop, Velvet Black, Tokyo Tease, and Tijuana Tease)

The reason I created these set of sims was because I had a lot of playable single romance-minded lads running amok. There's not much depth to the sims themselves but they are all romance sims too and these business set ups suit their own ambitions and help others out with theirs.

Pandora's Playhouse is an unassuming adobe colored complex that is more or less just a big house. Of course it wouldn't be a playhouse if there wasn't anything fun going on, so each of the women have a themed room they entertain customers in.

Velvet Black is the proprietor of both businesses, basically the madame of the brothel. She has the highest skill at sales - containing the dangerous 'dazzle' talent that can lure any man into the house who happens to wander by. The clientele is vast and these women do not kiss and tell. They play hostesses to powerful politicians and celebrities in Kashmire but will not, under any circumstance name names - but it would astound you who shows up for their services. Speaking of services, if any these romance-lads happen to make a house call i.e. invite a Pandora lady over for a night of shenanigans, he will then send back money with her using the money order mod.

There are common rooms for patrons to busy themselves in while they wait for an available hostess. The dance room contains music and a wet bar with ready-made poured and blended drinks. Mirrors are aslo a common thing in the playhouse, probably to call back to a 'funhouse' of mirrors at a carnival.

Through the left double doors to the dance room is the jacuzzi room which is a sun-room styled area with a nice wooden hot tub for hostesses and their clients to get cozy.

The media room is just a living room, the only thing that makes it more than an ordinary living room is a certain rug that comes from sexy sims.

The Playhouse gathers money via the bandatron and ticket prices vary from 20-50 simoleons depending if it's open during the day or night. It's open at the whim of Velvet Black since she's the leading lady. Sometimes they need to have 'rest' days where they sleep, brush up on skills or take vacations together. ACR does help very much for this business because using the casual option I can get any of the women to flirt at a much lower daily relationship level than they could if it was vanilla and it to be accepted by customers.

What's your favorite room?


Across the street is the gentleman's club called 'Pandora's Pleasure' and it goes hand in hand with the Playhouse. It's a simple one-story building with a main showroom containing two dancing poles, two private lap dance rooms, and a small bar room. It also works on a bandatron and prices for a ticket are usually 15-25 simoleons. I also use the visitor controller so that I can switch up ladies or men's nights at the businesses.

Pandora's Playhouse as a home business is at level three. Pandora's Pleasure is an off-lot business and fluctuates between level 0 and 1. I don't play these businesses very much since the sims that inhabit them are a group of 'immortals' - basically Playable service sims. The club was also a newer business within the last three years so it hasn't really gotten of its feet and become established. Hardly any sims actually LIVE in Pandora so the only reason I go there is to play these two lots exclusively and only do it when the mood strikes.

Thanks for reading. I'm not linking anything from sexy sims since I think there is a rule against linking to mature content but if you have any questions, just PM me.

ACR (Autonomous Casual Romance) mod by twojeffs
Visitor Controller mod by twojeffs
Money Order mod by Pescado

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#108 Old 19th Nov 2017 at 8:59 AM

Great update, I like how the Sims look in your brothel and I like how the rooms look.

Lolly Drop's room would be my favourite room I think, I like how the room looks with the Red colour. Now if there were a Purple room, I woud pick that instead. purple is my most favourite colour.

I got a lot of stuff from SexySims, but also InSimAdult, and Chris Hatch's BackAlleySims are go to places.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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#109 Old 19th Nov 2017 at 7:56 PM
This was a fun update to showcase the businesses. Your five girls all have distinct personalities and styles, which makes it even more interesting.
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#110 Old 19th Nov 2017 at 11:56 PM
Your produce farm looks really great; I love the red barn that you've got on the lot. I like the theatre as well, especially the domed roof. Roderick and Ros grew up very handsomely. Hopefully Ros' birthday wish will come true for her, but I bet Roderick's wish helped her out too

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#111 Old 5th Dec 2017 at 4:43 PM
@Charmful Wow, I adore your 'Pandora' sims! I really like the names, and the themed rooms- you must have put a lot of time into designing all that!

I'm surprised your gentleman's club is only at level 1, it would probably be much more popular in my neighbourhood!

Great pictures.
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Default Update: Victoria moves in with Sawyer
Hello Everyone! It's been a hot minute but December proved to be a very busy time for me. Luckily I hadn't that many businesses, the only ones I didn't get around to showing off were the Bakery and more in-detail of the Calypso Cafe. Ah well, there's always another time! I'll have some sim homes to show come January in accordance with the new theme!

But first, here are my long overdue replies from the last post:

Replies from last post

@lordtyger9 - Thanks for answering my question about a favorite room. I am always curious about that kind of feedback. Unfortunately there was no purple room but you'd like the Thackery family, all their children are fond of purple and have it about everything they wear. You can see that in my stories when you see Alanna or Alarie Thackery. Sometimes, I download specifically purple clothes just for them. I got a few things from the SexySims site but never went to the other two sites. I didn't need that many mods for the more risque business, just 4 hacked objects (the dance poles, the lap dance chair, the shower, and the rug)

@Cher64 - Thanks for reading, the themes really helped out when I was building the brothel, at least in terms of bedroom decorating and then I fashioned the personalities around that. These sims are more 1-dimensional than other sims that I have just because they are pseudo-service sims so I try to make them as interesting to play as possible without going into backstories or planning futures.

@HH22 - If you want to snag any of those lots you mentioned, they are available on MTS! The Farm is here by Triciamanly and the Theater is here by Stofflesim. Since the Kapitha twins live in the suburbs with no stable room, I think Ros will have to deal with an unfulfilled wish. Roderick might be goofy but he's a realist when it comes down to it. Thanks for checking my thread out!

@simsample - Thanks for the comment! The brothel and gentleman's club is always a work-in-progress whenever I visit it to play. Even though it's a low scored business, the club rakes in tons of money but for some reason the guys keep complaining about the dancers and I think it has to do with a setting on the pole I downloaded. I'll investigate how to get that part turned off so the patrons are happy and therefore give the business more stars and ergo higher business rank.


Today, I don't have much but thought I'd get one in before the end of the year. I have been playing the game because I need to advance some sims in order for my current sims story to progress. Anyhow, I got a couple of casual engagement pics for Sawyer and Victoria. She finally has moved in with him in his apartment and they like to go on walks in the city since they live in the heart of Memosa Bay. It's plain to see they adore each other. I also put some post-processing to fancy them up. Hope you like and happy new year!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#113 Old 3rd Jan 2018 at 2:55 AM
I loved the Pandora's Playhouse, and mostly Velvet Black and her "room", I like the idea of a brothel in the city, that's the good thing about the montly themes, we can get ideas from other players to our games. Also your Sims looks are very unique and attractive...

Pd: the photos of Sawyer and Victoria are lovely!

"Old Town Revival: My MegaHood"
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#114 Old 6th Jan 2018 at 2:18 AM
Aww, Sawyer and Victoria make a lovely couple! Lovely pic editing, @Charmful !
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#115 Old 8th Jan 2018 at 11:00 PM
Sawyer and Victoria look like a sweet, and very happy, couple.
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Default Family: The Louises
Replies from last post

Thanks for the comments @srtv @simsample and @Cher64 - I hope your New Years went well and that no old men turned into dancing babies (Sims New Years Party reference).
I agree that this group is a very good way to get inspiration and ideas on playing by looking at what other simmers do. I loved your big parties, Srtv, and I love simsample's
femme fatale method of getting sims makeovers (though personally I would hardly allow such...fantastical...creative make up stay as their look without intervention), and I find Lordtyger9's way of running businesses very unique and efficient.

So, this is the first neighborhood post of the New Year and I will be implementing a little more detail to coenside with the JAN/FEB theme of 'show us where your sims live' into my family history posts. Today I bring you one of my favorite families, if the not *thee* most favorite - The Louis Family. My favorite, probably because I've spent so much time invested in it. It's a long post with a lot of pics.


What can be said for the Louis family but they are a bunch of wild people young at heart?


Derrick Louis was the talented guitarist of a famous rock band that disbanded when the lead singer passed away from liver failure. The lead singer was also his lover. The lead singer was also the mother
of his daughter, who he was left to raise as his band spiraled into the depths of rock 'n roll legend as he overspent his earnings on drink and drugs to cope with his loss.


This is where they actually came into play. I created Derrick as a single father to his teen daughter in CAS back in 2008.

Derrick rented a small apartment in Scandalica city and worked as a cook, a secondary talent of his. This left little time and attention for his daughter, Josalyn who was running around with all sorts of wrong crowds when she was a teenager.

Josalyn had a crush-tastic hormonal thing for Diablo Sanchez for a bit and made BFF's with Tibby Kapitha. Soon enough, she was working as a runner for the all-female syndicate after school. All the while Derrick's attention was on a woman named Zoe Wellington. After a period of dating her, Derrick married this woman and they combined their families into one house in the same downtown where Derrick was happy but Josalyn found it increasingly harder to sneak out to do 'work'. She got along fine with her goodie-two-shoes step brothers, and by 'fine' she mostly ignored them or played them against each other by sort of flirting with them. She was still a teenager when her father and step-mother had a new baby sister. She couldn't get out of that house soon enough!

When it was just Derrick, Zoe, and Rhiannon left in the home, they downsized to a respectable abode in Memosa Bay, the same city he was to open a restaurant, and it worked out for them.

Derrick and Zoe lived for a time in blissful harmony. Derrick realized his dream and opened a rock music themed restaurant where he had cooks to boss around and music to perform. The joint was called Rockstar Dining and it's main draw is that there's free-play musical instruments people can jam out with, kareoke to sing to, and a great menu of Derrick's vision. His has-ben caliber of fame drew in crowds to the place, increasing its popularity.

It was around the time Zoe started showing a wear of age that Derrick's interests were captured by a younger, new woman who called herself Geneva Fox. She had been a fan of Derrick's band when she was a teenager and showered him with praise and adoration only a fan could, and he had missed that kind of attention. He started an affair with Geneva but when Zoe found them together she kicked him out. He moved in with his younger lover, and found out she was pregnant. Paternity test revealed her son, Phoenix was not Derrick's child but belonged to Geneva's old flame, Casper Van Dien who she shacked up with a few times after local concerts. Derrick wasn't angry because she was with him now and he helped raise Phoenix as his own son. Geneva became pregnant a second time, this time with Derrick's child who turned out to be a daughter. By the time Philomena was born, Josalyn was expecting her first grandchild, and Rhiannon was in college, proving Derrick could be a father at any age.

After a time in Geneva's apartment, Derrick's business took off big time and he bought a large property in Memosa Bay Hills, a coveted area for only the famous and most successful sims of the region. This place allowed he and Geneva to raise Phoenix and Philomena with lots of room to spare, eventually Rhiannon came to live with them, and began to raise her own family.

Despite Geneva breaking up her parents, Rhiannon could see both sides of the argument and didn't hold too much disdain for Genevea. Geneva was actually pretty cool, she could play guitar just like Derrick and all his daughters, they even had a room at his estate that was solely dedicated to jam sessions.

Derrick passed away of old age many years ago, his urn sat in the music room for a few years but then it was buried in the Memosa Bay cemetery with its own private plot of land, it's a platinum grave that indicated Derrick made his aspiration of becoming a celebrity chef. He leaves a legacy of lovely lady musicians and a rocking restaurant.

The only pic I could find of Derrick, and he was well into silver years having gone grey. He was blonde, a trait which he passed to Josalyn and Rhiannon. Josalyn had visited him here, back when he lived in the apartment with Geneva Fox.

First Daughter of Derrick Louis

Josalyn was a bonafide wild child. She had about zero parental supervision which allowed her to come and go as she pleased, always had some sort of hot pink dye in her hair, and fell into one of the most notorious Syndicates in Kashmire's history - The Misguided Mistresses.

She did simple jobs at first, working part time as a teenager, running cons, moving product that security wouldn't check for on a teenager through downtown. After she graduated high school she took a larger role in forging art, fencing stolen goods, and even more. You wouldn't think she was this criminal if you looked at her now, she's like an eccentric old lady that is referred to as 'Granna Josie' by her granddaughters. Josalyn was also OBSESSED with hot pink and black colors when she was a girl. She dressed with a punk rock flair, dyed her hair, was all spikes and studs galore - a regular rock chick trying to find her roots as the daughter of the most famous dead singer of the generation. Derrick of course taught her to shred guitar, but that's about all the fatherly assistance he gave her. He was not cut out to handle Josalyn's fierce and free temperament.

She moved into her own townhouse apartment with Tibby Kapitha, her BFF from high school where they threw wild parties and through her contacts she met Jameson Van Dien who partied and rocked just as hard as Josalyn. It was love at first sight with these two.

She had a full head of wild pink hair at the time and no self-control with eyeliner, which Jameson thought was hot. He would take her on rides on his motor bike and they'd jam out together until dawn, causing apartment neighbors to complain. When Tibby moved out because he disagreed with Josalyn's criminal activity, that made room for Jameson to move in. They were like rock n roll peas in a pod, a love affair to last the ages. When Josalyn fell pregnant, her whole world view changed. She removed herself from the syndicate with no small difficulty as she had rose high in the ranks. She didn't want her future child entangled into a life of crime and she promised herself she would be a much more attentive parent than her father was to her.

She had her son, Halen, named after her and her husband's favorite rock band, and he took on her family surname as she and Jameson were not married (and they didn't get married until well into their golden years, on a whim, while on vacation at Three Lakes). She also dressed her son in a lot of hot pink but he didn't grow to resent the color, in fact he became even more obsessed with it. He thought hot pink and black were like family colors the way some families have a coat of arms or ancestral plaid colors/patterns. More on him later.

Josalyn and Jameson eventually moved out of their condo in Scandalica City and bought a home in Isla Del Kashmire where they spiced it up it's interior. It's not your average grandparents' home, clad with a wet bar and bubble blower in the main room, there are traces of the hot pink and black motif around the place as well. The other reason they wanted a house, was to be near their son and his family; they often have their granddaughters visit and Josalyn is particularly fond of giving life advice to them.

What is also unique to note about Josalyn was that she was the only sim in my hood created with light violet eyes.

Daughter of Derrick Louis and Zoe Wellington

The other Louis daughter of Derrick's to have existed in the hood is Rhiannon. She is the only daughter of Derrick and Zoe. She was loved by everyone in her family. Even Josalyn, to some extent, loved Rhiannon (and taught her the ways of killer eye liner) though didn't spend much time with her. Rhiannon was the best of her parents. She easily learned how to shred guitar from her father, she learned piano from her elder half-brother, Jonas, and Zoe taught her how to be empathetic and kind toward others. Suffice it to say, Rhiannon is very well-rounded. All of her half-siblings were out of the house by the time she was child-aged so she could feel alone but supplemented that with school friends. Her BFFs in elementary school were Gina MacKenzie and Natalie Francis. She also was extremely close to Ash Calhoun and Simon Stone. In fact, all four of them would get together at Spectacular Spectacular and blow bubbles in the back room when they were teens and even in later years. She felt horrible that her mother was hurt by her father's infidelity and stayed with her mother to comfort her when her father moved out when she was in high school. She still visited him and learned his side of the story, and while she understands his reasons, it didn't make him less of a dick for what he did to her mother.

Rhiannon was accepted in the Cosgrove Scholarship house at Academie LeTour where she attended with Gina and Natalie. She had a brief romance with her friend Ash since he was in the Greek Society and she saw him often at parties. Alcohol + hot tubs (ACR) and latent attraction can do that in college. Eventually they decided being together was foolish, especially since Ash always had a flame and always would for Natalie. Rhiannon attracted an out-of-Region student named Adrian Loche and they began to date. He was a bit punk rock like she was and they became good friends studying in the library to eventual lovers making out in the stacks. She and Adrian married in Pandora after graduating.

They spent a lot of time in Takemizu for their honeymoon and beyond, they had two children—Saskia and Orion—then they returned to Kashmire and moved into her father's estate with his lady love, Geneva Fox, and her children--Phoenix and Philomena (the latter was also Rhiannon's teenage half-sister). She and Adrian made sure to inject and foster a great dose of musical knowledge and skill into their brood. Rhiannon still carries on the Louis family values by having jam sessions with her entire family. What a sight to behold when extremely talented musicians get on the four guitars and bass in that special room made for musical harmony. Rhiannon knows her father would be very proud of that extraordinary, magnificent sound.

Son of Josalyn Louis and Jaimeson Van Dien

Halen, like his mother, was kind of a wild child but knew when to behave. She encouraged him to be a bit rambunctious and always say what was on his mind and didn't yell at him when he started food fights or jumped on the sofa in their downtown condo. Halen liked making up his own songs and dances and getting friends to sing and dance them which made his parents proud of him and his creativity. They taught him, to of course, play the guitar from a young age to carry on the legacy of a family of musicians. He had a thorough interest in dance though; dancing became his passion but not Ballet like his future wife, Sophia, was into, more like dancing to modern beats. He over-embraced hot pink and black as his family colors.

When he was but a wee lad of he was feeding ducks at the park on a school field trip. Near the pond, was a girl in a school uniform was crying because a goose had chased her and stolen her feed pellets but she was alone, like she was trying not to have anyone notice. He didn't recognize her and wouldn't have since she was a private school student. Halen, being raised to do the right thing, offered her half of his pellets so she could keep feeding the ducks. What's more is the rude goose came waddling back and tried stealing them again! Halen would not stand for it. He started shouting lyrics to a Black Sabbath song and waving his arms, which frightened the goose. The little girl was very thankful and impressed. She decided he was her friend now, and asked him to come home after school. Little did he know, this girl was Sophia Orbinson, eldest daughter to the mayor-at-the-time because pft, what kid pays attention to politics?

You could say that through their friendship, Halen's wilder side rubbed off on Sophia. She was brought up in a proper household that valued strict manners and etiquette so imagine the Orbinsons' surprise and displeasure at finding out their daughter was now friends with something just short of a hooligan!

They forbade Sophia from seeing him but that just strengthened her resolve and she was a straight rebel in her teenage years. She snuck over to Halen's place all the time to listen to him play guitar, or to learn to skateboard, or dance for him since she was a classically trained ballerina. And she loved his sense of humor and his blatant love for hot pink. His parents were much cooler than hers too, in her opinion. They would let Halen stay up until he was tired, and eat whatever he wanted. Janna and Milo never did that!

Halen was a bit scared when he went off to Sim State University that Sophia would forget about him, as she was accepted into the R. Cosgrove Scholarship house in academy Le Tour, which worked loosely with the Kashmire's colligate Greek Society. But Sophia could never forget Halen, and after going on a date her parents hooked her up on, which was a disaster, she rode a bus all the way to Sim State afterward, despite having classes early the next morning. She slammed her fists on Halen's apartment door. He answered in his pajamas, with a toothbrush in his mouth because he was getting ready for bed but had to stop with bewilderment because there was Sophia and she was crying, just like she had been when he first met her.

Suffice it to say that was the night she confessed her undying love for Halen Louis; she crashed at his place and they both missed their classes that day.

He proposed to her their senior year while they had dinner at Sweet Marie's Bar, she accepted without any hesitation and her parents were less than thrilled but they reluctantly agreed to give him their blessing if she would allow them to have the wedding at their estate. It was Halen's turn to be reluctant but Sophia assured him that her family would treat him with respect or else she would cause a spectacle and of course, the Orbinsons want to maintain a good public view.

After marriage, Sophia and Halen purchased a house and Halen remodeled the entire thing to be pink and black. He sufficiently one-upped his mother's love for the colors at that point.

Halen and Sophia have four daughters together - Amanda, Cecily, Millie, and Madeline who are actually based on my friend's family as she eldest of four sisters and I am always very entertained at her real-life stories about them.

All four daughters are excellent dancers, mainly because their mother has made them practice ballet since they were small—even though sometimes they disliked it. (My friend's mother runs a dance studio in real life too) Their cousin, Victoria, who you have may read about previously being a good dancer, attended lessons with them which explains why. All four Louis daughters also were forced to wear pink and black clothing or some kind of derivative living under Halen's roof due to his obsession with the color scheme. A quick run-down of the daughters in case you don't have the time or energy to look at the anthology:

First Daughter of Halen and Sophia Louis ('nee Orbinson)

Amanda is based on my friend IRL. She likes to drink wine, paint, cook, blog and being eldest is cursed with the most maturity despite still living with her parents while she finishes a degree. Amanda likes to subtly rebel against her parents which isn't surprising considering they are kind of rebellious themselves and it doesn't help that her ex-con grandmother encourages it. Amanda started a fire one day while she was making breakfast but none of her family knows, even though they were in the house at the time. Amanda has no serious romantic prospects, likes to play the field, and rejects the idea of having children. She DJ's at her mother's dance studio part time. She is the first sim in my game I experimented on with Squinge's mega college pack to allow her to go to college while living at home.

Second Daughter of Halen and Sophia Louis ('nee Orbinson)

Cecily is for the most part, pretty laid back while still being an overachiever. She goes with the flow. She is the daughter most likely to reject the family colors and traditions in order to explore new experiences. She wants to world travel and go into some kind of work with animals or art. She is best friends with Amanda and they like to sass their mother together and are general drinking buddies—Cecily prefers White Russians over wine. She started a fire cooking ramen one time and has never lived it down. Cecily attends Academie LeTour, is a junior and lives in an all-girls dorm and though she's not technically in the Greek Society she somehow garners invitations to all the parties.

Third Daughter of Halen and Sophia Louis ('nee Orbinson)

Millie is kind of the black sheep of the sisters. She's awkward and can be high strung. Her sisters sometimes tease her a little bit just to see her reactions. Millie tries her best though. She loves her family and likes to be outdoors. She loves the family chickens and is one of the better dancers out of the daughters because she studied and practiced the most. She started a fire, and learned from her mistakes, being on the forefront of fire safety knowledge. She is currently a sophomore at SSU and is dating Jag Garcia.

Fourth Daughter of Halen and Sophia Louis ('nee Orbinson)

Maddie is the baby of the family and can be a little self-involved and arrogant. She is objectively the prettiest, and is unique because is the only other sim to have inherited the purple eyes that originated with her grandmother. Maddie is mischievous and ambitious, and has a very high opinion of herself because she has never set the house on fire and she seems naturally talented in everything she does. She likes to laugh and be the center of attention. She recently went off to college and attends Academie LeTour in the same house as Cecily. She stole the video game console and Amanda is really angry about that.

And this, this is where I leave you with the metric ton of documentation (7 captioned photo albums, 5 youtube videos) chronicling the life of Halen, Sophia, and their daughters in the pink and black house, which almost leaves you with a feeling of observing a family on an HBO comedy *Warning*: there are a lot of swear words...and fires...

Oh wow, guys, I hoped you survived. I should get you a prize for reading this far!

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#117 Old 10th Jan 2018 at 10:58 PM
YES! I made it through the whole thing! What a great, fun update.

As a doting owner of backyard chickens, I have a soft spot for Millie.

Maddie's lavender eyes are gorgeous. I'm glad someone finally inherited them.

In the picture in the first album, where Sophia's parents are at the table and Sophia is in between them, you captured the most amazing expression on Sophia's face, not to mention the expression on Maddie's face in the last album when Sophia says, "I don't care for Maddie."

I love the dance party pictures, and need to have my sims have dance parties. Also, I actually laughed out loud when Amanda stripped down and took a sponge bath right in front of the firefighter!

Oh Halen, you waited way too long to think you could instill in your children the ability to give a [email protected]#$.

Of course Rhys can't be alpha. Man buns are never alpha.

Lastly, I would like to say that from now on, I'm going to tell my friends that, "I too would like an alcohol." I will fully expect them to produce tequila on the spot.
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#118 Old 12th Jan 2018 at 1:16 AM
I like the pictures that I've seen so far from you newest update. I'm still working through reading it all, but it looks very interesting so far. I have to say that of the 4 sisters I prefer Madeline right now, just from their polaroids.

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Oh hey Charmful I really liked the Louis Family and I even went and looked at your videos, as well as looking at your other sims videos.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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#120 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 4:31 PM
I subscribed to your channel as well lol.
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Default Update: Wellington Twins Graduated
Replies from last post

@lordtyger9 and @SingleClawDesigns - thanks so much for checking out my videos and subscribing! I don't post often but If I do it will sure to be more sims-related things.
@HH22 - I think it's quite fitting you prefer Madeline since she's the sister that gets all the love and is the best at whatever she does. I hope you can get through all the stuff but if not, no worries. It was a lot!
@Cher64 - Yay! you got through it all. Thanks so much for your response, I really appreciate it and I laughed out loud reading some of your comments like how you will start asking for "one alcohol, please."
My friend's family has the backyard chickens so that is what prompted me to download the veranka chicken coop deco. My cousin also has chickens, it's too bad they weren't included in the pets expansion. I would say 95 percent of the Louis picture alums are unposed so the facial expressions and actions are all just organically caught on camera and interpreted into a funny story in those photos. I have a lot of references to the TV show 'Arrested Development' in the captions, and that's where the 'I don't care for Maddie' line came from. Dance parties are really fun to have. If you just have all your sims go dance after supper it's a good way boost the fun bars on everyone

Wellington Twins

Atticus and Amelia are Sawyer's younger siblings, but they are following suit and going off into the adulting world. But first...Hair cuts!

Amelia always knew she would move to Kashmire Point, because it was the closest town to the ocean in Kashmire. As you recall, she is obsessed with the ocean. While her goal is to get into one of the seas-side homes she has settled for a cozy beach side duplex rental which was constructed by @Karen Lorraine. Amelia also thinks is woeful that surfing is not a major interest in Kashmire and she figured the reason is because there's not an easy way for the denizens of the region to get their hands on a surfboard. So, Amelia took out a loan to get a shop up and running to sell surfboards. She is thrilled every day a new customer comes in and she can entertain them with her surfing feats, as well as give them tips on how to manage their board. In the meantime, to offset the cost, Amelia took a part time job as a dolphin tank cleaner.

Atticus moved to a high-rise apartment loft made by @Phaenoh in Scandalica City and got a gig as a battle of the bands judge. The space is cramped but he makes it work, pushing his desk as close as it can go to his bad. He loves the views of the city and the natural light through the abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows. Atticus is also looking to form a band to play with on his nights off. If he can make enough money he'd like to buy or rent a townhouse in the city and have a music studio. Sawyer also likes the social aspect of his apartment complex. There's a gym, swimming pool, and social rooftop scene where he can mingle with other sims his age. His fiancee, Iago Sanchez also really likes the apartment and that's a good thing because he will probably be moving in with Atticus once he also graduates.

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#122 Old 22nd Jan 2018 at 2:15 AM
The Wellington Twins look really good I like their hair styles. It looked to me like you have custom skins on those two, are they defaults? They do look rather nice.

Me I have non barbie skins, but other wise they look rather ordinary.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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#123 Old 23rd Jan 2018 at 4:42 PM
I've loved the surfing mod ever since it came out. Amelia's surf shop is really great. Another idea I'll have to steal when I get to that point. If she saves her money, hopefully she'll be in her sea-side dream home soon.

I also like the apartment building Atticus is in. I appreciate how you provide the links to those things, but you're not helping my bloated downloads folder at all.
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Default Tiny Tale: Petya the Little Green Robot
Replies from last post

@lordtyger9 - I really liked how the twins turned out. I was pleasantly surprised how good they look with hair cuts now that they are adults. I got the idolatry of flesh default replacements found here long ago when I was going through a phase to replace most vanilla sim looks. So they are barbie skins as in they do not have the private part detail. They are also not as shiny as some custom skins/sims. I do have sims with shiny skins, the MacKenzie and Biacotti families come to mind but I haven't done posts on them yet.

@Cher64 - I do hope Amelia can get her sea-side home! I think...I downloaded them just for her, the surf mod too...in fact, the way her personality came about even inspired me to create Kashmire Point and the boardwalks. I just thought, "since Kashmire is like California, there should be a sea-side, surf-friendly type of area." I'm glad you appreciate my links however it's not THAT bad because Atticus's apartment was made with no cc. The cc you see in my pics I added in when I re-decorated a smidge. I find interior decorating really relaxing in sims; do you like to decorate sims' homes?

Anyway, I have a quick little thing for a neighborhood update. I was messing around, taking pictures and got a series of shots focused on this little robot. Thanks to @SummerGlau for helping me name him Enjoy this tiny tale of Petya.

Petya, the Little Green Robot

Petya, what’s wrong?
Oh no, you have become broken somehow!
Poor little thing, worried about what they will think of you when they see your involuntary sparking?

Sim-friend will fix you.
He has the tools.
Maybe to not make you better, faster, stronger but in working condition at least!
A little twist there with a screwdriver, and your arm works again!
The sparks are under control. How wonderful!
You thank Sim-friend for his assistance.

Oh dear!
Sim-friend has a prospective mate over.
Petya knows he should entertain but can’t help but to grow embarrassed.
Should Petya inform her of how low her skirt is at that angle?

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Aww lovely <3

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