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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available after endless waiting time for PC, PS4 or Xbox One. In the new fantasy adventure you slip into the role of Geralt of Riva, magician and monster hunter in one, and goes in search of Cirilla, his adopted daughter. Because Cirilla is in danger because of her supernatural powers.
Hundreds of missions, countless monsters, scams, lies and intrigues await the player. The task is not easy to handle with all these obstacles. The following tips and tricks will make you a martial arts master and get the most out of The Witcher 3.
Tips for the fight:
Geralt is a strategic fighter and dances a lot around his enemy. Before a fight you should prepare well with bombs and spells. Take some time during the battle, circle your opponent, strike once or twice and then roll sideways. To protect yourself from hard blows of your opponent. Geralt's strength is not his strength, but his flexibility. In addition, you should never fight multiple enemies at once.
To be well prepared for the monster hunt, you should look at the bestiary. In the lexicon of the monsters, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of the monster you are looking for. Useful information about the preferred places and times of the day when the animal appears makes the search easier.
In light as well as normal mode, a virtual hour of meditation is enough for a full health bar. This saves valuable game currency and healing potions after a fight. If everything goes wrong in normal or difficult mode, the difficulty level can be adjusted at any time.
In addition, special skills facilitate life. Among other things, you should unlock the ability to repel arrows as soon as possible, with which you can ward off arrows. Because enemy troops usually have talented archers with them.
Another commendable skill in The Witcher 3 is the Game of Thrones reference Sun and Stars . With the ace in the sleeve, you regenerate during the day an additional ten points of vitality per second. At night, you regenerate one point per second of stamina.
But how do you just unlock those skills? In the first zone, there are countless skill points to discover. These give you many extra points for future abilities. These points are then put into the so-called skill trees of different categories.
However, it is not advisable to invest all points in a skill tree. It is better to build several skills in parallel. In this virtual machine, you can try different variants of your skills before the next game.
You can also use skills from the category characters such as Igni interact with different objects. So, among other things, throw fiery barrels at your opponents. But beware: woe, the enemy throws the barrel back!
Tips for the adventure:
When you enter a new location, the first step is to review your messages. In the mailbox you receive interesting orders and missions. In addition, you unlock so more places on the map.
The dialogues are marked in colors. Gray means a normal conversation between two or more people. From these conversations, you will learn a great deal about the characters and the universe of The Witcher 3. Yellow is a decision. This also depends on the further course of the game.
Attention: The figures are lying, that the beams bend. So you should always be suspicious and skeptical.
You can read most of the events in your diary. However, dialogues of minor missions are lost, but these also often contain important details for the plot. So you should pay special attention to these scenes.
As you explore the different areas on the quizlets map, you should collect everything possible. Everything. Herbs, boxes, coffins, sacks, leaves, roots, everything. Every object has a deeper meaning for any mission, no matter how important.
When searching, you can use your witch instinct: this instinct tells you if you have missed something. The most important thing is alcohol. The spirit stretches potions and gives the player more time to find new ingredients for more potions.
In addition to objects and forces, you also need money to move on in the magical world of The Witcher 3. Gold and treasures can usually be found in locations protected by monsters.
You should not sell your beginner's armor. Because this can be significantly improved later. Once the armor is sold, you cannot put your hand to it.
But also the hunting trophies have a special meaning. If you decorate your character with trophies of dead monsters, bonuses will free up and you'll impress your enemies.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt one of my favorite games. Have you ever plated it? You can try now and i hope that tips will be usefull for you
If you know some tips, please share I will be really greatful!
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