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*Pulls out sims 2*

We meet again, Mrs. Crumplebottom. You have haunted my childhood sim days.

This is going to be so much fun!

!Black Rose!
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Originally Posted by Hellfrozeover
Please tell me that he's the skeleton The dark turn that this has taken...I love it!

Here is more dark and weird material. If you think this is too much, just delete it. No problem at all. Enjoy!

P.s. Many pictures in this thread, look very good love it.

Clone wars

Little Agnes

ONE hand!

She love decorations.

Agnes coffee table.

Nifty toys for any situation.

Streaker hunt

Some fun after work.

Yeah baby!

Basic opinion

Go for it.

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Test Subject
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Originally Posted by Craft90
Hey look at me, I finished a challenge!

The Specs:
Lot: 30 x 20
Game: Sims 4
Price: 49,645.
It's a single bedroom, ground floor cottage (because walking up stairs is hard for the elderly). It's currently placed in the base game hood Willow Creek. So not so isolated. But she has a nice wall to keep people off her property. Also thanks to Staralien7 for making her Ms Crumplebottom available from the gallery.

Packs: Seasons, Cats and Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Jungle Adventures, Laundry Day, Vintage Glamour Pack, Movie Hangout Stuff.
Optional challenges:
No CC.
Room for Mr Tiddles.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve my building let me know!

Your version is wonderful! Glad you were able to use my Mrs. C. I am afraid she isn't mean enough as one of my friends says she is really nice and gets along with her room mates in her game. But that is typical with the Sims 4...all the Sims act the same no matter what traits you give them. Even when you make them mean like I did her, everyone seems to like them anyway! Anyway...well done!
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This thread is just the gift that keeps giving Great entries, everyone!
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For the no-CC challenge, are store items allowed? I'm assuming EP/SP items are allowed, but I'm not sure about store items.

The Darkdusk Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
The Nightmagic Legacy has ended. Read the whole thing!
Last of Her Kind has ended thanks to a dead computer.
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I laught a lot. There is so much funny easter egg))

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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Oh, well, I had finished building a house for an eccentric elderly lady and her cat in TS2.
It turned out ok but something was amiss. Took me a few minutes to figure out what the problem was: That house was so not Mrs. Crumplebottom.
I guess I used my usual house structures to build it and it ended up looking more like a "grandma" kind of house, instead of a "crazy old bitch who hits people with a brick" kind of house.

I have just rebuild it from scratch, on an smaller lot and trying to get the right vibe.
It was certainly way more challenging that I expected at the beginning - and that's great!

I'll take another look at it tomorrow, and I'll take some pictures.
Empty house is ok? Or should it be inhabited for the picture purposes?
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Amura, I`m not this challenge moderator, but as a chat regular, I can say. GO AHEAD! But beware of Ms`s fists until you reach at 15th of March.

Beep! One week with one day till the end of challenge!


Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
Test Subject
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What a fun challenge! Hopefully I can manage to submit before the deadline.
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I am pleased to welcome you to my project for Mrs. C.'s hideaway should look like.
I welcome you because she would not, and you know it. That's why the first thing you'll notice when you arrive is an sturdy stone wall - nothing fancy, Mrs. C. would rather go unnoticed.
Actually the house is hardly to be seen, cause an unlikely visitor would also have to cross through a little wood - which is meant for privacy and peace of mind.
The house actually has windows only in three of the outside walls, because you never know who is gonna buy the next empty lot and peek into your house. So no windows on that side.

Get to the door, say 'hello' to the unkind gnome (who kinda reminds me of Mrs. C. herself) and let's get inside.

Fist of all, the living room.
The fireplace was a must for she of course won't be having any electrical heating and it gets chilly here sometimes.
There is no sofa, because Mrs. C. does not mean to entertain anyone. At all. So one comfy chair near the fireplace is enough: There she'll do her reading, or take a nap if she gets tired of so much brick-hitting.
She also got her sewing machine in the living room. Many people would say it would be better located in another room (for example, Mr. Tibbles') but again because Mrs. C. does not mean to entertain and the living room is all for herself she'd rather have it near the fireplace as well.

To the left there is a door which leads to the kitchen.
Mrs. C. decided not to waste space having a dining room (what's the point if you're always dining alone?) and has a table in the kitchen, in a matching style.
Everyhing is simple, flowery, and looking a bit worn but in good working condition.
She got a gas oven (she meant to get the good old wood one, but then she would need to hire someone to chop it) and she decided against getting a fridge. What for? She can store food the good ol' style (yeah, she's so into canning) and she's too stingy to have lots of food sitting in the house anyway.

And now into the private part of the house.
First, Mrs. C.'s bedroom.
It is rather large and is furnished with a sofa (in case she wants to read or knit in her bedroom) and a chest of drawers where she stores her not-so-colorfour-and-extremely-discreet clothing.

Then, Mr. Tibbles' bedroom.
It is a large bedroom too, although his stuff did not require so much space. I built it this way because I meant this house to be a 2-bedroom house which Mr. C. bought and then accomodated to her tastes - rather than a custom made one - so it made sense that both rooms were large enough for a complete bedroom.
Notice that this is the ony room which does not have lace curtains. Because, cats. So now the curtains are rather basic.

And last the bathroom.
Flowers painted on the tiles, on the sink, on the mirror, flowers everywhere. Looks busy despite the minimal decoration.
You can see the toilet in the reflection on the mirror - it was hard to take pictures of everything because it was built in the irregular space between bedrooms.

And that's it! I hope you liked the walk, I did enjoy building it indeed!

  • Game: TS2
  • Lot size: 3x2
  • Price: 37,137
  • Electrical items were limited to lighting only. Yep.
  • Decorated in a fussy flowery dated style.
  • Bonus: Mr. Tibbles has a room of his own.
  • Optional: No CC
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Amura, the challenge has taken on a life of its own, so it has become a bit of a "do what you want within reason" situation Your entry looks lovely btw! I like how cosy it looks.
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Default Mrs Crumpblebottom's Cottage
Ooh a challenge and a build challenge at that!

Most people envisage Mrs Crumplebottom as a rather menacing old lady but I think she is misunderstood and is really a sweet old granny who adores her grandchildren. She spends her days making them clothes and playing with her aged puss, Mr Tibbles.

The house is built in TS2 and on a 3x3 plot. There are two pieces of CC, a door and a terrain paint. The house came in at exactly $50,000!

I hope you enjoy my creation!

Want a specific style of house or community building? Why not take a look at my profile and see what I build and then come ask me to make it!
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So here is me failing at this challenge...

I've been reading up on Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian homes (for another project), and I noticed it was a lot of retirees who commissioned these smaller, practical homes. With Mrs. Crumplebottom downsizing as well, I could easily see her trading in a presumably giant, unwieldy Victorian for cozy convenience. And while Mrs. Cumplebottom would no doubt be frugal, she would not, in my opinion, be humble. The absolute best for her money and bragging rights? Oh yes. So I guess in a way, I fundamentally disagree with the rules of the challenge, and I fail firstly, there.

So personal challenge for me was a catered Usonian-inspired home with feminine touches in a $50k budget. Well, I failed the budget part. Badly. Coming in a tad over $65,000, that's a painful fifteen thousand too much. But I did put forth the effort, so I'll at least show that. So on a 30x30 lot, here is Moksha, Mrs. Crumplebottom's custom FLW-influenced home for her twilight years. No CC, but a few choice pieces of Store content.

(Also, I'm not understanding the militant Mrs. Crumplebottom that seems to have become a thing. Maybe because I have my moments of being a disapproving curmudgeon, but I've never thought she went too far out of line...)
#140 Old 9th Mar 2019 at 6:09 PM
Cutsocks, if this not have a clear lines of architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright, it can not probably be such masterpiece! Like its cornices with seashells)

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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Perhaps her behavior changed in later iterations of the game. In Sims 1, Miss Crumplebottom would go to great lengths to discourage romance of any sort on community lots, including getting into a swimming pool fully clothed in order to assault the canoodling couple on the far side of the lot. In Sims 2, she not only assaults romantic couples - including teens getting their first kiss - but will harshly scold small children who dare to wear swimsuits at the public pool, then steal a pregnant lady's lunch, buy several drinks at the bar, and settle down at the poker table to gamble the night away. She will also crawl out of wishing wells to beat people up for no reason. So she's not just a curmudgeon. She's a violent busybody with rigid ideas about everybody else's "morals" who can do whatever she wants to, herself. So the hard-drinking militant is only a step away from canon in that game.

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Reading this thread inspired me to put my own version of Crumplebottom into one of my Downtowns. As soon as I loaded her lot, she spun a want to join the army! Maybe she's been reading this thread over my shoulder and looking at Rafael's pictures.

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#143 Old 11th Mar 2019 at 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by RoxEllen1965
Reading this thread inspired me to put my own version of Crumplebottom into one of my Downtowns. As soon as I loaded her lot, she spun a want to join the army! Maybe she's been reading this thread over my shoulder and looking at Rafael's pictures.

LOL I wonder how your version will look like? Not a army bunker or? Yeah go for it lol, the army cheers her up.
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#144 Old 12th Mar 2019 at 5:19 PM
Originally Posted by cutsocks
So here is me failing at this challenge...

Oh, that's not a fail .... that's.... absolutely gorgeous! I love that style of house, reminds me of the houses I'd see/be in when I was younger. There's a similar one not far from my own crappy (well, not crappy but definitely smallish) trailer and I drool at it every time I go by.

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Hi guys! I've never posted like this here before, but I wanted to give it a shot. I've been seeing your posts and they all amaze and tickle me; this is such a fun challenge!

Lemme present Mrs. Crumplebottom's retirement house, The Haggsworth Cottage. The two-story house includes a cellar (for Mr. Tibbles), a living room, a dining room, a kitchen/laundry room, a landing that doubles as a sewing space, a bedroom, and two bathrooms.

Mrs. Agatha Crumplebottom, being the head of the Old Town Senior Citizens Tour Group, decided to retire in a quiet spot in Old Town after years of living dowtown near the haunts of the unsavory. The realtors were more than glad to sell The Haggsworth Cottage, because the mysterious deaths of its past residents placed the house as such a stubborn lemon to sell. This did not deter Mrs. Crumplebottom, however, because she knows better than to mess with the paranormal and the paranormal knows better than to mess with her. She even leaves the mysterious pink door (that leads to nowhere) in the cellar be. She just wants to live peacefully with her ferocious old cat, Mr. Tibbles.

I thought it would be more interesting to see Mrs. C compared to Agnes Crumplebottom as she's rather different in my game (she's in a wheelchair in her later years and does not live by herself). I usually post stuff on my tumblr , but I saw this while browsing MtS and thought I should give it a try. I can't do much without CCs, but I hope you can enjoy it still :D

So, you claim that your son was brainwashed by voodoo witch doctors and forced to recrute others?
#146 Old 13th Mar 2019 at 12:05 AM
nenekijah, looks like cellar is a room for Mr. Tibbles. It has even the cat toilet!

Three days till challenge is over

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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Default Cat Training House
Although Mrs. Crumplebottom's house puts up a cold exterior, once past the thorny and dead bushes the house is quite cozy. Mrs. Cumplebottom has her garden in the back of the house, her bookshelves, and her leopard spotted bedspread. Mr. Tibbles has scratched the walls a little but now he has his own room to play and train in. Mrs. Crumplebottom is training Mr. Tibbles to win the cat agility competition.

Front of House

Front Hall

Side View

Cat Training and Garden

Bedroom and Mr. Tibbles Room

Sims 4
30x20 lot
$49,999 spent
Test Subject
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First Ever Challenge Build!
I've lurked on here for years but now I'm starting to feel a bit more confident in my building abilities! I wrote a sort of back story for the lot and Ms. Crumplebottom(s) (or others I guess) and reasons for lot traits and decorations. I think I fixed everything and did a short playtest, and items should be usable by Sims. If you encounter any problems I'd be happy to fix it! Now I'm going to add the same description I have in the Gallery (in other words, the backstory).

Ms. Crumplebottom is trying to hide out after a particularly nasty argument with Dina Caliente. She and Mr. Tibbles were left with a fraction of her previously accumulated wealth, and have purchased a trailer in pretty bad shape. The only true change she was able to make was to split the bedroom into two, one for herself, and one for Mr. Tibbles. She has made some enemies throughout her life and as a result is able to keep most unwanted visitors away, as well as if they should show up, make them wish they never had. The previous owner also reported some, shall we say strange occurrences in the trailer. There is a portrait that cannot be removed no matter what she has tried. Even upon first moving in, she notices that the portrait of the Tragic Clown simply must be haunted and while she didn't have much of a choice for Winterfest tree storage, she plants her tree in an effort to block the ghastly painting. There's no telling what will happen when a person trying to disappear encounters those who do so against their will.

Build Constraints:
~20x15 lot (Cozy Hideaway in Newcrest)
~§30k budget
~Room for Mr. Tibbles
~No CC! Super hard to do because I have a lot of B&B CC

Build stats:
~Crumplebottom Hideaway
~§29,186 budget
~2 bed, 1 bath trailer
~Lot traits of Haunted, Mean Vibe, & Private Dwelling
#149 Old 13th Mar 2019 at 3:08 PM
So many amazing hideaways, guys, I'm gobsmacked!! Just a few comments while I was scrolling through the thread, but it's all so freaking awesome!!

@Victor_tor -- LOVE. I wanna re-install the original right now and get lost in it for about a month. So many feels!! Makin' Magic is perfect for Crumplebottom.

@Karen Lorraine I can't even handle how much I love that solarium with the cat condo and table. And the curtains for the closet nook are genius! Just the whole house... I get the feeling that I would really like the woman who lives there. And omg, §50K exactly! I did that too! The last hour, honestly, was the most irritating loop of adding and subtracting, but the ocd of it swallowed me whole. >_<

@cutsocks , every single detail is so gorgeously retro -- I love it!

@nenekijah , so much lace and disrepair, so much personality! The sign on the gate is perfect.

@brokenRebel - glad you took the plunge! I love the spooky Tragic Clown behind the tree, and the little kitty spot out back is awesome.

@Peni Griffin I laughed the whole way through the photo captions! Really do love your build -- especially the fact that even though absolutely nothing in that house matches it all looks perfect together.

@Zarathustra , I literally gasped when I scrolled down and saw that exterior. It's gorgeous.

Daaaaang, @Simmiller , that garden! Super lush and so inviting! ^_^

@Amura you really nailed letting her personality guide your build. it's totally her.

Okay, time to go take some pics -- gotta get this house posted before the clock runs out!
#150 Old 13th Mar 2019 at 4:59 PM
Thank youuuu!
That's a huge compliment, because that's exactly what I meant to do
There are much nicer houses here, by creators whose building skills exceed mine, but I'm happy to have achieved a building that actually felt like (my idea of) Mrs. Crumplebottom.
That's where they actual challege was for me.
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