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Default Unable to load game (Other then the current one) (Game un installed. Help not needed!)

I'm having a issue whit my game. This thread is not about the gameplay itself, it's about loading a game from main menu. Because, I can only play my current game. I have other saves but I can not even click on the damn "button" that should make it possible. True story. I can not. I can play my current game or start a new game but I can not start an other save. The text remains blue while hoovering over it and it can not be clicked. Sometimes it helps restarting Origin and restart the game but I did try this many times today and it did not help. Yes, I did restart my computer too. I also have other similar issues, I.E. there is a lot in Oasis Springs that no one lives in but it can not be visited (and when I tried to move a sim in I got the message that I had to many sims even if I had not been reaching the limit, it was 80 at the time).

I play my game on a laptop whit Windows 10 and it should be good enough too play the game. It's a Dell Latitude E6430 (please google for specs).

Edit: I just tested and both the option to open an other save and the mentioned lot worked. The game have been closed down for a few hours now and I did start it up again to check. But this problem will come back over and over again. I'm not sure if Origin is the problem or the game...
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I'm updating this thread whit new info. I still have not found out what's the problem is but tonight it took about 1-1.5 hours to change from one save to an other. I restarted my laptop once, Origin 3 times and the game about 6 times before my game fineally game me permission to select an other save. The last thing I did was to hit the power button, making the laptop go into some sort of sleepmode and had it there for a few secunds. There is something bugged out that makes this impossible. It's the problem I have whit CAS, I can not select everything, some of the colors of clothing (or whatever) remains blocked. The pointer should have the shape as a hand but it's an arrow that means that I can not click. It's the same in main menu while selecting game. "New game" and "current game" gives me a hand, "other save" an arrow that I can not click whit. Repairing the game does not work either. Well, it works but it does not make a difference in this cases.

This is why I don't trust downloaded games.

Edit: I have a webbrowser that have a bad habit of going down for no reason but last night I did get lucky and could chat whit the Origin support. At the very end he suggested this:

"I request you to please uninstall origin, and install Standalone origin using this:"

that would be worth trying but I do that next weekend.
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