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Default Is there a way to change skintone, eyecolor on already made Sims in game?
Hi Everyone! I was wondering if there was a way to Edit a already made sim in game? Ex: I went to Veronaville and picked a already made family to play. However, I would love to be able to change their eyes color and skintones. I know you can edit sims with a mirror etc.. but I'm talking about more in depth in like CAS. I don't know if I would need a hack or a mod..or where to even start looking. I have googled this question many times..many different ways to no avail. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you!! Have a Blessed day.
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Take a look here:

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Originally Posted by Bulbizarre

Thank you for your reply..but I don't think that is what I'm looking for. I'm thinking I need something a little simpler but ty!
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It's quite easy, really. Its also genetic.

There is Christianlov's skin changer-but honestly I used that and was way more confused then using simPE, its also not genetic.

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Christianlov's skintone selector isn't difficult to use. It's just that the instructions can be confusing. I don't mind that it's not genetic, because it's so easy to make any sim wear any skintone. I haven't gotten mine to work on infants, but it works fine with all other playables, townies, etc. (Obviously don't use this with universal NPCs like the pollination technician and etc.) To use this mod, you'll need Christianlov's Cpack Editor program and his Skin Selector modded painting - both are available in my signature.

1. Place the skintone selector painting in your Downloads folder. I recommend using subfolders for this, at least for your skintone files. Keep a backup of the skintone selector painting file somewhere in case you ever want to get rid of some skintones. In that case, you'll probably have to start over with a backed up copy of the painting because I don't know of any way to remove skintones from the mod.

2. Extract the Cpack Editor files into a folder somewhere convenient for you. Mine is in the My Documents folder next to EA Games. Make a shortcut on your desktop that points to CPackEditor.exe

3. Run the Cpack Editor. In the upper left, you'll see a toolbar with buttons for "Editor" and "Tool". Click "Tool".

4. You'll see a row of tabs. The second one says "Custom Skintone Selector" - click that. The top field is labeled "Skintone Folder" - click the "Browse" button and navigate to the subfolder where your skintones are. If you don't use subfolders, just point it at your Downloads folder.

5. The bottom field is labeled "Custom Skintone Selector File". Use the "Browse" button to navigate to the location of the skintone painting mod and click on its file.

6. Click "Scan". The Cpack Editor will now scan for skintone files and add them to the Skintone Selector Painting. When it's finished you can exit the program. When you run the game, the painting should now have menu items on it for your custom skintones. Switch to whichever one you want whenever you want!

Christianlov said that he thought the painting could hold a little over 200 different skintones. I don't know of any way to remove them though. If you want to get rid of some skintones, you'll have to start over again with a clean, empty copy of the painting.
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