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Skip Jr. Broke just graduated from college with honors (3.8), just like he wanted! It'll be interesting to see what kind of job he'll want to do in the future and how he'll combine it with his art. He's still in his dorm but he'll be leaving soon.

He's been with 4 men through college (romance asp) but never with a woman and he didn't want to leave without that experience first... So he asked Joanne (dormie) on a date. Joanne is a shy knowledge sim and the date went slowly, so the next day he asked her again. Even though she's an unemployed sim with brown hair (just like he likes 'em), it got to a point where the only date wants he had where to have a dream date and have dinner with her (or whatever that want is called). She, on the other hand, had finally rolled some kiss wants but I decided that Skip was telling me that he tried, but he just couldn't take that final step. He's just not into women! Joanne was very understanding so they spent the rest of their dream date splashing each other in the hot tub.

The next day he invited her out for a coffee to thank her for being understanding and tell her he wants them to remain friends (bye bye annoying tags!). I might be able to make her a playable in the future.
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For future reference, if they'd gone to dinner he probably would've started rolling romantic wants again. It's like dinner is the key that unlocks the rest of the want tree. But if he was only doing it from curiosity it's probably as well it didn't go any further.

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I played the Goths for two days, and so much happened there. Alexander woke up with the want to go on a date (springtime), and so he called up Lucy Burb, who he is friends with and has good chemistry with. Their date was a good one, and at the end, she wanted to woohoo and get engaged, but after Lilith, Alexander was taking it slow. The next day was Sunday. Mortimer woke up with romantic wants, so he invited over Dina, but after kissing her hello, his romantic wants rolled away, which left Dina free to flirt and woohoo with Don all day. Alexander woke up wanting to go on another date and stay home from work, so he invited Lucy to the house. It was both kids' birthdays, so he thought she could stay for the party. They did woohoo, and immediately afterward, the Grim Reaper came for Mortimer. Naturally, this was very distressing for everyone, and it gave Alexander the want to get married, so he proposed to Lucy in the living room in front of everyone. Cassandra decided to go through with the party. Aurora grew up well and took Romance as her aspiration, being closer to her dad. Brom (I changed his name) grew up poorly. Cassandra wanted to woohoo that night, but poor Don was too tired.
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I've had lots of births, marriages and retirements lately! And this:

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I did end up moving the Newsons into Strangetown just so they'd have a house phone, but I decided to add them to my rotation since most of them are already friends with somebody in the Curious household. When the welcome wagon came around, Nervous Subject pranked Jenny Smith so many times she cried! Even then he still wouldn't stop, so Ginger asked him to leave.

The toddler twins age up well, mostly thanks to Gavin dutifully teaching them all their skills every morning before school. Ginger rolls a wish to fall in love and handily seduces her BFF Vera Curious; by the end of the night they're going steady. They both want to go to college, so I expect they'll be moving in together at La Fiesta Tech just like Vera's parents Ixo and Ophelia. On the other side of the coin, Gavin rolled a wish to have his first kiss but is repulsed by every girl he's brought home from school so far, so I'll be looking into finding him a nice guy instead. He gets along well with Gavin Curious, but that's too many Gavins for me.

Gavin's wealth aspiration means he's constantly scrambling to find ways to support his family. He found part-time work in the business career, but it doesn't pay well; he's making more money churning out toy bricks in the dead of night. The household's indoor tomato garden has yet to bear fruit, but when it does, Gavin will be able to capitalize on his deep love of nature to produce some delicious (and profitable) produce.
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Mostly what's been happening in Pleasantview is babies. I'm not sure whether I'll play all the children or not once they're grown--I guess I'll see which ones I get most attached to.

Angela and Dustin--She got pregnant with her first on a date. They then decided to get married, celebrated the engagement in the usual way, and yes, Angela wore maternity clothes to her wedding. The third came shortly afterward, but thankfully, that seemed to be enough for her. They have a girl and two boys. The girl is blond like Dustin, and the boys are redheads. Daniel got fired so he is full-time grandpa.

Lilith and Dirk--They had a boy and a girl, a bit better spaced out. They both look just like Dirk. Darren got fired so he is also full-time grandpa. They have continual money worries.

Alexander and Lucy--They had a girl and two boys. The girl favors Lucy, and the boys take after Alexander. Lucy and Don started having a little affair and were caught by Cassandra. This is right when Lucy got pregnant with her third, which was a difficult pregnancy and she nearly didn't make it. After that, Alexander decided it was best if he moved his family out of the Goth mansion and get a fresh start with his wife. He's still not sure whether to forgive her.

Cassandra and Don--Their daughter is in college and is Romance. Their son is a teen; he is Family and gay. Cassandra got in a fistfight with Don after the affair and then went into aspiration failure. They became enemies, so she kicked Don out. So she's kind of the crazy old lady of the haunted house now. Maybe I'll dress her up like Mrs. Havisham.
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Stupid stuff! LOL a lot of cloning, my garbage house challenge and servos having babies! Chaos just stupid chaos!
Garbage House Challenge 1
Garbage House Challenge 2

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I tested out new CC installed in my game and got a home set up with a TV that looks like a painting.
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I followed the really helpful video tutorial by @Sunrader about exporting sims info to excel from SimPE and then after cleaning it up and finding all my playables, realize I have 60 elders and 1 infant in my game soooo time to make some babies and give some elders the best last days of their lifespans!

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Because Aurora Goth is so much older than the other Pleasantview children, she really didn't have a cohort to go to university with, so I sent her with her best friend, Regina (who went back to being a townie after graduation), Beau Broke, and three students from the bin. Aurora graduated with an Art degree, which set her up well for living in the Goth mansion and mooching off her mother's money. Her first order of business was a romantic conquest, and she picked her dormmate, Jared Starchild, as her first victim. That produced a baby named Estella, after which Jared was discarded for fresher prospects, such as Mr. Big. The whole experience led to Jared dropping out of college and living in a trailer, wondering what tornado had wrecked his life. Meanwhile, Cassandra is single-handedly taking care of Estella as Aurora stays out all night working as a DJ and trying to meet men who spark her interest. Aurora's brother, Brom, is now in university along with his high school crush, Alvin Futa, and Bobby Broke, and he will shortly be joined by the oldest Pleasant children.
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My game generated this townie named Clay Harris, so I thought it was only fitting to give him a clay hair (
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Alexander Goth is going to have a fourth child. After a lifetime of stargazing, he has gotten abducted by aliens and is pregnant at his rather advanced age. The family was a bit upset at first, but now everyone seems to be accepting the imminent arrival.

Sometimes when my Sim is visiting community lots, and I see other of my Sims there that I'm not currently playing, I get to wondering what they're up to. One of my Sims took her date to the LUV-INN Motel, and Lilith Pleasant and Christy Stratton were both there. Lilith and Christy have been best friends for a long time, and I know Christy is gay because I see her at my gay nightclub, PURE, so I had to wonder why they'd both be at a tawdry motel in the middle of the night. So I moved Christy in and played her for a day. She asked Lilith on a date and took her to the same motel. Turns out that yes, they have been having a secret affair that Dirk knew nothing about. Well, he didn't until I played Lilith's house. Christy is over there all the time, and she is not very subtle, so it was only a matter of time before she slipped up. Lilith is pretty angry at Dirk for the way he reacted. Her son is also not too happy with her or Christy.
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Originally Posted by Kligma
when Ville wanted to ask someone on a date, I thought he might as well do the same. He had a decent relationship and chemistry with Ripp Grunt, but he said no. Your loss, mate.

Seems Ripp thought the same, because when I went into his household, first thing he did was to roll a wish to flirt with Ville. So he called him over and they had some fun. The next day, Ville came over on his own accord ringing the doorbell just as Ripp was busy wohooing with a downtownie named Irene who he was on an at-home date with. Afterwards, she fell asleep so Ripp and Ville hung out until Irene woke up and joined them by the bar.
The day after that, Ripp wanted to get closer to his want to wohoo with five different sims and called over Cappuchino Neighbour, his first crush when they were teens. Capps asked if he could bring a friend and Ripp said yes. The person he brought with him was Broadway Larsen, who Ville is in an open relationship with. He and Ripp also had a couple of bolts. Ripp once again gathered everyone by the bar, having to restrain himself a bit since he usually makes four drinks at a time when he's alone as well and gulps down all of them in a row. Broadway accepted his drunken hug but didn't want to get hit on. After he left, Ripp and Capps got it on in Ripp's new lovetub.
His romantic roll hit a bump the day after when he asked Erin Beaker out on a date, as the taxi was late and when he got in, Erin declared herself stood up on and told Ripp to never call her again.

Buck Grunt started his new job in the intelligence career along with his best friend and roommate Strummer Neighbour, and got promoted the first day. They went to the park and played chess for Strummer to work on her required skills so she could join him in his new position, which she did, though shortly thereafter they finally found an opening in the slacker career which they both dream of reaching the top in, so they both switched careers.

The Singles household and two other sims moved into a quasi "apartment" building I made, with small bedrooms locked for each resident and a common area with a kitchen, toilets, a tv with places to sit and some games. It's working well except Kristen Loste keeps bugging and fighting Chloe Curious. In any case, someone brought Ripp Grunt home from work. Lola Curious got some flirting and other socializing in, and Erin talked a bit with him too, getting past the date-mishap, while Chloe was the one who got three bolt-infatuated with him, I could have sworn she was only into women but if any dude's gonna be her exception/bisexual awakening I guess it makes sense it's Ripp Grunt who everyone who likes men seems to agree is sex on legs. But then he was suddenly the only person whatsoever she had any attraction to, perhaps because she kept on being around him and all over him for the duration of his stay. I guess I'll have to do something about that later but for now I found her sudden laser-focus on him funny. In any case, Ripp later invited her to his place where they wohooed both in the hottub and the bed. They're perfect as friends with benefits.

Tank Grunt keeps on with his popularity aspiration and his job as a dancer, making a new friend in my sim Nextdoor Neighbour who walked by and who Tank spontaneously invited in for dinner which in turn helped him getting promoted in combination with Tank's dedication to raising his creativity and body skills with the piano and ballet barr. One day he decided to call Ripp to check in with him. Due to not having spoken in a while his relation to Ripp was down to 1/1 while Ripp's to Tank was at 0/0, but after that one phone call they were, for the first time in their lives, friends. Tank was free the next day and he went to Club Dante along with both of his brothers, and after that they went back to Tank's place for some spaghetti.

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I made some changes to my GRM files and was testing if it worked (Trying to reduce pink crashing/crashing via episims list of fixes ) - it didn't crash or flash pink but I'd still say the fix is inconclusive, will need to take the game for a ride tonight with multiple households, large lots, and see what the threshold is. Anyway, the family I loaded up is my infamous pink-and-black themed Louis family which is now just empty nesters Halen and Sophia. Both are retired. Their lawn is always atrocious no matter if they have a gardener come work on it every 3 days*. So it was kind of relaxing to just put them on a max motive and have them spend all day doing yard work. It was very chill, and almost nice not having to worry about taking care of babies, pets, checking out what other family members are up to with needs or wants. They got pretty far before it turned evening! They had multiple leaf piles as fodder for Halen's garden for next spring, gussied up the hedges, took care of the orchard! Halen wanted to woo hoo in bed (let's face it, they always want that, they are a 3-bolt couple) so he got rewarded for a long day of lawn work.

*I know there's mods to make it so no plant decays and gardener comes everyday but I'm fine with having sims do yardwork, it builds character :P

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I got my first cohort of Pleasantview kids home from college and settled, and there has been a lot of drama and a lot of marrying. I'll go through everyone quickly.

Dirk & Lilith's kids--
Asher got himself established in the Criminal career, bought some flashy suits, and decided to marry his high school/college girlfriend, Margaret Turner. Margaret and Asher's sister do not get along at all, which has made the marriage a little rocky, and Margaret also had a difficult first pregnancy. They had a son.

Barke decided to skip college, spent a lot of time partying, and got engaged to some random townie named Ron. They will likely move to a condo in the city and not have children.

Cassandra & Don's kids--
Brom was killed shortly after he graduated in a devastating fire that also destroyed the huge willow tree in front of the Goth mansion. Cassandra was very depressed, and she very much wanted her only remaining child to get married. Aurora had no plans to do so, but then Benedict Pleasant (Angela & Dustin's middle child) graduated, and she asked him on a date. Despite their age difference, there was instant chemistry, and later that night he called her up and asked her out again. During their second date, Aurora had the impulse to get married, and Benedict was not opposed to the idea. Conveniently, there was a wedding arch in the backyard of her house, so they dragged Cassandra out of bed and got married right away, which sent Cassandra over the moon with happiness just seconds before the Grim Reaper came for her. The couple do not plan to have children, as Aurora already has a daughter from a previous relationship. They do not have jobs and are just living off the Goth money for now. They have a "don't ask don't tell" open relationship.

Angela & Dustin's / Alexander & Lucy's kids--

Ariel Pleasant came home from college wanting to marry a rich Sim, and since she and Blair Goth had developed crushes on each other during college, that was a no-brainer. They married at Alexander and Lucy's home, and the parents--who are all friends--were very happy. That happiness was not to last, however. Blair's little brother Dexter had always followed Ariel around like a lovesick puppy, and when he got home from college, that continued, despite the fact that she was married to his sister and a lesbian. He had to confess his feelings anyway, and much to everyone's surprise, she turned out to be bisexual and fell hard for Dexter (three bolts). Blair caught them in bed together. The couple was basically disowned by the Goth family, although Ariel's parents were more understanding and gave them a little money to get started. They had a baby right away and are my favorite couple right now. Blair is pretty depressed but is thinking of giving up on love and adopting a baby to raise by herself once her little alien sister is grown up.

Casey Pleasant, the third child, moved back into the Pleasant house and decided to marry his college girlfriend, Allyn. They had two kids right away, but then Allyn got sick with the flu and had to be quarantined in the hospital, where she died. So Casey is now a very young widower and single father, but at least he has the grandparents to help out.

The next cohort is a small one, with just Aurora's daughter, Estella, and the third Goth child, Edgar, who will go to college together. Alexander's alien daughter, Galatea, is a lot younger and may actually go to college with some of the babies being born now.
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Religion is being established in Arundel.

There are 3 major religions-
The state religion (Catholicism), Druidism, and Odin. The Druids are a very small group, consisting of nature hobbyists and others who value the environment, and health. Odin's followers are very secretive but they're the knowledge pixels who wish to improve society. (Yes, I know the Scandinavian mythology is far different, but I'm not going for accuracy. Merely usefulness.)

I've got a whole set of rules for the religions and I even downloaded and reinstalled Almighty Hat's religion mod. I'm going to try to change the dress of the sisters who represent the religions. White is not always appropriate.

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I have been building a holiday home for one of my sim couples who have money to burn. It has a nice view!

It's the hut with the green roof bottom center of this image (the hut with the ladder next to it is hood deco):

The whole island:

On the right side of the island is a glass house that @AndrewGloria built for Sim Sample. He has great holidays there!

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I was playing an "apartment" complex where a couple of my single Sims live (I don't have the EP for apartments, so it's really more like communal housing that I pretend is apartments). I moved Alvin Futa in because he previously had a relationship with one of my deceased Sims, so it's nice for him to age along with my Sims and all, but I'm not really playing him. Except he was on the big telescope, and he got abducted by aliens! He had two logic points (I checked)! I mean, what are the odds? Yes, of course, I'll have him raise the baby--this is only the second alien-abduction baby in Pleasantview.

ETA Maybe he'll name the baby after his dead boyfriend.
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Zoe Anne Curious grew up to child. Pascal considered going back to work that evening, but felt he ought to be there when she got home from her first day at school. Sure enough, Zoe Anne rushed in to join him at the chess table and tell him about her day. Later, after her nap, he taught her to study. Meanwhile, since Pascal was home, Vidcund went searching for UFOs and found one - or was found by one. So now Vidcund is on leave and Pascal will be going back to work.

The college students are beginning to graduate. Tank Grunt was first, and moved back to Strangetown, where he rented a two-bedroom condo at the Crossroads Apartments. These are the only apartments in the hood, and were a bit more than he could comfortably afford, so he''s hoping somebody will take the other room and help out with the bills. He doesn't have a job yet.

Helen Wheels moved to Belladonna Cove and took a 4x4 room in the Pudding Lane Boarding House. She also doesn't have a job yet, but she decided to put her hours of piano practice to good use by playing for tips in the park. People came rushing over immediately and she netted an easy $400, so she's going to do it again tomorrow.

Aunt Olive had given Ophelia her inheritance from her parents when she left for college, so Johnny and Ophelia were able to buy the two-bedroom bungalow built for Lazlo and Crystal (who moved to Belladonna Cove for Crystal's job). They also found jobs in their LTW careers, so they're well set up to start a family whenever they feel like it.
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this is what’s happening in my game right now

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I'm pretty sure I mentioned that Johnny got sacked from the Music career, his LTW job that he actually wanted, in his early adult years. A day after he got the sack, he moved out with his boyfriend and rolled the want for the Music career again, which I locked in, because it sounded like a good comeback story. He looked in the paper everyday and didn't have any luck.

At the start of this round, so maybe three or four rounds after the incident, he's married to his boyfriend, they have a teenage son, he's eight days until he transitions to an elder, and he still hasn't gotten the job. Until the first day I played him this round, as he got lucky! The job was there! And in seven days, he's made excellent progress, as he had the skills to get up to Lvl 7, so he's more than made up for lost time, I guess. With him now being one day until elder, so he'll be aging up next round, he can now say he had a decent go at his dream, which may continue to grow, we'll see if he wants to skill, or not.

As for the Grunts, Meadow had been wanting another baby for a whole round, while Ripp had been against the idea, feeling that the two children they had were enough. Now, Ripp seemed to have changed his tune, as he wanted to have a baby! So, they got to work and had a girl called Rina, who is the first child they've had to actually resemble Ripp, as River only got her Dad's brown hair and mouth shape, while Ren only got his nose and face shape. I can't tell what other features they've picked up. You can definitely tell they're Meadow's children from first glance. But with Rina, you can take one look at her and go, "Yup! Definitely a Ripp baby!" Ren also became a teenager.

The only thing that's happened with the Lotharios so far is that Amanda became a teenager.

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Originally Posted by simsample
I have been building a holiday home for one of my sim couples who have money to burn. It has a nice view!

Do they own the island???

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Originally Posted by Charmful
Do they own the island???

No, just the little lot with the hut on it! There are a few hotels and community lots, and also other owned holiday homes there. I used the same SC4 template as I did for this world.

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I just love Alexander and Lucy Goth's family. Sometimes I get worried about having too many babies, but big families are so fun and heart-warming. They had everyone over for a family dinner, and it was a ton of fun.

Oldest daughter Blair has adopted a little boy named Ivan, and Alexander and Lucy are enjoying spoiling him and teaching him things. After Blair's divorce, she has given up on finding love again, so this adoption has helped her feel fulfilled. Even black sheep Dexter has been welcomed back into the family. Blair is still a bit cold toward him, though. Of course, he hasn't dared bring over his wife (and Blair's ex), Ariel, but he is happy to rebuild his relationship with his parents.

Edgar has just graduated from college. He is staying at home for a few days before looking for an apartment of his own. Edgar is quite handsome and also quite handy with the ladies, but still there's nothing he likes better than hanging out in the hot tub and shooting the breeze with his brother all night. Then there's Galatea, Alexander's alien daughter, who all the family just adores. She is very shy and spends a lot of time with the family's bird. She works as a candy striper at the hospital where Blair is a doctor and is getting ready to go to college herself.

ETA I got Barke Dreamer married off to her townie boyfriend, Ron. Ron had enough crap in his pockets to enable them to buy a $60K house, so I moved them into that house next to the Goth mansion ( I find that house very difficult to play because it's very large but the bedrooms are cramped and awkward to remodel. Barke and Ron will live a carefree, childfree life there without my interference. Barke is a Popularity Sim who never went to college, and I find her wants rather superficial and uninteresting--she's basically a party girl. Her brother, Asher, has more than enough kids to pass down the Dreamer genes (3 with his wife, Margaret), so it won't be a tragedy if Barke doesn't have children. Asher's family still lives in the Dreamer house, although it's pretty cramped, but he lost a lot of money on his criminal enterprises, so they don't have much of a choice about it.
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Dustin, Lucy the ex cheerleader and little Maggie just had what I would call a wholesome rotation. Dustin got an unexpected but very welcome promotion in the Gamer career. He was so happy he autonomously attempted to make grandma's comfort soup... In the end Lucy made some hamburgers so they could celebrate.

Lucy finally got the golden badge in flower arranging. I wish she'd roll the want to buy a community lot so she can have her own business... I guess I could have her open one at home but where's the fun in that? So anyway, she and Dustin both wished for money from the lamp and now they've accumulated so much that I'm planning to completely renovate the house. It'll be in time for the headmaster too. Maggie wished for peace of mind so now I have a perma plat kid on my hands. She loves playing the piano and she also wants a bird, but I've banned them from my game and I'm not changing my mind. She wants to invite someone over so next rotation she'll be spending some time with grandma Brandi.
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