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Default Let's swap playing with 3t2 Traits stories, experiences!
I didn't think traits were going to do much in my game. But I wanted to try it. I'm hooked. I love it. I downloaded ALL of the mods to make the traits work and didn't read anything about what they did. I assigned my 20 households of single sims random traits and did not even look at them. I wanted to see if I'd notice any differences in play style. And I DID. And it was very noticeable. Here are a few examples.

I sent my first sim to a community park. The sim was having a blast talking to other sims and using items on the lot. He climbed up onto the log rolling game and loved rolling around on it ... until CRASH! He fell in the water and his fun meter crashed to 0. It shocked me and I thought it was some sort of glitch. Then I looked at his traits. He was hydrophobic. He loses fun every time he gets wet. In fact, just taking a shower traumatizes him and his fun drains. He'd rather be stinky than wet.

My next sim kept waking up constantly as if someone turned on the TV in her bedroom. I realized there was a radio playing downstairs on her lot. She was a light sleeper.

One sim would always get negative reactions to jokes. He'd fail at telling them and hearing them. Yep -- no sense of humor.

Another sim I thought was glitched: I saw her in the background while I played other sims. I assumed she was a romance sim. I'd always see her flirting and falling in love behind the scenes thanks to ACR. But when I got to her, she was a popularity sim. She had more romantic connections than my romance sims had by the time I got to their rounds. And stranger yet, she had the "Smooth Talk" interaction. I looked at her traits. She was irresistible.

I'd notice sims with high relationship levels rejecting flirts with each other. It made no sense. Then I read up on "romantic standards" -- two sims can be perfectly compatible, but reject romantic actions due to various things involving the environment around them and various traits. I also had my ACR set to no jealousy until married for all sims. Yet a romance sim got jealous when someone cheated on him! Romantic standards made things more risky. And this is realistic. I think sometimes a Romance sim should just randomly get jealous for some reason.

I have lots more, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Please share your first impressions of traits!
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I found out that while on vacation, a particular pixel wanted desperately to swim, but he couldn't stand the water-he had the hydrophobic trait. His fun kept tanking every time he got into the water. Poor guy-he just couldn't stay in.
Another one kept walking away from the stove to do something, and I found that he was absent-minded.
The traits seem to be true to life, and with very few exceptions work as intended. I just wonder, though if the insane or crazy traits are more hypothetical or suggestive, because I haven't had anyone actually act out, although a few with the traits do seem to be a little off the mark..

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I removed all my mods to look for a conflict and I accidentally saved and quit. All the traits in the whole hood vanished. I had to rerandomize them.
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I did not play with them I am afraid my game will crash down I have too much cc in. I noticed mine is sensitive to custom mods my game doesn't like them.

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Originally Posted by LucieSims
I did not play with them I am afraid my game will crash down I have too much cc in. I noticed mine is sensitive to custom mods my game doesn't like them.

That’s a valid concern. I’m getting a jump bug now and then. I move some mods around, and it gets better for a while, but then it starts to creep back in.

It’s likely that some of the trait mods are loading out of order. It’s a PITA trying to figure out what I need to do to get the load order correct.
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