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Default TESTERS WANTED: Cleaner hospital mod

I'm using nyamisims' edit of Chris Hatch's hospital mod. However, there are still some issues with that edit, so I decided to make even cleaner version, which I'd like to leave here for testing.

  • deleted misogynic dialog from CJH_Hospital_Aging
  • I included CJH_Hospitals_PetsToAL, but, honestly, I can't recall what I changed in there
  • in nurse NPC file I stopped one BHAV from calling previously deleted, and therefore non-existent, BHAV
  • disabled the possibility of chaning the ambulance into some not family-friendly book. I also got rid of BHAVs controlling reading that book.
  • as hospital birth BHAVs are private functions of the ambulance, a new version of that file has to be created for every mod that changes birth functions. I created several versions of CJH_Sculpture_Ambulance:

What I'd like to add
Final notes
  • hospital mod is already compatible with twojeff's Triplets & Quads
  • I haven't tested "Name the Father" versions, because I don't use that mod
  • I'd be really happy if someone wanted to join me
  • this mod contains only changed files. You need to download hospital mod and then replace the files with my edits.

  • 9th of August: fixed Name The Father compatible versions of Ambulance
  • 31st of August: added ambulance versions compatible with @kestrellyn's Fairy Changelings. This version will only work if don't have Triplets and Quads installed.
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