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Default Grey spikes on cfe roof
I was just wondering if these grey spikes were normal with cfe above ground level. Thanks.
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Yeah, that's normal when you cover an angled cfe roof with floor tiles. The steeper the angle, the greater the effect.
You can see the same effect on my Monsanto House (the white-colored modern one) at the top of this thread:

I thought there might have been thread a couple of years ago where someone found some special floor tiles that eliminated this effect, but I don't remember where that thread is.
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The grey spikes look a bit like the default ceiling texture. I'd imagine some kind of invisible floor tiles used on the ceiling (not the roof) would help. That, or turning off the ceiling visibility.

This one, maybe?

There would be a gaping hole in the ceiling from the inside. If you plan to take pictures, simply keep the camera low enough to not show the ceiling hole in the picture.
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Originally Posted by simmer22

Yes, I think those were mentioned once in supposedly dealing with this issue, but I've never experimented with them myself and wouldn't know how to exactly going about eliminating those diamond pop-ups.
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