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Default Constant change of light direction.
Hi: I hope I'm posting this in the right section. Ok, lately more than ever I've had problem with the light thru the building. Before I save & quite playing my sim, I usually have her relax on the bed reading and I can see the bump mapping on her clothes very nice and clearly. Next time I enter the house, all that bump mapping is gone! I exited to neighborhood without saving and move the house to different location and back and re entered to see all the bump mapping back like before. This trick doesn't always work lately so tried removing some windows to change light direction and so on. It seems like there is a constant change of light direction and it's strength. Some times things work out without me doing any changes and both the light and the bump maps reappear as they should in the right location of the room. Why is this and is there a solution to this or is it caused by my graphic card getting worn out.
I have a Radeon HD 7750 instead of the orininal 7770 which I have a used one which I bought on amazon and don't dare installing it. Many thanks in advance.
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