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Default Is it possible to create an office lot in The Sims 2?

Hi. I am here to see if it is possible to do the following:

I would like to build an office lot, that is, I want to build an office where my Sims can go and there is even work. I mean, build an interactive office. I want to build an office of a travel agency (for example) and that my Sims and can go book a flight and what is done in a travel agency and all that.

The problem is that I think that is not possible and that is why I am here to find out if it is possible, and if so, what do I need to achieve this?

I hope to see me explained well. Bye
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If you have OFB you can create a travel agency as an owned business lot, with for instance some sort of sellable tickets and travel agency catalogs and holiday trinkets and that sort of things. There's plenty of items like that as CC.
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I can't remember which blog did this (Apple Valley maybe) but they had a sim own a community lot with the three BV poster recolors for sale. Anytime someone bought one it was their "down payment" for their vacation. Add a magazine rack where they can buy the travel magazine. Not sure if the computer will allow you to book a vacation for a community lot, but if it was a home based business the owner can 'lead' vacations by booking them and taking the customers. From a business perspective the customers would been to buy a sizable amount to make it worthwhile.
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