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Default If I package a lot I made, Will the CC I used be able to show up on somebody else’s game?
Hello, I’m quite new to making custom stuff for The Sims 2. I’ve been making a lot of lots recently and giving the default maxis houses makeovers. I use a small amount of CC in theme such as doors and windows and wallpaper. If I package them to upload here do I need to put each of the CC in individually or will it come with the packaged file? Thanks. I hope this made sense lmao.
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Normally when you package a lot, all the CC used in the lot are by default packaged with it. It will be good to have Sims2Pack installer installed on your system and with it you can open the packaged lot and view/see all the CC that you used on the lot.

Also if you are going to upload here make sure that the check the TOU of the object creators that you used. Some do not allow for their objects to be included with Lots.

With the tool linked above you can uncheck those CCs that you do not need and resave the lot again.
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If you want to upload the house, you may want to do a few things:

- Package the lot
- backup your game (optional but highly recommended - if anything goes wrong during testing, you still have a working copy of your game)
- Remove all CC except essential mods (make sure those are in a different folder so they don't mix with the house CC)
- Try to install the house with the Clean Installer.
* If anything lights up in colors, they're usually mods, and not always recommended to keep in the file. You may also want to remove sticky recolors like mailbox/trashcan recolors if there are a lot of those.
* You can untick the items you don't want to include, and save as a new file.

- Place a copy of the lot in a clean neighborhood
- Playtest it either with or without sims, to see if everything looks like it's supposed to.
* Blue-flashing meshes mean you need to find the master mesh and possibly the recolors.
* If you've used cheats to build, you may want to check if sims can move around freely.
* Some build-mode items like custom stairs need special instructions or may need to be downloaded in full to work - make sure to link back to those.
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