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#26 Old 23rd Aug 2007 at 6:38 PM
Wow! That is amazing! You have really gotten into it Lome, I especially like your rules for peasants.

I am not getting that elaborate with it (although now I wish I had set it up better, so I could!) I do have some cool stuff, like a separate wing for the slaves in my royalty castle, and a small church inside there, as well. I wanted to make a monestary but I haven't gotten around to it yet. These are awesome ideas, thanks for adding them!
#27 Old 24th Aug 2007 at 4:19 PM
If you are interested in setting up a tax like sysem for your kingdom this autmatic payment system will work.. All you have to do is set it up and the amount and it will be taken out automatically.

It has two controllers.. the blue notebook would go to your king as the payee and your nobles, merchants and peasants would get the bill part as the payer. You will then set up who they pay and how often and how much. I use this in my nhood exactly like this. It will only start working after you put them into your sims inventory. Then the payments will be automaticall deducted or add automatically. You don't have to do anything else once you set it up.

Field Researcher
#28 Old 1st Sep 2007 at 7:36 PM
[QUOTE=Lomelindi I will also add a town jail. Several of my peasants are criminals, so I think I will send some of them to prison for a few sim days This breaks the 'heir must not leave the house' rule, but I don't consider it a violation as he will move back after the penalty has been served.[/QUOTE]

I added a jail to my Royal Kingdom. I'm using the Simlogical stuff to have a prison. I set it up using random townies to fill out spaces, however for playables I have a prison sentencing system. In my R.C. challenge you have to always take chance cards, no ignoring them. So, if my sims on the criminal career path get fired, they are considered caught and arrested. For a first offense they get one season in prison, for the the second they get two seasons, and so on. Royals and nobles would be able to bribe their way out of jail time of course, but don't have any royal or noble criminals at the moment.
(Have recently updated my Royal Kingdom Challenge section on my website, and put in all my family trees. I abandoned the use of excel and have developed a simple system using just text. Also, decided one kingdom was more than enough for me)
#29 Old 19th Oct 2007 at 2:01 AM
Hey, there are careers that haven't been updated to this list. My King has a want to be in the Law career, and I think that fits great! Are there no guidelines for these other careers (yet)? I just hope letting him go for it isn't against the rules.
#30 Old 20th Nov 2007 at 5:29 PM
Gosh, this is hard. However I have done it - I have made a strange medievalesque neighbourhood, but with a few twists.

1. Women are in charge, oh yes. In mine, it is the first female child born who will become the heir of any family, and it is the women who are in control of finances (as I'm going to get most of my Sims running their own home business, except from the Royals as they have little need for their own business to run, except perhaps as a hobby). I'm not going to bother with Uni as much (takes too long for me, so cheats may be an option instead) and the heirs and female members of the Royal family are expected to have high-paying jobs.

2. The first daughter born is the heir, and in the case of the Royals is another one of my twists. The daughter of the blonde haired-Royals must marry a member of the red-haired Noble class (chosen so as the red hair is as recessive as blonde, so some of the 3rd generation Royals will still have the blonde hair). However, the Princess doesn't have to choose the first-born son, she can pick whoever she wishes to pick - the most good-looking, for example. Or the one with the most similar features to the Royals. Or of course to whoever she fancies the most, no matter what! Hehe.

Here's the twist - let's say for example that the Princess married a member of the 'xxxxxx' noble family. The 'xxxxxx' noble family will then be the 'favourite' of the royal family and are entitled to privilages such as...

1. Money benefits: $20,000 for when the heir (female) child is born, and $10,000 for every other child the Princess and her Prince have. Also, the parents of the King-in-waiting recieve a gift from the current Queen and King (the parents of the Princess). The gift will typically be some kind of statue.

2. Social benefits: The parents of the man the Princess marries gets invited to every social occasion, until the Princess becomes the Queen - and then it is at the Queen's choice, unless it is a birthday of one of the Queen and King's children. The favoured noble family will thus get a lot more friends and contacts, and can influence other noble families. The other children the parents of the Princesses' husband have will also be invited to some parties, but this is at the Royal's preference.

3. Life-long benefits - When she does become the Queen, the parents of her husband - if they are still friends with their son and his wife - have the chance of spending their last days at the Castle and the assurance of being buried in the Royal burial grounds.

So naturally my game will involve a lot of dirty play between the 2 (or 3, not quite decided or started) noble families to make sure that it is their well-raised son that catches the Princess' eye.

There will also be plenty of oppourtunity for the future King's siblings to rebel as they feel ignored if their sibling is chosen to marry the Queen and may get treated differently by their parents. Not only that, but the nobles will be trying to raise a son first, to have the first chance. So even though the Princess can marry any son of any noble - some noble families will not care to have another son. So maybe the Princess will end up with very little choice indeed!

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

Test Subject
#31 Old 9th Jan 2008 at 8:31 PM
Question: How can we make our Sims go to the Church, but still play them? Is that just a residential house or something, just made to look like a church? I'm so confused!

#32 Old 10th Jan 2008 at 11:32 AM
Just make a community lot and get your Sims to visit it. As long as its zoned as a community lot, then your sims can go to any lot, no matter whats on there.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

#33 Old 27th Jan 2008 at 12:45 PM
Sorry for double post, but my last post was ages ago.

I thought I'd post a few pictures from my Royal Kingdom Challenge 'hood.

My Royal Kingdom hood is flipped over, in the sense that women are the heirs and men mainly stay at home. There is the royal family, 2 noble familes called the Alcott family and the Milton family, 3 merchant familes (can't remember their names) and 3 (possibly 4) peasant families.

Queen Augusta on the golden throne and her King Nicholas -

Queen Augusta and the heir to the throne - Princess Seraphina -

Lady Evangeline Alcott and her daughter and thus heir to the Alcott estate - Aramanta.

Lady Evangeline Alcott's husband - Lord Harold Alcott - cooking for his wife -

The Alcott Manor (which I may upload to MTS2 if I can figure out how to extract the family from the file...) -

As you can probably tell, I've only played the Royal family and the Alcott family. But with two babies already it's getting fun to play.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

Test Subject
#34 Old 1st Feb 2008 at 4:12 PM
Well I started this one yesterday but I did a Slight revamp of the rules to fit one of my alien races XP hope you dont mind. the biggest change I made was the sucsession becuse the race I am working with never had the normal parent to child sucsession LOL. In my neiborhood the next in line for the throgn is the neice of the present queen. I also changed who can pair with who, once again to reflect my scifi feel ^-^ Rather then by position it works on who has the highest logic of the children off all the families. don't know how well it will go but we will see lol.
Lab Assistant
#35 Old 4th Mar 2008 at 9:08 PM
I started this a week ago, and I'm having so much fun with it. My queen is my avatar. xD
#36 Old 7th Mar 2008 at 5:49 PM
Unfortunatly I lost my Royal Kingdom 'hood after I had to uninstall due to a big glitch =[ I'll be making the same sims again though.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

Lab Assistant
#37 Old 6th Apr 2008 at 12:44 PM
I have a kingdom too and I want to have servos to be servants - how can I make them to look like normal peasants (sims)? Hacks?
#38 Old 19th Jul 2008 at 3:49 PM
I've decided to set up a gypsy camp with any non-human sims that I decide to create. I'm going to link it to a mini-mafia run by the first heir to the throne's younger brother so that the gypsies work alongside the mafia, only ever taking jobs in the Criminal or Showbiz career tracks.

I've also decided not to allow my peasants any skilling objects. If they skill whilst doing everyday things, that's fine. This is to keep them at the bottom of the career ladder- after all, they're meant to be dirt poor. I also only allow the man of the family to work, while the rest can grow/fish for food (Seasons makes this whole challenge so much more fun, and realistic).
Test Subject
#39 Old 13th Aug 2008 at 2:43 PM
I absolutely looooove RKC's! I just started on myself, in fact. It took awhile to get everything set up because I wanted to build all of my huge castles and make all of my families and download tons and tons of stuff first, but I finally got everything done well enough to start.

Anyways, I a making it into a story, called the Kingdom of the Isles. The plan is to make 5 whole kingdoms and let them all have at each other and form alliances and go to war and whatnot but right now it's really zoomed in on the characters and not on politics. It's a big project!

(*shameless plug*)... If anyone wants to read....

#40 Old 14th Aug 2008 at 1:40 AM
How do you marry NPCs???...
#41 Old 14th Aug 2008 at 10:51 AM
Just like any other Sim - if they are in love, you will get the option to "Propose... Engagement".

If they accept the engagement, make sure they are at your Sim's house, and if you want, you can then select the phone and pick "Throw party... Wedding party", if you have an archway (which can be found under "Party" in Misc.)

You do not need to throw a party for them to get married, however. Just click on the wedding arch and select "Get married". Put some chairs in front of the arch, however, if you have guests; so they can watch the ceremony.

However, you do not even need to have an arch! After they are engaged, just click on the NPC and select "Propose... Get married" and they'll do it then and there.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

#42 Old 27th Aug 2008 at 3:55 PM
I think I'm going to try this challenge (got chickenpox, so lots of time on my hands!)! But I'm probably going to take the university aspect out of it, because my computer's so slow whenever I switch to my uni neighborhoods.
#43 Old 9th Dec 2008 at 5:16 PM
I'm going to set this up myself over the next few days.

I'm also going to add my own form of taxation, like Lome did. Every Monday the various families have to give a percentage (probably 10%) of their cash (Peasants) or house value (Merchants and Nobility, and probably 15% in their cases) to the King, in the form of items. So if a Peasant family has 2000 simoleans in cash then they have to give an item worth 200 simoleans to the King. If the Peasants have harvested crops then they can instead give 10% of these to the King. I might add a crop tithe for them to give the Nobles as well.

I'm also going to make Dowries for the daughters, in the form of items for their new home. Since women traditionally took domestic items (rather than cash or land) such as bed sheets, clothes, pots and pans etc, the daughters here will take beds, wardrobes and kitchen items. Again it will be a percentage of the available cash at the time.

Really looking forward to getting this started!
Lab Assistant
#44 Old 11th Dec 2008 at 1:24 PM
My personal rules

-Peasants may only sleep in tents
-They are allowed a single tower in the middle of an otherwise desolate area
-This tower may only be 18 squares in area
-They May Grow Crops
-No Jobs, to survive they sell whatever produce they can spare (makes winters hard, you have to stock up)
-I use only modded objects suitable for the era
-Peasants may gain favor with the Nobles (they are granted a few leftovers) if they offer their first born daughter to marry the useless unwanted overweight son of the Nobles

Peasants have it tough
#45 Old 11th Dec 2008 at 5:14 PM
Lol, I like those rules for Peasants, especially the crop growing on *Makes note to use that for one of her Peasant families*

I've decided to throw in another wildcard. The OP said that every Woo Hoo had to be the "Try For Baby" option due to unsophisticated contraception. But the other problem was that giving birth was dangerous due to poor hygiene and the like. So each time a woman gets pregnant, you have to roll a dice for her. If you roll a 3 or a 5, she dies after the baby is born (I'm going to lock mine in a room and starve her to death, because I'm very mean to my Sims).

I was thinking of making it 50/50, if you roll an odd number they die, if an even then they survive. But I'm not sure what the survival chances were in those days, I'm sure they must have been higher than 50/50 though.
#46 Old 12th Dec 2008 at 6:44 PM
MentalSarcasm - they were a lot higher. I think sometime in the 18th-19th century, if a woman in childbirth was treated by a doctor she had a 9/10 chance of dying by childbed fever (did anyone else watch this programme?), by a midwife it was closer to 1/10.

That was on the BBC's programme about the beginnings of surgery a few months ago. The women treated by a doctor died because the doctors wouldn't wash their blood-stained hands from other patients, and the women would die from blood poisoning. A famous doctor found that when he ordered all of the doctors to wash their hands between patients there was a HUGE increase in survival rate, but this famous doctor (wish I could remember his name!) was laughed at, the other doctors stopped washing their hands, leading to the death rates starting going up again - and his bitterness at the fact that he wasn't taken seriously despite the facts led to the end of his career, and I think he went to a mental hospital.

I'm supporting the Optimist Camp for the Sims 4.

#47 Old 12th Dec 2008 at 10:21 PM
Ah well, a 1/3 in chance is better than a 1/2 chance XD I missed that program, I'm not a big documentary fan. Most of my knowledge is on the worlds of Greece and Rome and then we're not sure what the death rate in birth was because records are rubbish.

Still, killed off one woman so far, out of 9 I don't think that's too bad.
#48 Old 4th Jan 2009 at 11:07 PM
Okay, prepare for a big update!

My Royal family consisted of Edward I and Isabella I, the king and queen. Isabella had twin girls, named Catherine I and Margaret I, then another daughter, named Isabella II, and finally had a son, William I, and then I killed her off (one of the servants of another house rolled 5, so she was meant to die after having her child, but I need her and was bored with Queen Isabella so I swapped the numbers XD). They had 2 servants, Mabel and Joker, who had a daughter together that I also named Mabel, and then Mabel and her daughter went and lived with one of the peasants instead (didn't stop her going on a date with Edward and bonking in a photo booth though).

The first of my noble families is the Norfolk family, which consists of Lord Thomas and Lady Elizabeth and their servant, Lucy. They had a son, named Henry, and now Elizabeth is pregnant again, while Lucy had Woo Hoo with Fiat, the servant of the Suffolk household, and had a son by him, also named Fiat. This son is going to become the Norfolk family servant once he is old enough. Lucy is also going to have a baby with Bernie DeParis, and that baby will become their servant.

In the Suffolk household there was Lord Francis and Lady Mary, and their servant Fiat. Lady Mary gave her husband an heir, named James, and then she slept with Fiat, got pregnant, and rolled a 3! She ended up giving birth to twin sons (2 lots of twins, I swear I did not use a hack or cheat!) named John and Edmund and then promptly died. According to the rules of the game the boys should inherit their mother's social status but I decided to let genetics decide instead, blonde hair = nobility, red hair = servants/peasants. Sadly both boys have red hair, so they are condemned to a life of poverty. John will probably become the next servant of a family while Edmund will move out and probably marry one of the peasant daughters.

Lord Francis then decided his son needed a mother and he needed more children, so he went out about town. He met Virginia Chung, who had blonde hair and blue eyes (blue eyes = Royal family) and was top of the Medical career so I knew she'd be bringing a decent amount of cash with her. They courted and married and she's now pregnant, but she rolled a 5 so she will be dying after this child! Poor Lord Francis does not have a good track record with women.

And then my last noble family is the DeParis family, Lord Louis and Lady Anne and their servant Bernie. Anne and Louis had a daughter, named Juliette, and Anne is now pregnant again. Technically she has rolled a 5 so she should be dying as well but Louis needs an heir so I might see whether she has a boy or a girl before I kill her off. She also had an affair with Edward. If she has a son with Louis then I might keep her alive long enough for her to have the King's illegitimate child and then kill her *Evil to her Sims*

Then we have my Merchant class families. For some reason I haven't really taken to these families, not sure why, but I do need to play them more often. Anyway, first family is Simon and Alison Healer, Simon is in the medical career while Alison is a housewife, she looks after the little garden patch and sews, and they have twin girls named Jane and Ruth, and I think Alison is pregnant again.

Then there's the Grocer family, which consists of Cedric, who I think is in the Business career track, and Elenora, who is a housewife, and they had a daughter named Marie. I'm going to get Elenora pregnant and hopefully if she has a daughter and Alison has a son (or vice-versa) then their children can marry.

And then my three Peasant families. First up is David Weaver, who had a wife named Jessica. Jessica gave David a son, also named David, but then she rolled a 3 so she died. David was left to raise his son alone and look after the little farm he owns, which was tricky, but he successfully got his son to childhood, and then met and fell in love with Mabel, the king's servant, and asked her to move in, she brought her daughter Mabel with her, and once they are married they'll be having a baby together.

Then there's the Thatcher family, which has Bruce and Mercedes. They had a daughter first, named Poppy, and then another daughter, named Daisy, and hopefully their next baby will be a son.

And finally the Baker family. I was a bit fed up with having loads of good looking Sims so I made Edgar and Polly Baker quite ugly, and fat. They have a daughter, named Agnes, and a son, named Edgar after his father.

I'm now trying to work out who is going to marry who, and it's difficult XD I might have to add a second "village" on the other side of the river (I used the Veronaville template when I created the neighbourhood) otherwise I'm going to get too much in-breeding, or too many marriages to townies. But then since I am killing off Sims fairly regularly it might not hurt to have a few women in the sidelines ready to replace the ones I have to kill off XD.

And that is my Royal Kingdom challenge so far! I will probably post again once my 2nd generation are starting to get married!

I will probably post photos at some point.
Test Subject
#49 Old 6th Jan 2009 at 9:41 PM
Ok, here's my version of the RKC. I've added some rules of my own to keep up to date with all the EPs, especially Apartment Life (love that magic).

* Rules for the Royal Family All money cheats are acceptable
* You may use boolProp cheats for building their castle
* You may download a castle for the royal family is you don’t want to build one
* The first-born son of the current King and Queen will become the heir to the throne and must never move out of the house except to go to university
* The heir to the throne may only marry a Sim from the royal family or the Nobel class, but they may have lovers of any class (They can marry as close a relation as the game allows)
* The heir to the throne must be the legitimate son of both the king and the queen.
* If you have university, all male royal children must attend, but they can drop out after at least completing freshman year (except for the heir to the throne, he/she must complete collage)
* Women of the royal family are not permitted to have a job or live alone
* Don't forget to use any influence points that a Royal Sim gets. Members of the Royal family should be able to influence their subjects
* Children must get accepted to private school (Keep trying until you get accepted)
* Non-heir Peasants may move in as servants to cook and clean
Royals may chose the following careers: Criminal, Military, Politics
Royals that went to college may also choose: Athletics, Business, Science, Artist, Natural Science, Paranormal, Law, and Architecture
Royal Non-heirs may additionally choose: Law Enforcement, Slacker, Show Business, Music, Intelligence, and Oceanography
o Are only allowed a Venue business. This is encouraged, with this Royals could hold court with their subjects ‘donating’ money to the good of the kingdom for a chance to mingle with the Royal Family and enjoy the luxuries of the Royal Castle or Palace
o Royals may use a crafting table as a hobby but it would be below them to sell what they made
May have pets, pets do not work.

* Rules for The Noble Class You may use the motherlode cheat only two times
* You may use boolProp cheats for building purposes only
* The first-born son will be the family heir and must never move out of the house except to go to university
* The HEIRS may not marry below their status
* Women are not permitted to have a job
* Children of the Noble Class are encouraged to attend university
* Don't forget to use any influence points that a Nobel Sim gets. Members of the Nobility should be able to influence their subjects
* Only one elixir of life is allowed per Sim
* Children must get accepted to private school (Keep trying until you get accepted)
* Non-heir Peasants may move in as servants to cook and clean
Nobles may take careers in the following: Athletic, Business, Criminal, Law Enforcement, Military, Politics, Artist and Intelligence.
Nobles going to College may also take: Medicine, Science, Natural Science, Paranormal, Law, Architecture.
Noble Non-heirs may additionally take: Slacker, Show Business, Music, Education, Entertainment, Dance and Oceanography.
o Are allowed Retail and Venue businesses
o Must hire a manager as soon a possible
o Women of the family may only help out by crafting items such as paintings or flower arrangements
May have pets, pets do not work
Pay 20% tribute to the King

* Rules for The Merchant Class You may use the motherlode cheat only one time
* You may use boolProp cheats for building purposes only
* Although the eldest son traditional becomes the heir, if the eldest becomes enemy¡¦s with his father, any of the children may inherit their father's house and fortune
* The heir must never move out of the house
* The HEIRS can't marry below their status
* Only single women may have jobs
* Only one elixir of life is allowed per Sim
* Children can only attend private school if their family has at least 5,000 available simolians in their account
Merchants may take the following careers: Athletic, Business, Cruminal, Culinary, law Enforcement, Medicine, Military, Politics, Science, Artist, Natural Science, Paranormal, Show Business, Adventurer, Music, Journalism, Education, Entertainment.
Merchants who attend college may also take:
o May have a home business and/or community lot business
o Are allowed Retail, Service and Venue businesses
o If a Merchant family has a community lot business, they are allowed to purchase a carriage (car) for more efficient transport
o All family members may work in businesses, at home and community lots
o May hire an employee of merchant or peasant status (Use hair or skin tone classification when employing a townie)
May have pets, pets may hold any job
Pay 25% tribute to the King

* Rules for The Peasant Class You may not use any cheats (except boolProp for building purposes only)
* Anyone and everyone is encouraged to have a job since they will have very little money
* Although the eldest son traditional becomes the heir, any of the children may inherit their father's house and fortune
Peasants can hold the following careers: Athletic, Criminal, Culinary, law Enforcement, Military, Politics, Slacker, Artist, Paranormal, Show Business, Music, and Entertainment.
* The heir must never move out of the house
* Children of this class are not permitted to go to university since peasants did not receive much of an education.
* Since they are the lowest rank, peasants may marry anyone but royalty.
* You may not use the elixir of life on a peasant since they generally would not live as long anyway
* Children are not permitted to attend private school
* The only service NPC they are allowed to hire is the nanny and the matchmaker
o Only a Home Business is permitted
o Are allowed Retail and Service businesses
o May only sell items they make themselves
o Only family member may work in business
May have pets, pets may hold any job.
Pay 30% tribute to the King

*May only be taken from non-heirs of the Royal, Noble, or Merchant classes
*Must move to the academy when they reach teen age
*Must attend college, join greek house and secret society
*May return home or live alone
*May marry any other magi, but otherwise must follow class rules.
*Upon reaching maximum magic skill and extreme alignment, they may take on pupils
*May make Servos
*May use Elixir of Life and use aging off cheat every other week
*Pay no tribute to the King, but accepts tribute from families with members apprenticing.

Special Roles
Sheriff – Sheriff lives at the jail. Anyone caught engaging in criminal behavior will move into the jail under the “care” of the sheriff until their sentence is finished. For particularly heinous crimes, the Sheriff is in charge of executing the condemned. Executed sims will be buried on the lot.
The Sheriff receives a salary from the crown to pay for upkeep and food.

Abbot – The Abbot runs the Abbey in town. Disadvantaged or troubled sims may resign themselves to a life of chastity and service. The Abbey may sell anything it makes, but must do so at “cheap” or “very cheap” prices. It’s not there to make a profit.
Abbey may not use any NPCs, including Fire Fighters.
The Abbey receives a tithe from Merchantry up through Royalty.

Chief Witch/Warlock – The Chief Witch or Warlock (Magus, for genderless) is head of the Magic Academies. The Chief Magus oversees the training of young magi at each of the three academies. The Chief Magus is very long-lived, as are all magi, and only the fates determine which magus replaces the Chief Magus when he/she dies.

Changing Class Status
Royalty – Becomes Nobility if the bloodline ends and a Noble family picks it up (i.e. no sons and the daughter marries a noble man)

Nobility – Becomes Royalty if the family has a son who marries the oldest Royal Daughter and the Royal family has no living suitable heirs. Also, if the Royal family dies out, the richest Noble family ascends the throne. Nobility becomes Merchantry if the family goes broke.

Merchantry – Becomes Nobility if it has 5 level 10 businesses, Nobility is granted to the next generation. Merchantry beomes Peasantry if they go broke.

Peasantry – Becomes Merchantry if it has a level 10 business, Merchantry is granted to the next generation.

I do encourage as many families as possible to have home businesses. I have not done up any rules for non-humans, though I'm thinking that there will be a Gypsy area, as someone else suggested, for werewolves, plantsims, rogue magi and former servant girls that get caught up in scandals that end in children. They might evolve into a second society all their own.
Field Researcher
#50 Old 10th Jul 2009 at 4:17 AM
I"m going to play this challenge for the sims 3. I just have to change a few things. It's going to be so much fun. The nice thing about doing this for the sims 3 is that I don't have to play all the families equally.
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