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A lot happened in the Beaker household. After a long heart-to-heart with General Buzz, Circe decided to tell Loki about the affair and well, he slapped her. So the relationship is abusive. She held on for about a day, but then he attacked her, and she won the fight. She threatened to turn him into the authorities--a threat with teeth, considering who General Buzz is--and Loki ran. Of course, Circe didn't turn him in; she hid all his weird scientific equipment and said nothing. Loki is hiding out in the city, and only Erin knows where he is. Now Erin and Ajay are free to marry, and Circe is free to be with Buzz, if that's what she chooses.

A few more updates from my game: Pascal and Nervous adopted a daughter, Olivia, named after Nervous's mother. Erin and Ajay had a son, Vincent, and plan to get married now that Loki is no longer an obstacle.

Tank graduated from college and moved back home to get a job in law enforcement; he basically is the Strangetown PD. He had two very unsuitable girlfriends in college: Stella, an alien, and Ophelia, niece of the woman who may have killed his mother. Buzz would not approve of either, so Tank currently has no romantic prospects. Ophelia also graduated, but having no reason to go back to Strangetown, she moved to the city to pursue a career in journalism (cue Mary Tyler Moore theme).

Lola persuaded Johnny to join her cause in fighting for an end to discrimination and persecution of aliens. Chloe got pregnant from a one-night stand, so she and Lola moved in with the Smiths so Jenny could help with the baby. PT#9 died, and the family was despondent.

Three new families moved into Strangetown. The Ottomases live next to the Grunts. Peter is the town's only newspaper reporter, and Samantha works for the school. They have too little money and too many children. The Travellers bought Olive's old house because Trent is an avid ghost hunter. His wife, Trisha, resents that they spent all their savings to move out to the middle of nowhere; she misses city life. Gunnar Roque dropped out of college and moved to Strangetown because he thought that it would be a good place to practice his three hobbies--selling weed, playing rock 'n' roll, and free love--without getting hassled for it. He doesn't know that his college roommate Ripp's brother is the law around Strangetown and would very much enjoy hassling him.
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I've gottem more object additions placed in my apartment update of my social assistance boarding house build and will have to save it to the library.
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The Curious boys successfully resurrected Vidcund, who is still pregnant. General Buzz proposed to Circe. Circe asked Buzz to move in and is already pregnant, so they are holding off on the wedding until after the baby is born. Chloe’s baby, Clara, was born. Ripp graduated and became roommates with his best friend from college, Gunnar Roque; their house is party central, and Gunnar is dating both Curious sisters. Gunnar also visited Ophelia (they dated in college), and she accidentally got pregnant; she has decided to try to raise the baby on her own.

Loki ran into his former coworker Marion downtown. He knew she was a terrible gossip and also close to Lazlo Curious, so he seduced her and then brought her to a deserted place in Strangetown and killed her with one of his inventions; it was a terrible risk (and Tank almost did see him), but he felt he had to take it to avoid being found--and now he is a murderer.
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Eli and Ami Jankowsky had to harvest tomatoes from their garden in Dodge and had no work thie time.I also had an issue with the garden and downloaded a fix from here for the issue.
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In the Curious household, I experienced my first "scared to death" in the game, when Vidcund haunted his own daughter. Thing is, I already made plans for her to become a space pirate, so I had Pascal's son, Tycho (head of the SCIA btw), plead with the Grim Reaper on her behalf.

Also, I had some kind of glitch where I couldn't load the Beaker household at all, so I moved them to the Grunts' old place. I hope there weren't any graves on the Beaker lot.
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I'm back playing the game after a break and I've started a modified version of the Real World since added few lifestyles and randomized the different types of households. My first sim, Max Cash who is my "I have nothing" sim managed to get a job in Athletic career and doing fairly well. He fell in love and married the pizza deviled woman but they kept overheating during the summer. They have a baby called Penny and managed to build a small shack.

Not much has happened with my "Pet Addict" sim Kit Katze who just been looking after his six cats and recently woohooed with a townie. He's just found his dream career in music and recently got a promotion.
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I just managed to get a boarding house lot I fixed saved into my library so I can place it down without having to update it each time I use it.I've also installed a fix Mods to fix some game issues with gardening.
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In Strangetown: Vidcund had twins, whom he named Quela and Xerxes--he picked the names himself! Circe had General Buzz’s baby and fourth son, Hunter Grunt (yeah).

When Ophelia graduated from college, Johnny and his family took her out for dinner to celebrate--it was a really nice outing, considering she has no family of her own. Recently, he ran into a very pregnant Ophelia while he was out, and that stirred up old feelings (as always happens with Johnny and Ophelia). He took her on a date and charmed her until she agreed to marry him, even though she is carrying another man’s baby.

The story of Stella Terrano: Stella never really knew who she was. She was found as a baby on a crashed alien spaceship and raised in a military research lab. Then they abruptly sent her to college, and she had no idea how to behave. She tends to go along with what the humans want, as their desires are so much greater than hers. Now Stella has graduated and returned to Strangetown to work in the lab where she was raised. Kristen Loste was advertising for a roommate, so she moved in with her. On her first night back, she ran into Tank--they dated for a while in college but weren't serious--and sparks flew big time. Maybe this is what the humans mean when they talk about love? And if they do decide to move forward, how will Tank explain his alien girlfriend to his alien-hating father?
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I've got a version of my trailer park equipped with vehicles in common parking spots in my lot bin though I'll have to revise it again because it would need a well or pump for fetching water.
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The Highway to Respite is so packed with refugees that even those who want to move along aren't able to get far, often reduced to moving just one or two lots at a time because those further ahead are already occupied. Only those who set off early are finding the road ahead fairly clear and managing to scavenge for food and other essentials; the Larson and Delarosa/Gieke households have caught up with the Ramirez family in the bombed-out apartment building, where they are able to rest and replenish their supplies.

More children have been born along the Highway. Melody Tinker, who was abducted shortly after leaving Bluewater, gave birth to a green-skinned daughter she named Joanna. With Stephen and Wanda to help, Joanna probably won't slow the family down much once Melody is rested enough to travel. The Lari/Spurlock household may be less fortunate: Jared Spurlock had twins, Molly and Christopher, so he and Tarek Lari are now wondering how they will manage with, effectively, quads, since his children and Tarek's were born only a few hours apart.

The Newsons have made no further progress, as the little ones seem unable to take seriously the need to keep moving. Georgia and Garrett are too young to remember the devastation of Bluewater, and even Gallagher and Gabriella seem to think their campsite is a safe enough place to stay. Only the oldest pair realize how dangerous it would be to be left behind, trying to build a shelter for the winter and make the food stretch, with no way to get more until they are able to grow their own.

Despite these dangers, the Ottomas clan have largely given up and are resigned to sheltering in place. They have at least managed to build a hut just big enough for the babies and Dora, which they hope to continue enlarging. Meanwhile David, now an independent teen, has set off for Respite on his own; he knows his old acquaintance Cyd Roseland is out there with Malcolm Landgraab, and hopes to find him and bring him back to help the family.
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Originally Posted by BlueAlien
All the refugees are now on the Highway to Respite, though several of them are staying more than one night at the same encampment. Ginger and Gavin were unable to get the younger children organized to move on, mostly because Georgia and Garrett, having just aged up from toddler, were obsessed with showing off, holding up the older kids and getting in everyone's way. Tarek Lari and Jared Spurlock were just about to set off when Tarek went into labour; the babies, Miriam and Timothy, have green skin and human eyes. Jared will probably give birth next time, necessitating a third night in their current campsite. The Ottomas clan are spending a third night in the same place after Samantha gave birth to Carol and Mike. They have managed to put together a shelter just big enough for Tommy and the babies, but they are all permanently cold and it seems very likely that this won't end well for them. David Ottomas somehow knows Malcolm Landgraab's henchman Cyd Roseland, though, so there is a chance they could be rescued if Cyd happens to pass by and find them.

Julien Cooke is on the move, but made an even worse choice of 'luxury item' than Gilbert Jacquet's mirror. He insisted on bringing a bar, which he was then unable to return to inventory because he kept making new drinks and leaving them on top, so now he has nothing but his bed and fridge. He does have some company, however, as the Crittur dogs have decided to tag along with him - Sarah has a strange sense of having been his dog in some past life.

Florence Delarosa was finding the loneliness of the journey hard, so when Chester Gieke caught up with her, they decided to travel together. There doesn't appear to be any romantic interest on either side, just a need for company.

I missed something with the Jacquets, because Denise is furious with Gilbert and I have no idea why. He isn't furious with her, though, and has apologized, so whatever it was, he knows it was his fault (maybe it was that useless mirror!).

I love reading your posts about this,it's really interesting and unique. I'm just wondering what rules use for this?
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Updates from Strangetown:
Now that Vidcund is back, Lazlo felt it was time he got a life (although he really loves taking care of alien babies), and he finally proposed to his long-suffering girlfriend, Crystal Vu. He moved out into his own place first; knowing Lazlo, I’m sure he chose a very appropriate house to start a new family in.

Ripp is getting tired of the party lifestyle and got engaged to his girlfriend, Jasmine Rai. They'll get married when she graduates, and he's thinking it might be time to leave Strangetown for the city.

There was a big double wedding at the Beaker house, with all three Grunt boys in attendance, as well as the local newspaper reporter to cover the festivities; Buzz and Circe got married, Ajay and Erin got married, and a good time was had by all. Buck then went to college, and Ajay and Erin moved into their own house with their son, Vincent.

Dora Ottomas died of old age, and tragically, Samantha followed her soon afterward; the cause of death was exhaustion. Jill Smith and David Ottomas are going steady, but since she'll go to college and he likely won't, it's not certain that relationship will last.

Ophelia got married to Johnny and moved into the Smith house with her baby, Marcus; the new family will probably stay there until they are ready to have their own children. Jill went to college, so there is room (just). This is not how Ophelia saw her life going at all: married to one man, raising another man’s child, and stuck back in Strangetown, while her husband goes out adventuring and searching for his people, living the life she wanted. It was the fire that led her to marry Johnny, that and running out of money--also, he is a sweet guy and loving husband. But life in Strangetown is so constricting!
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The Jankowskys in Dodge just made it through their last day of summer and had to switch sleepwear before getting into bed.It was also time for groceries to be restocked as they couldn't cook any meals and ended up missing work because their food ran out.
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In Tinsel Town,
Troy Snyder (one of the most disliked people in town) has married Christie Lloyd, herself a most disliked person as well. She had the visions of marrying someone rich, and Troy's right up there. Besotted with the idea of marrying money, she proposed to him and pushed him to get married right away.
His butler in residence, Asger, came home from his business later and found he had been supplanted by a woman . He promptly moved out to Asherah Swanson's house that day. He'd been planning to move anyway, but this event only compelled him to do so immediately.
Troy and Christie were married at the local church in a sad little event that was attended by only two people: the bartender and the Unsavory Charlatan. One of Troy's daughters had started to sit down in a pew when she discovered who he was marrying and stormed out.
"My father has officially lost his ever-loving mind! I refuse to be a witness to such a travesty! She's only in it for his money, and he doesn't even know it!"

But, anyone in town will tell you that these two are made for one another-both nasty scoundrels who truly deserve one another. Time will tell if it lasts, or results in an untimely death. Christie is well known for her ruthlessness...

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@FranH -It sounds like the kind of drama you get in a big city in modern times.My Dodge will have to wait a long time for anything like that to become a reality because it's still being settled by homesteaders looking to live off the land and craftsmen looking to live off a trade.
I've gotten two new doors installed in the Dodge service center and they also decided to add two more metalsmith anvils to the lot.I've also added tons of new content for starting an apocalypse challenge.
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Originally Posted by Shadow214
I love reading your posts about this,it's really interesting and unique. I'm just wondering what rules use for this?

I started out by having all the Bluewater Sims sell their businesses and move to the Family Bin. The Sedona families also joined them there.

I set Malcolm Landgraab up in a mansion in Respite, a 'hidden valley' like Galt's Gulch in Atlas Shrugged that uses the Three Lakes template, along with two henchmen, Cyd Roseland and Matthew Picaso, in cottages. I moved in Malcolm's townie girlfriend, Asia Jakobsons, and since I found an Ivy Jakobsons while I was looking for Asia, I decided they were cousins and moved her in too. Matthew Picaso is a rogue soldier who continues to draw military pay but works for Malcolm; Malcolm, Cyd and Ivy are all criminals; Jessica Picaso and Asia, being Family aspiration, are homemakers.

I used the Strangetown template for the Highway, and set up 2x2 lots all along it, with one apartment building at roughly the halfway point (originally from Emerald Heights, I think; it just has four bachelor apartments and the upper levels are empty, so I decided they'd been destroyed in a bombing raid).

Each household moves along the Highway in accordance with a throw of the dice. I was originally using a D6 for everybody, until it occurred to me that an adult-only household should be able to cover more miles each day than a family with young children, so now I choose the die according to the weakest member of the household:

Toddler, baby, or visibly pregnant Sim - D4
Child or elder - D6
Young teen - D8
Adult or independent teen - D10
If there's a large dog to pull a cart or travois, I use the next die up - so Julien Cooke, who has the Crittur dogs with him, uses a D12.

They cannot land on an already-occupied lot, so a family could throw a 7 and only be able to move 2 places, if lots are occupied. There is one exception: a single Sim, if they are on good terms with somebody in the other household, can decide to join them permanently, seeking safety in numbers.

Families generally stay one day on each lot, then move on. However, they don't move on if it's snowing heavily, if someone has just had a baby, or if they are not organized and ready to go by the time the mail arrives. They also spend two days in an apartment, if they land there, just 'taking a rest'.

Sims have sufficient beds/cribs and cheap dining chairs for everybody, a fridge (which one depends on the size of the family) and worktop, and one other item each. I have them buy a toilet and shower each time, and just pretend they're off in the bushes. Some lots have fruit bushes they can use to boost their food supplies, but once fall sets in the bushes no longer produce. Teen, adult and elder Sims each build one section of wall per day, so Sims who come later may find a half-built shelter even if there is no food.

Bills are set to maximum using Cyjon's Loan Jar, so the refugees lose more and more the longer they're on the road. The Sims in Respite have solar panels or windmills and no bills.

So there it is: a board-game style post-apocalypse hood in which all but the lucky few are crawling along the Highway on foot, trying to make their way to a hidden valley where they have heard they will be safe - if they can find it, and if Malcolm Landgraab will let them in when they do.
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Nhw-Wr is finally getting populated after 6 years of being in development. The first family, the Al Umi family, has moved in has settled on a two bedroom house on the eastern side of the pyramids, overlooking downtown Nhw-Wr and the Dahbony Projects. The Al Umi family will be the one to start a legacy and populate a neighborhood where the relics may be ancient but the people are anything but.

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@BlueAlien I wish you would write that up as a play style challenge and post it on the challenge part of the forum. That's really creative and pretty cool. People could use premades or generate families . . .

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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I've added a few waste baskets to my starter home in Dodge which is waiting for new arrivals that might not arrive in the spring.
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Oh, I forgot to mention about Tinsel Town:
Monique and Terrell Bishop (the congressman and his much younger wife) have finally had a complete reconciliation and Monique has become pregnant.
She's already started moving furniture out of the spare room for the baby.
Terrell has not been informed. She intends to surprise him.
Monique did not divulge to him beforehand that she'd stopped using birth control just recently, as she was fearful that he would have had a very negative reaction.
A baby was not on his list of things to do after getting married to her. He was looking forward to retirement in a few years.

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#5346 Old 17th Jul 2020 at 4:14 PM
I've had new CC installed in my game and added a new food replicator to my service center and the town residents are all getting ready for the coming winter.
Jay and Tracy Hobbs got money earned and started on construction of an addition to their workshop to expand living space as they move on into fall.
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I'm back to playing my old broken Strangetown after a long hiatus for Reasons. Pascal's wife Christy gave birth as soon as I opened the house, a blond brown-eyed boy named Pasteur. Pascal ran in to witness the birth, but made both sides of the bed before coming to see the baby. Christy handed him off and headed for work, where she got a promotion. She has the usual four days of vacation, Pascal still has seven accumulated days, and his alien daughter Mitchie is a teen, so even with both Lazlo and Vidcund moved out Pasteur won't have to be left with a nanny. Pascal grew up quietly at six o'clock - he didn't see any need for a party. Vidcund's alien son Tycho dropped by from next door to play chess.

Vidcund, freshly returned from a second visit to the rogue PTs, wanted to get abducted, for Loki to get abducted, to talk to his wife Monica, and to have a baby. The first thing he did was go straight upstairs to make the bed. His and Monica's son Euclid had a good day, going back to bed shortly after singing a nursery rhyme with Monica, and when he got up in the afternoon Tycho came straight home from school to read to him. Tycho invited Uncle Pascal, Aunt Christy, and Mitchie over for his birthday, but a party didn't seem like a great idea with Vidcund pregnant, though he's sufficiently fit that the pregnancy isn't troubling him much. Monica's friend Zoe Zimmerman dropped by, too. Alas, she's been seen dating Mickey Dosser, who also dates Chloe, and Pascal insisted on being rude to her despite Tycho distracting him with a pillow fight and Christy with a makeout session. (Pasteur was presumably being looked after by Aunt Crystal or Uncle Lazlo at this time.) Euclid grew up at six and is well-satisfied with life, starting in at once to discuss literature with Uncle Pascal. He now has his own big boy bed, though he'll have to share the room when the new baby comes. Tycho's cat, Naturally, has to try out new things and curled up on the bed with him.

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#5348 Old 18th Jul 2020 at 1:18 PM
Peni: That sounds just like Vidcund--making the bed is the most important thing! My Vidcund has never rolled a romantic want in his life, but he's still young and has time, given that he was dead for so long. I love all the quirky Strangetown characters.

Here's what's been happening in my Strangetown this week:

Loki Beaker, still in hiding downtown, went on an innocuous walk in the park and ran into General Buzz, who turned him in. Loki was arrested, tried, and executed for murder.

The whole brood is growing up well at the Curious household, but as he gets older, Nervous has started to fear adopting another baby. Perhaps it’s better to enjoy the children they have. Pascal took teen Ursula and the three kids (their adopted daughter + Vidcund's twins) to the park to go fishing, and it was chaotic fun all day.

Jasmine Rai graduated from college and moved in with Gunnar and Ripp until she and Ripp can get married and find their own place. She got pregnant right away. Their daughter is named Georgia. Ripp invited his dad over to meet the baby, and they made things up between them; General Buzz doesn’t like Jasmine much, but now that Ripp is getting married and has sort of a real job (artist), and for the sake of his granddaughter, he’s going to help them with the mortgage on a new house--but they have to promise to stay in Strangetown.

After they became elders, Buzz threw a great anniversary party for Circe. Life has never been so good for him. He’s strengthened or repaired his relationships with all four of his boys, he’s doing great in his career, Loki is permanently out of the picture, and he has a fantastic sexy wife. Nothing could spoil things now.

Tank and Stella have been secretly having an affair for a while, but Tank could never bring himself to make it public and have his father find out he’s in love with an alien. Then Stella told him she was pregnant, and he had to make a decision. He asked Stella to move in with him but didn’t go so far as to ask her to marry him, and he still doesn’t know how he’s going to explain her or his green twins (Magnus and Judit) to the General.

David Ottomas managed to squeak into college by the skin of his teeth, barely making good enough grades to be accepted; his father helped pay with the life insurance settlements. He started dating Jill Smith again, and now they are engaged.

Kristen Loste snuck home a strange-looking plant from work. She’s unsure what it is--perhaps it’s the product of the aliens’ genetic-hybridization activities--but she’s hidden it in the basement for further study.

Everyone in the Smith household had the flu, and Jenny died of old age. Johnny and Ophelia are fighting because he found out that she is still in touch with her ex Gunnar, and has been over there to party a couple of times, but Johnny has really started to love little Marcus (who is actually Gunnar's kid, although Gunnar hasn't taken any interest in him), so Johnny isn’t considering a split.

Lazlo and Crystal got married in a small ceremony at the Strangetown chapel; they corralled a couple of bystanders as witnesses. That night, they went to the city to celebrate, and Crystal got pregnant from photo-booth woohoo. Their daughter is named Marita. Crystal is already pregnant again.

Trisha Traveller has been sneaking off to the city frequently to party. She got pregnant in a last-ditch effort to save her suffering marriage. The baby is named Taylor. However, Trisha is more interested in the vampire she met downtown than she is in the baby. The ghosts come out every night, and only Trent is enjoying life in that house.
#5349 Old 18th Jul 2020 at 4:47 PM
It's the start of fall season in Dodge for Jay and Tracy Hobbs and they've gotten more wall sections up on their home addition and started packing up the outdoor objects on their lot like sleeping bags.
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I started a new family with the intention of trying to emulate a single parent household. I started with a guy named Michael and got him alien pregnant right away. I set family funds to 0 and got Michael a job. Three days later, May was born. Now it became incredibly difficult. Half the time, I had to choose between paying the bills or having May taken by social services. Once Michael ran out of vacation days and the bills were overdue AND he was about to be fired, I finally hired a nanny and sent him to work. The bills were paid and the nanny was paid, but now he was out of money and May was still a toddler. The next day, Michael had the day off and May aged up to child. No nanny the next day because of work hours being the same as school hours, but Michael got a promotion that changed his hours to right when school got out and the nanny had to be called the day after. This left no money for the bills and the repoman came and took the dartboard. Michael eventually ran out of money for a nanny and she took the couch. Next two days, no work. Michael did not go to work the day after and was fired for missing too many days. He got a different job during school hours and I got a warning about leaving May home alone because Michael's work lasted an extra hour and he had no money to hire a nanny. Michael got promoted to different hours, stayed home the next two days and got fired. May aged up to teen!

Overall, my experiment was exhausting. It gave me some insight to the life of a single parent living on poverty wages. I got the idea from the game "Spent."

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